Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 16

Morgan had to hide. It would be stupid to check into a hotel because he would be forced to use his card since all his rubles were gone. He couldn't go back to the ambassador and ask to sleep there in case any of his friends would be there. There was another option he could try if only he could find the place. He exited the club after asking where Igor and Evan's video store was. It was only a couple of blocks so it was an easy walk. One of the streets held a lot of prostitutes either getting ready to go into someone's car, showing their legs to make men stop or pressed up against the wall doing whatever drug they thought was good for them. He wondered if this was how Emily was forced to look. If Emily was forced to stand on the street and jump into a car with a stranger, her pimp standing close behind to make sure she didn't escape. No, they probably came to her in a house where she couldn't leave.

"Здравствуйте сахара, глядя на некоторые весело?" One blonde girl said. She couldn't have been older then 18, maybe 17. She was too young to be there.

Morgan chose to ignore her while continuing towards the end of the street. He did throw her a pity look though, but nothing else.

"подходят сами сахара, но не приходят ходить по моей улице, если ты не собираешься купить" The girl screamed after him and even if he didn't understand a thing of what she said he knew she was pissed off.

He was soon off the street and tried to forget the girls he saw, but he wouldn't stop thinking about the resemblance between them and Emily's state. She'd been there for less than a week, but he knew that those guys wouldn't waste any time. She would be hurt already. They would've hurt her already. There was also a big chance that she would start doing drugs, just like those girls, to ease the pain.

Morgan clenched his fist as he turned the corner and saw the video store he was heading for. He walked slower when he got closer and glanced through the windows to make sure that none of his team members were there. They weren't, but Igor was.

Igor's eyes widened when the agent stepped into the store. If it was because he remembered how pissed Morgan had been last time they met or because he looked so angry right now, he didn't know. It could be both of them added up together.

"S-s-sir..." The man stuttered, standing up straight to look taller and more confident. "What a-are you doing here?"

"I need a place to crash and you're gonna give it to me," Morgan demanded.


"No buts, you did nothing to stop my girlfriend from being taken and now you're gonna help me get her back," Morgan was so pissed that he didn't even realize that he'd referred to Emily as his girlfriend to the younger man.

Igor blinked a couple of times and then gulped before answering.

"How can I help?" He did sound a little more confident after his frightened reaction, but he was not completely there.

"I have a meeting with the guys who took Emily tomorrow morning and I need somewhere to sleep. If you breathe one word of this to anyone it will be your last breath. Understood?" Morgan had leaned in closer to the man as he said this and he nodded quickly in understanding.

"I have an apartment just around the corner, I'll take you there," Igor said and stepped away from his desk to get everything in order to close his store.

It usually should have been open at that time, but he figured he could make an exception tonight.

Morgan followed him out of the store and around the corner where they entered through the first door. His apartment was on the top floor and Morgan would've said that it wasn't bigger than a shoebox.

"I don't have a lot to eat, but take whatever you want," Igor motioned towards the fridge.

Morgan sat down on the couch and watched Igor intently. He was still standing tall, but something in his eyes showed insecurity. Morgan wondered slightly if the man would crack under pressure. If the man would pull through an undercover job like this. Something told Morgan he wouldn't, but there was this side that didn't want to show fear and it would be good if someone had his back. Though, he couldn't risk his whole plan blowing off. He shook his head, breaking off the eye contact. No this was his mission to bring Emily back in one piece and he would do everything to make it happen.

It was in the early morning when Evan bolted up in bed and started ripping off the things attached to him. He didn't know what it was or where he was, but he knew he needed to be somewhere else. The entire sleep he had been plagued by nightmares of his sister being hurt and the one time he had woken up and was about to save her, someone had pushed him back and brought him into another deep slumber that he wasn't able to wake up from. Now he was awake and he didn't want anybody to stop him from going. He couldn't bear seeing his sister be raped over and over again in his sleep, he needed to jump on a plane to the states to assure that she was okay. Or at least get to a phone.

Just when he was about to get out of bed he noticed that something was holding him back. He tried to get away, but it dragged him back. Handcuffs. Why was he in handcuffs? Glancing around his eyes widened. And in a hospital. He sat down on the bed to try and take in everything and remember how the hell he'd gotten there.

The door opened and a nurse was alarmed, probably to see the IV out of his hand, but to his surprise she backed out and only minutes later a blonde entered the room. He knew who she was and the look in her eyes told him that he was in big trouble. Only he couldn't clearly remember what he had done to deserve that look.

"Shouldn't the nurses like fix me up?" Evan asked with a smirk to lighten up the mood. It didn't.

