Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 19

The day had started pretty normal for Rasheed Tahan. He had woken up next to his girlfriend in their one room apartment, not a single worry in his mind. They'd eaten toast for breakfast together like every day and then separated to each head for work. She as a nurse at the clinic and he in the little shop where you could buy food, drink, hygiene products and candy. Mostly there were Russian teenagers that hung around his store, buying tobacco and beer, but today it had been pretty quiet. That was until a brunette woman came running outside the store, stopping just before she entered to try and walk calmly to him. Her make-up was a little smeared and she was dressed in way too big men's clothes. Overall, she didn't look okay and Rasheed knew what might have happened to her. It wasn't a secret what was going on in town. Men buying girls, using them like they were toys. No one did anything though. It was all too dangerous.

When the woman stood in front of him he knew he'd seen her somewhere before. He'd never visited that house, being very happy with his girlfriend of three years. He had seen her somewhere else. The news. Most girls didn't get onto the news worldwide. They would've only gotten to their own local news, notifying the people in the city that a girl had gone missing. But this girl was special, even though he could only remember the word MISSING printed under her picture.

The woman was out of breath when she stuttered out her request. She needed the police. Rasheed knew what was wrong and offered to call them. He wanted to call the ones inside Dubai and then he could keep an eye on her until they arrived, but when she insisted to walk there he blurted out the directions to the closest police station, regretting it immediately. The woman was gone before he had time to protest. He knew that the police was buying sex from those girls too. It was the reason why they wouldn't stop it.

Hurriedly, he locked the cash register and grabbed his keys to run after her. She wasn't in sight when he came out on the street, but knowing where she was headed he ran in the same direction, but it was too late. She had already entered the police station. Still he stood there outside, not wanting to leave her alone. He needed to make sure that she was safe even if his entire body told him differently.

The poor woman was inside the building for a very long time and only that was a sign that she didn't get the help that she needed. He contemplated if he should go inside, but decided against it. When a car suddenly pulled up in front of the building an hour later, he finally dared to step out from the shadows and check what was going on. Three armed men jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the building. Rasheed only stepped back slightly just so they wouldn't get the idea of shooting him. They came back 10 minutes later with the woman in handcuffs. She wasn't wearing her pants anymore so he knew they had done stuff to her inside that building while he had just stood here, doing nothing. He met her eyes and that was the moment when he knew he had to help her. In one way or another.

When the chief of police yelled at him to go away, he obeyed without a doubt, hurrying home to his apartment. He couldn't work now. He needed to find out who this girl was. As soon as he entered his place, he turned on the news channel and started his computer. As the computer started up, he went into the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee. The pling of the computer let him know that it was up and ready to be used. He grabbed a coffee cup and poured his coffee before going back into the living room where his computer was.

The news was now about some fire south of Dubai, nothing that interested Rasheed, so he pulled up a window on his computer and wrote 'Missing women' in the search bar. Of course this didn't get him anywhere since there were too many missing women out there right now. Not being that good with computers, he already knew that this would take the whole day.

A soft hand against her shoulder blade woke her up and she slowly opened her eyelids. Next to her she saw Anya sitting, watching Emily with worry in her eyes. Emily sat up, her face contorting in pain when her wounds got aggravated. Anya didn't say anything when Emily stared into her eyes. Instead she threw her arms around the older woman's neck and started crying.

"I'm sorry," Emily said sadly. "I'm sorry for leaving you behind. I should've taken you with me."

Anya pulled back from Emily and wiped away a few tears before shaking her head. Emily smiled to the girl and leaned forward to press a soft kiss on the top of her head.

Their moment was interrupted by the door opening, making both of them tense up. They let themselves relax when they saw Elena and Elin walking into the room.

"Whoa, agent, that doesn't look too good," Elena said when seeing Emily's back. "You shouldn't have run away, it's pointless."

"I will find a way out and we'll all be free," Emily said even if she didn't believe it herself.

"You and what army?" Elin asked. "Sorry to have to break this to you, honey, there's no way of getting out of here. Unless you die."

Emily kept quiet, but stared intently at the girls. "That's what I thought," Elena said. "There is a way to lessen the pain though. You might even enjoy it after a while." She fished up a bag with white powder from the top drawer in the dresser.

Emily stared at the small bag. The girls did have a point. None of them would get out of here anytime soon, but could she really turn to drugs? Sure it would be nice to numb the pain, to get high enough that you don't know what's going on. She knew she would be there for a very long time. All her attempts to flee would fail and the chance of someone finding her was slim to none.

Emily looked at Elena and then back at the bag before she snatched it and put it into her bra for now. She wasn't gonna use it yet, but in case something went really bad it would be good to have it around.

