Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 17

Morgan was in front of Club X at exactly 2 pm and a waitress who'd been busy wiping the tables let him in, saying that they were expecting him.

The girl led him to an office in the back and knocked softly on the door. The Russian man opened the door with a wide grin. Morgan returned it as he stepped inside.

"Glad you could come," The American one said.

"Wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world," Morgan said, earning two approving nods from the men.

"So let's cut to the case," The American one said. "We'd like to offer you a job."

Morgan was caught of guard. Even if this had been what he wanted it seemed way too easy. He already knew there would be a catch.

"I wouldn't mind working for you," Morgan said cautiously, waiting for their demands.

The men looked at each other with vicious smiles.

"Are you willing to hand over your whores?"

Fuck. Morgan didn't have any girls. His mind wandered to the prostitutes, but he doubted that he could take them just like that. He wasn't a monster. Though, he could try to convince some of them. No. They wouldn't want anyone to take the freedom from them. Especially not if he can't promise they'll get it back.

"Of course," he said instead, not sure how he would solve this predicament.

The men were happy with this answer and one of them went to the desk to get some papers. "You will have to sign these papers. It's just so we know that you won't give away any client information." Morgan took the papers and signed without even reading, looking more eager and willing to do this job. "We know a good man when we see him and you, my friend..."

The man got interrupted by the waitress who knocked on the door to let them know that the FBI was there.

Morgan didn't need to fake his fear of being caught way too early. The men looked just as panicky, something he hadn't expected from them.

"Is there a back door?" Morgan asked.

"Only the windows."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Morgan asked and pried the window open, jumping out before the men.

When they were down, Morgan took of running towards the street.

"Do you have a car?" He asked and the Russian man motioned for a lonely jeep that stood parked on the parking lot.

They hurried over and as soon as all of them were in they drove away.

"Why exactly are we running away?" The American man decides to ask now.

"They were with the FBI. You kidnapped a fed," Morgan explained.

"How would they know it was us? She's in Dubai by now," The Russian man said angrily, not realizing his slip-up. But Morgan did.

The only thing she could hear in that moment was a low moaning. There was pain too, but she needed to focus first to find out what was going on. Her head was too heavy and opening her eyes was a harder task than it should have been. She knew she was lying down on some kind of cold surface, most likely the floor, and someone was lying right behind her. Trying hard to remember what had happened before she passed out, she pried her eyes open. Metal bars. Shoes. No, legs. Some guy watching her. Metal bars. Was she really in a prison? She wanted to sit up, but it was an impossible task and the pain she'd been feeling before had increased. The moaning and panting increased too, together with a man's laughter.

She stirred, trying to pull away, but whatever drug she had gotten made her weaker. Not again. She couldn't do this anymore. Emily needed to get away. Swinging her head back, she heard a loud crack followed by some swearing in Arabic. This was enough for Emily to squirm away and get onto her feet.

All blood rushed north and she forced herself to grab a hold of one of the metal bars, noticing that her hands were tight together in a pair of handcuffs. After blinking a couple of times she could make out the half-naked figure who was still clutching his nose. Emily forced herself to look away, not wanting to see the man's exposed body. Instead her eyes met the other man who stood outside the bars, grinning widely. That was the man who had promised to call her team, but failed to do so. The same man who had given her the drugged drink. But obviously not the same man who had removed her pants and pulled down her panties.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She asked as angrily as she could after pulling her panties back on.

"What do you mean?" The man asked, never letting go of his smile.

Emily snorted. "You need your women to be passed out before you have sex with them? You can't get a woman in another way?"

Emily felt violated, but she refused to show it. After all these days of being used she was angry as hell. Before she had wanted to give up completely, but after she had escaped and believed that she would make it she was more angry than ever.

They were supposed to help her, but instead they did just like everyone else, only these people had done it while she was asleep.

"You need to be quiet, woman," the guy warned.

"The fuck I need. You need to give me a phone right now so I can call for my colleagues," she said.

The guy started to laugh. "The only place you're going is back to the house. They're on the way to get you."

Emily froze, but held her head high to not show any fear to the men. "The fuck I am."

Emily glanced around to look for a way to escape. There was none. She was stuck in this prison cell until someone came to get her. Maybe then she'd have her chance to break free. When she wasn't on this side of the bars.