"They won't. I don't wanna risk you falling asleep on me again before I get the information I need." She approached, standing really close to her friend's little brother. "Now, what did you tell Morgan before he took off?"

Evan was confused at first, closing his eyes to recall said memory. There were so many memories clearing up on him and instead of answering he burst into tears.

"Oh no you don't," JJ exclaimed, angrily. "You are not allowed to cry. You did this to her. You were the one who sold her."

Evan didn't stop though, he just continued to cry, all the pain of giving his sister away coming back to him. It was too much. He was sobbing, his ability to breathe was gone. Though JJ didn't show him any pity. She was standing with crossed arms, tapping one foot impatiently on the floor and rolling her eyes. Especially when a violent sob ripped through his body. That's when she had enough and grabbed his shoulders roughly.

"Pull yourself together, Evan. I need you to talk. You can cry on your own personal time; you will have a lot of that in jail."

Evan stopped his crying and looked at the woman who was dangerously close to his face. He swallowed back his next sob so that he would be able to talk.

"I told him where the guys who... Who took Emily would be," Evan sniffled and continued when he saw the blonde's raised eyebrows. "Club X. That's the club they own. That's where they took Mills."

Just saying the nickname for his big sister brought more tears to his eyes. He wiped them quickly away as the agent started talking.

"Would Morgan be able to get to Emily through them?" She asked, retrieving her phone from the pocket.

"Highly unlikely. Their records are probably sealed and they wouldn't want to give out client information to anyone." JJ was already pressing buttons on her phone, but halted when Evan continued after some thinking. "However, if he's smart, which I think he is, and use the right tactics he could get what he wants."

JJ looked at the younger man. "What tactics would that be?"

"Like say if he had his own girl to sell they could probably give him either the name of the best house out there or give him a job, lending him access to their files." Evan sounded more confident saying this. They had asked him if he wanted to know where he could find the best girls, but he had just wanted to leave it behind, something he regretted now. Though, he had accepted the password for the website just to see how it went for Emily.

"Hotch, he's woken up." JJ's voice brought him out of his thoughts. "Check club X." Was the last thing she said as she left the room, giving Evan the opportunity to once again break into tears.

Hotch's phone rang after a few hours restless pacing. The flight they thought Morgan was on had landed, but there was still no sign of their colleague. He picked up the phone quickly, knowing that it had to be JJ.


"Hotch, he's woken up." She said.

"What did he have for us?" Hotch asked, the tenseness in his body finally letting go a little.

"Check Club X." JJ said more quietly. "That's where the guys who first bought Emily was. They own the club."

"We'll get right on it." Hotch motioned for Rossi to come, who in turned woke Reid up and together they left the airport.

They had remained at the airport in case Morgan would've tried to trick them and changed flight and come later than they'd believed he would. Morgan was a profiler too after all, and would've most likely predicted their move. The only question was how he had planned on getting to Club X first since he wouldn't know about Evan's condition. He couldn't have known that Evan would pass out and not be able to give them the right information.

Hotch got into the driver's seat, Rossi next to him and Reid in the back, still drowsy after his sleep. He hadn't wanted to say anything about the intense headache Emily's disappearance had given him. This wasn't about him and he couldn't risk it to be sent home. Instead he had chosen to sleep whenever they had nothing to do and take pills every time he went to the bathroom. The oldest ones hadn't suspected a thing, or at least he thought they hadn't.

He eyed the men in the front seat. They both looked determent to get to Emily as quickly as possible and hadn't noticed that Reid was in pain. But why would they? He was really good at hiding it.

The tires screeched to a stop in front of a large X. The three agents jumped out of the vehicle in synchronize. They walked up to the doors and tried to open it, but to their dismay it was locked. Banging on the door, they hoped that someone would be in there to let them in. It was 2.30 pm, but they should have had someone who cleaned or maybe prepped for the next night. Someone did open the door, eyes a little wider when she first saw Hotch and then the other two too.

"FBI, we're looking for the owners," Hotch said.

"What FBI do here?" The girl asked in her thick Russian accent.

"We need to ask the owners a couple of questions," Hotch said, trying once again to get the young girl to show them the way.

She reluctantly opened the door to let them in. She motioned for them to sit at the bar while she went behind the counter.

"You like drink?" She asked as she fished out three glasses.

"No, we just want to speak to your boss," Rossi said while looking around the club.

"They in a meeting. I will tell them you here," The woman stuttered out nervously and scurried to the back of the club.

The three men could tell that she knew exactly what kind of people her bosses were and they also knew that if she mentioned the FBI they wouldn't hang around for too much longer. That's why they hurried to chase after the woman who they found knocking on the door, yelling three small words that would make the agents lose their only lead.

"FBI is here."

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