"Good girl," Elena said with a smile and turned around to look at herself in the mirror. "We won't have anymore clients today. They want us tested."

"Tested?" Emily asked with wide eyes.

"Yes, they want to make sure that we haven't caught any deceases or gotten ourselves pregnant," Elin explained. "People pay more if they're allowed to fuck the girls without a condom."

Emily knew deceases could've been a possibility, but she was afraid to get herself tested to confirm it. Though, pregnant was worse. Morgan and Emily had been trying even before this so what if she was pregnant?

"What happens if you're tested positive?" Emily dared herself to ask.

"If you're pregs, they'll end it; they wouldn't want a bunch of babies running around," Elin said as she sat down on her bed. "If you've caught something, they'll either treat it or if it's untreatable they'll kill you. One shot in the head."

"That's not always true," Elena said, turning around. "Once they auctioned sick girls out to people who'd pay a lot of money to do whatever they want with the girls. Torture and kill."

Anya's body tensed and she pulled up her knees tightly to her chest. Emily moved closer to the young girl and put an arm around the small body.

"Don't worry, sweetie," Elin said softly. "The risk of you catching something deadly isn't that big. You know chlamydia isn't all that bad." Elin shrugged.

It got quiet after that, but Emily liked the silence. These girls in front of her would only make Emily and Anya feel a lot worse. They were experienced being here for so long and it was painful to hear them talk as if this was an easy job. Would Emily turn into one of them after being here for that long? Would she also consider this an easy job? Right now she didn't see that happening.

The door suddenly opened, showing Ruslana in only underwear. Behind her was one of those muscular guys that she had managed to actually escape from.

"It's time to go ladies," she said, sternly, opening the door wider to let the girls out one by one.

Getting tested was just as humiliating as getting raped over and over again. The male doctor took great pleasure in making the women put their legs up in the hooks, spreading them widely and giving him a perfect view over the women's lower private parts. An armed man was standing right next to Emily's head to make sure that she wouldn't try anything. Right now all she could do was to lie still and feel the older man stick his hand in her most private area. The man didn't use any gloves of course. No, he liked feeling them and didn't want any rubber on his hands.

Emily hissed in pain and closed her eyes tightly. She had been on check ups before and she knew that it would not take this long. The doctor was definitely prolonging each woman's stay so that he could get to feel them. It didn't even work the way he did it.

The whole time there was just unbearable and she was willing herself not to cry. When the doctor finally pulled out, he smiled and sucked on one of his fingers before he let her go down. She wouldn't find out right away if she was sick or pregnant so this filled her with hope that she wouldn't get another client until then.

If only she had been that lucky.

If it was Morgan's choice he would've ditched those guys a long time ago, but he couldn't come up with a good enough excuse. He now knew that Emily was in Dubai so if he could only get rid of those two, he could catch a flight. Dubai is big, but now that he knew at least in what city she was hiding his task would be a lot easier.

They had been driving around for too long now, not knowing what to do. A lot more time had been wasted which meant that Emily had to spend more time over there. Morgan was drumming on the stirring wheel as he was driving through Moscow in an unknown direction. He gazed to the Russian man who was sitting next to him and finally decided to speak.

"Where are we going?"

The Russian man turned to him. "We'll go to our airstrip and take the jet to our secondary office in Boston."

Fuck. He could not go back to the states now that he knew where she was. He cleared his throat and spoke in a calm tone as to not alarm them that something is wrong. "I think you two should leave without me. I still have some business here in Russia."

"You're just gonna leave us?" The american one said angrily.

Morgan kept his cool. "I'll catch a flight and meet you there later."

"Alright," the Russian one agreed. "Turn left here. They should have the jet ready in 20 minutes so we need to head in the other direction."

"Can you tell me why you had me driving around Moscow for so long?" Morgan asked, slightly angry. He didn't need to fake the anger for the wasted time.

"Because they needed to get the jet ready and we don't want anyone to follow us."

Okay, he had to admit that the second reason was a good one. A reason he had totally forgotten about, being so stuck on finding Emily.

The rest of the ride consisted of the men calling out left and right ever so often, until they finally pulled into the airstrip where a big jet stood, ready for departure. Morgan couldn't help to wonder if this was the same jet Emily had traveled in.

He would never know, but he didn't care right now. As soon as they were out of the car he sped away in the direction of the airport. The traffic was pretty bad this late in the afternoon and since he didn't have any sirens and couldn't risk being stopped by any of the police cars, he had to wait it out.

It must have taken him twice as long to get to the airport this time and he was very frustrated as he pulled into the parking garage. He hurried out of the car and ran to buy himself a ticket. When he entered the airport he halted. They didn't see him, but he saw them clearly, standing in line to buy a ticket to somewhere. Hotch, Rossi and Reid.

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