Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 20

The five girls had been back in their rooms for about five hours when two men came in to get Emily, Anya and Elin. Neither Anya nor Elin protested, but Emily had to.

"We haven't gotten our results yet," she tried, but the men just looked at her with a smirk.

"That doesn't stop business, honey."

Before Emily reluctantly followed them out she managed to fish out the coke from her bra and stuff it under a pillow. As the guy held her firmly in his hand she shook him off, meaning that she was perfectly fine walking on her own.

They needed the three of them to shower, dress in whatever sexy underwear they thought fit and put on a matching make-up, this time light for Emily.

She wasn't sure what kind of man she was meeting today, but her whole appearance looked kind of different to how they normally made her look. Her instructions had been very light, hardly noticeable make-up which wasn't usual for any of them. This time she had been forced to wear a very light and soft pink attire. It was a corset with matching thongs.

Pink wasn't either a color she'd normally wear or had ever worn here. It had always been dark colors and heavy make-up.

She finished everything with spraying some perfume on her as instructed by the two men and then she was ready to go. Or not ready. She could never be ready for anything like this, but she was done and all set to go.

The other two walked in front of her and was led into their rooms first and it pained Emily to see Anya being tied to her bed both with her hands and feet, making her into a big X.

Emily took a deep breath as she continued along and stopped outside a door while the man escorting her locked it up. He followed her inside and told her to get onto her stomach, chaining her hands as she did so. Then she heard him leave, the door clicking shut behind him, and now she just had to wait for whoever would enter the room next.

It didn't take long before someone did and Emily was nervous. She didn't turn her head at first, like so many times before, but when the man didn't speak she got more curious and tried to see. The man was already behind her and the chained wrists made it impossible to see him.

The man got on the bed, starting to run a hand up her legs and feeling her up. His hands were soft and so was his touch which just gave Emily even more shivers.

When he got closer, after even more soft touches, something made her tense. That smell. No, it couldn't be. It smelled of roses and some other flowery scent that a man would never have worn. Was it really a woman?

The same soft hand as before gripped her hair and pulled it back a lot rougher than she had been before. She breathed into Emily's ear and inhaled her scent before whispering with a sultry voice.

"You are so fucking hot."

Emily gulped, tears immediately springing to her eyes. This was something she would've never expected. A woman to buy sex from a human trafficking ring. To buy sex from abused women that could've been her too. But it wasn't her, it was Emily who was stuck there, which she was glad for. Emily wouldn't want anyone else to go through the same thing she had gone through, even if they were about to force themselves upon her.

Emily shuddered as the woman ran her free hand down Emily's sides and over her breasts. The woman started kneading them through the corset and Emily tried to squirm away, but it was pointless.

"Shhhh... Just lie back and enjoy," the woman said and gave Emily a kiss on her cheek.

"Please..." Emily tried instead, thinking that there must be some sense in this woman. "You don't have to do this. You can help me out of here."

The woman didn't say anything at first. Instead she turned Emily around, making Emily's arms cross in an almost painful way.

"Keep pleading with me, honey," the woman said and started grinding herself against Emily's thigh, spreading her legs in the process. "Do you feel that?" The woman asked and even if Emily did feel the wetness between the other woman's legs she just turned her head away without answering. "That's how you make me feel."

The woman was only clad in her underwear, showing more skin than what Emily did.

Emily could start breathing again when the woman chose to get off her, but it was short lived. The woman had only gotten off her to rid Emily of her panties and corset and then remove her own underwear. She tried to struggle when the woman slowly pulled her panties off, kicking everywhere, but the woman just laughed and grabbed two scarves to tie Emily's feet too, spreading her legs really wide.

Since the woman wouldn't be able to pull her panties off now, she brought out a knife and cut it with one swift move. She took the panties in her hand and before she threw them away on the floor she brought the crotch to her nose and inhaled.

This was probably the worst and most humiliating time she had ever had during her stay there. The men would always get right to the point, being impatient, but this woman was taking her time, leaving Emily exposed for a longer amount of time.

As both of them were naked the woman got back on top of her, grinding her pelvis against Emily's. It was harder for her to squirm now, but it didn't stop her from trying.

"That feels so good, honey. Just keep squirming," the woman said and Emily stopped. Whether or not it was reversed psychology she didn't know, but she didn't want to risk getting the woman even more turned on.

