Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 15

Her legs were getting weaker and ready to fold any minute now, but she didn't want to stop. Not when she was finally free. She was determined to continue until help was there. She didn't even stop when the right pant leg unfolded itself and gave her some trouble while she was running, making her trip several times. It was surprising how her adrenaline could keep her going this far even when she was out of breath and found it hard to breath without her chest aching.

She made sure to not run right by the side of the road in case one of the men would drive after her. If they did, she never noticed. She couldn't look to the side; she needed to be focused on reaching her destination. Where, or in which direction that destination was, she wasn't entirely sure about, but if she remembered right this was the way they came from. Of course she couldn't remember how far she would have to run, but it didn't matter. Neither did the fact that her feet were bruising as she ran on a bunch of rocks. It beat running in high heels at least.

Both her legs had become numb when she first saw a bigger building. A city; or more like a suburb. She'd been in Dubai and knew what it looked like and this was too small. Now she finally stopped running and stumbled forward to see what buildings there were. A bunch of stores. Some houses. A gas station. She was never going to find the police station at this rate so she took the risk and entered one of the shops to ask. When entering she tried to walk as straight as possibly just to not make the personnel worried. She tried to catch her breath as she reached the counter, but when she finally needed to speak her breath was not back to normal and instead she talked with a labored breathing.

"Please... Can you..." She breathed heavily trying to form a sentence. It wouldn't have mattered if she stumbled inside, the man got worried since Emily couldn't talk straight. "Where's..."

"Are you okay, ma'am?" The man asked cautiously.

"Yes, I just need..." she paused again. "The police station?"

"Of course." The man said quickly and picked up the phone.

"No," Emily said, halting his movements. "I'll go there... Need... Directions."

The clerk stood silently eyeing the woman to make sure that she was okay. He sighed before giving her the information she wanted. The community she was in wasn't that big, but they had a local police station just a few blocks away. Emily thanked the man and turned away, fully aware of the man's stare that never left her while she walked out.

She limped forward in the directions she had been given until she reached what most definitely looked like a police station and the sign in front confirmed it. There was very little commotion both outside and inside the station, a lot different from the American ones. The first person she saw was a bearded man in a uniform that immediately noticed her. He approached her cautiously as if she was some kind of danger.

"هل أنت بخير؟" the man asked and Emily looked at him.

"I'm... I need help." She said, deciding that she would not pull of the Arabic in this condition.

"Please sit down, ma'am." He said and led her to a chair. "Now, are you okay?"

"Can I get some water?" Emily asked instead of giving him an answer.

"Of course." The young man said, leaving her alone and she could finally make a successful attempt on breathing normally.

The man stopped to say something to another officer, before coming with a glass of ice cold water that Emily downed quickly.

"Can you tell me what happened?" He asked kindly.

"Human trafficking," she breathed out and the man sat up straighter. "I'm an American federal agent and they kidnapped me when I was visiting family in Russia. They... They made us have sex with all kinds of men and..." She paused studying the man's bewildered look. "I escaped, but there are so many women still there. You need to go there, bring as many people as possible, to save those girls." Emily needed to fight hard against the tears as she pleaded with the officer.

"Sit tight, I'm gonna go talk to my colleague and we'll try to help you."

The man rose from his seat, but before he got to leave she added: "I need to call my team. They need to know where I am and has to come get me." Derek will come get me, she added in her head. She knew he would insist on taking these people down no matter how much Hotch told him that it was too personal. But it would be personal for all of them.

The man only nodded and left her for the second time. She let herself lean back in the safety of the chair as much as she could and closed her eyes. When she got home she would probably sleep for 24 hours, that's how tired she was. Just thinking about snuggling up against Morgan in their bed made her sleepier. If he would want to cuddle with her after all the other men who'd touch her. All the men who had touched what was Morgan's. Some of them hadn't even worn a condom because that wouldn't give them enough pleasure so who knew how many deceases that had spread to her.

It seemed so quiet when she finally opened her heavy eyelids, just in time to see the officer she'd spoken to, hanging up the phone. It felt so much quieter at this point and everyone's gaze was on her. She looked around and a sinking feeling in her body told her something was seriously wrong with this picture. This time she held her breath when the officer came back.

"I called for some help and they will be here in 30," He said looking intently at her, his eyes looking right through her.

Emily swallowed the breath she was holding. "Thank you. Can I call my team?" She asked quickly, biting her lip and picking on her finger nails.

The man glanced to another one that Emily was sure had been further away from her before.

"You should get some sleep," the man offered without accepting or acknowledging her request.

"Please I need to tell them, I can rest later."

The man once again glanced behind her and Emily was becoming frustrated about how they handled this. She stood up quickly and it was like the whole world shook. She was forced to grab the edge of a desk to keep her balance through the dizziness.

The officer in front of her gave a hint of a smile before saying: "You don't look so good. You should probably go back to our office and get some sleep. We'll call your agents, okay?"

No, Emily didn't agree on this. They were acting weirdly and she was not sure anymore if she should trust them. Some officers were whispering in a corner, one was just smiling at her, and another one that was standing far off in the corner was wearing the biggest grin. She knew right then and there that she had seen him. At the house. Paying for sex. And these other people were probably doing the same. Fuck.

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