"Sorry, angel, but you're not going anywhere," the officer grinned, glancing to the man who still was on the same side as her.

Emily had to change her tactics. The guy beside her approached her so she needed to stall them until someone came to get her. Until she would have a fair chance to get out of there.

"Why didn't you wait until I was awake at least?" She asked, halting the man next to her.

It was working, but had she just said that it was okay for them to rape her if she was awake? That wasn't what she meant at all.

"We didn't have much time and so many wanted their turn now that it was free," the man nodded once again to the man next to Emily.

Emily backed away, instantly regretting that she had asked. How many had raped her when she was out?

The man on the left grabbed a hold of her and shoved her into the lonely sink that hung on the wall. Emily bit her lip to not let out any sounds of pain.

He pressed his thigh hard on her to keep her in place and it worked. She couldn't get her knee up and hit him where it hurt the most.

She couldn't knock him with her head either because of the arm that was pressed against her neck making it hard to breath.

One of his hands was free and he used that one to shove into her panties, feeling her up. What should have been a good feeling, was instead a painful one. He was rough, getting too excited with her. The hand he had on her neck moved to grab her hair, pulling it back. The young officer was smart. He didn't want her to break his nose completely.

Emily was trying to pull his hand out of her panties when he started to push her head down. Her eyes widened as she realized what he was going at. When she was closer down she closed her eyes tightly and sealed her lips at the same time as she tried to push the man off of her. That didn't work, but she succeeded with not letting him into her mouth. She concentrated on holding her breath as she felt it rub against her face.

"وقالت انها لن اسمحوا لي في" the man said angrily to the man outside the bars, who chuckled.

The statement was true. Emily would never ever let him in. She'd done this before, keeping her lips sealed to not give them a blow job. It was the only thing where she could have a little control. That was until they figured out how to make her open her mouth. One kick in the abdominal and they'd be in. This man was too busy holding her body in place and feeling her up to realize this.

Or they'd pry it open, but that would mean that he'd loose the upper hand now that the only thing restraining her was a pair of handcuffs.

"جعل صرختها" The older one in the room said, clearly enjoying what he was seeing.

Emily's eyes widened. Make her scream. Fuck. As the man brought her head up she flung her head forward, once again connecting with his nose. When he stepped back in pain she took her chance and kicked him between his naked legs, making him fold in pain. But that was it. There was nothing else she could do. She was stuck on the wrong side of the prison cell.

"Impressive," the man chuckled.

Emily looked to the man on the floor and bolted for him, putting her arms on either side of his head and pressed the handcuff links against his neck.

"Let me out of here or I'll kill him," she threatened, trying hard to control her breathing.

"What you gonna do? Snap his neck? Suffocate him? Be my guest. He's replaceable."

The man in her grip stiffened at that. Clearly he wasn't expecting his colleague to sell him out.

"I'm not kidding. I'll do it," Emily tried again, but the officer seriously didn't care.

Emily tightened her grip and heard by the whimpers that the man was hurting. This wasn't working. She wasn't about to kill this man just to be trapped anyways. On the other hand, the man could still be faking it, knowing that she didn't have the kill in her.

He would be right, but for a woman who'd been raped countless amount of times during the past week it would be easy to take one of these bastard's life. Yes, she even wanted to take his life, she realized now.

Just when his body started to convulse in her arms, the doors opened and she suddenly had three big guns aimed at her so she let go.

"You just interrupted all the fun," the officer said with a chuckle. "But you can take her.

Emily backed away to the wall as two men came in while the third one was still aiming his gun at her. How would she be able to fight them of now?

They dragged her out from the station. Every man inside watched their retreating figures. She tried to pull away from them, to kick them, but they were prepared for everything and forced her to stop by shoving the gun into her back.

A car stood ready for her as they came out, the engine already running. Emily caught something in the corner of her eye. The boy she'd met earlier. The one she had asked for directions. He was standing not too far away, staring at her. The difference between his stare and the other men's was big. While the people inside had looked at her with hunger and joy to see her being taken away, the young man looked worried. Emily looked at him pleadingly, begging him to help her. His eyes were shifting between her and the men around. As they pressed Emily's head down to get her into the car she could hear the officer behind her screaming at the young man to move it along. And he did step back, catching Emily's eyes one last time before turning the corner. Emily just hoped that this was enough for him to save her.

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