The woman smiled and bent down to kiss Emily, prying her mouth open with the tongue. Emily closed her eyes tightly and held her breath. At the same time the woman moved her hand down toward Emily's center. When she touched her clit Emily's eyes widened. If it wasn't bad enough to have the older woman's hand circling her clit, but she was reacting to it.

She cursed in every language she knew as the woman kept circling and no matter how much she tried to think about all the awful things she had to endure she couldn't keep herself from getting wetter.

"You like this, don't you? You're so wet and ready for me."

Even if Emily knew that it was normal for her body to react to the stimulation she couldn't help but to be disgusted with herself.

The woman kept this up, stroking her there, kneading her breasts, playing with her nipples and whispering dirty things until Emily couldn't hold it in anymore and crashed down in the worst orgasm she'd ever had.

Right after she started crying harder than she had ever done in this last week. She had shown herself weak and vulnerable with someone who wasn't her boyfriend. If Morgan ever found out about this he wouldn't hesitate to break up with her. That was if she ever saw him again.

"Are you ready for round two?" The woman smirked at Emily.

Round two. Would it ever end?

After the longest session she'd ever had, Emily was finally led back to the showers. This time she scrubbed herself red, trying to rid the woman's hands. It wouldn't work, of course, but maybe she could feel just a little less dirty.

The woman had done everything. Used her hands, sex toys and tongue. She had even tried to get Emily to use her own mouth to pleasure the woman, but Emily had refused to open her mouth so the woman had just been satisfied with grinding against her face. She had also put a strap-on on Emily and ridden her as if Emily was a guy. The other woman had worn it to fuck Emily too. She had come multiply times and felt just as disgusted each time.

All these memories made Emily scrub harder and she would have stayed there forever if it wasn't for the man escorting her who told her the time was up. Then she was forced out.

She shielded her body as much as she could when she got out to hide herself from the man who always would stare at the women when they came out naked. He threw her a towel when he thought he had seen enough. The other girls were already in the room and what first drew Emily's attention was Anya's curled up body in the bed, shaking as if she was crying.

"What happened?" Emily asked worriedly.

"She has chlamydia," Elena said with a shrug.

"I'm so sorry, sweetie," Emily whispered, holding the girl tight and glaring at Elena who had said it as if it was nothing.

Elena held up her hands in defense.

"What about you guys?" Emily asked.

"We're all healthy," Elin smiled, but the smile faltered when it was her turn to meet Emily's angry expression.

She had yet to found out her own fate and as of the moment she wasn't sure if she wanted to know. Why hadn't they informed her at all? Maybe her session had just been dragging on a lot longer than the others, it truly felt that way, and therefore she missed when they were given the results. She was back now, though, so they should just go ahead and tell her already.

As if someone outside had heard her thoughts, the door opened and two men came inside ordering Emily to come with them. Carefully, she slid away from where Anya was leaning on her, placing a soft kiss on her temple before going with the men.

They walked through the corridor and when Emily realized that they were headed to their boss' office all of her instincts told her to run away, but she knew she couldn't this time.

So instead she followed them like the obedient little sex slave that they wanted her to be. Emily cringed at her own thoughts. She was stronger than this.

It sure didn't feel like she was as she stood face to face with the man who had whipped her not too long ago. She hated herself for the audible gulp she let out as she tried to keep her eyes strong and powerful when meeting his. It didn't scare him a bit.

"I think you know why you're here," he said and Emily nodded her head vaguely. "We have the results. We're happy to tell you that you have no decease."

Emily let her heartbeat slow down with the announcement. There was nothing wrong with her.

"However," Emily looked into his ice cold eyes. "You did test positive in the pregnancy test." The man rounded his desk to walk closer to Emily. "You're already over 2 months pregnant so it's safe to say that you were already pregnant when you came here."

Emily's heart leaped with joy. It was Morgan's baby. They were finally going to be a family after trying for so long. That happiness ended quickly, though, as she remembered where she was and what they were planning to do with the babies. 'Can't have a bunch of babies running around here.' Elin's voice echoed through her head.

Emily looked up to the older man, tears already in her eyes, head shaking slowly. "Please, don't..." She pleaded, but was only given a smirk in return.

The man turned his back to Emily. "I will enjoy this," he said and before she had any time to react she was greeted with a fist in her guts.

All the air left her lungs and the only thing she could think about now was how she had to save her baby.

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