Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 21

Morgan stood hidden when his colleagues left the front of the ticket line and waited until they were out of sight to get into line himself. It was all too long and dreadful. The people by the counter seemed to just be talking and not getting anywhere. He shifted his weight from the left to right foot and kept glancing at the clock on the wall. Minutes were ticking away; minutes where Emily could be hurt over and over again. When it finally was his turn he hurried to purchase a ticket to Dubai, one way. So far he didn't know when he would come back, but now that he knew in what part of the world Emily was he'd rather die than to return without her.

As he ran for the security he was careful not to run into his fellow team members which he did a really good job of not doing. He wasn't really sure where they were headed and if they also knew in what city Emily was, but the only thing he could care about now was to get on that damn flight that would leave in 40 minutes.

He was making up a plan in his head about how to find her in a big city like that and although it wouldn't be easy he could do it. It just had to work even if he would have to search the whole city for houses where you could possibly buy girls. He knew it sounded like a pretty wild plan, but he had to do everything in his power to get her back.

The first call to boarding his flight was made and he was quick to get in line. Even if he got on early it wouldn't make the flight go faster, but he didn't think that far. It was a big plane with a lot of passengers that stopped in the aisle to put up their bags and stopping the line behind them. Some would have really big bags and had problems to fit it, making the whole line of people take even more time to get on. It was as fate was playing a trick on him. And he could do nothing but to sit there and wait for everyone else to board.

It was first 20 minutes later that the airplane could finally leave the gate and he started his journey to Dubai where he would finally see Emily again.

When the first kick was going down Emily brought her own arm up to trap him and it worked. She pulled on his foot, making him fall backwards and land with a thud on the floor. He was a big man, but Emily just couldn't let him hurt her baby. Quickly she got up on her feet and got into a defense position.

"This, you will regret," the man said angrily as he got up on his feet.

"And you will regret ever trying to touch my baby so I guess we're both on that page," she breathed out heavily.

The man charged at Emily, who brought her arm up to give him a blow right in the middle of his face. Before coming here she could've easily broken his nose, but the pain that flowed through her hand and arm now was something she never had expected. Had she gotten that much weaker during the course of a week? Or was it more than a week? She really wasn't sure.

What she did know however was that her moment of pain had caught her of guard and let the older man get the upper hand, pinning her to the floor and taking his own belt to tie her to his desk. She tried to struggle again, but the heavy man on top of her made the task impossible. Even when he had gotten off and her hands were tightly secured, she continued to struggle, kicking and screaming.

She knew she had lost. There was nothing she could do but to receive all his kicks and wait for her baby to die. Morgan and Emily's baby. The baby they'd always dreamt of. Tears sprung to her eyes at her thoughts and they streamed down her face when the man's boot connected with her guts. There was another one, then another and finally one last one before the man stepped away behind his desk, calling for the guards to enter the room.

Emily's vision was clouded and she didn't listen to the man's words to the guards, her thoughts only on the life that had been taken away before it even had a chance to live. Two guards untied her and dragged her out of there, but she didn't even think about fighting back this time. It seemed as if almost all her energy was gone somehow. Never in a million years would she have guessed that this would be the outcome of her stay here. Though, it wasn't over yet. They hadn't killed her.. Just the...

She stopped her thoughts from getting any further and was happy when the guards came to a stop, but it was in front of the door she recognized all to well. The door that would lead her to stay for 24 hours in a dark room with nothing but her thoughts, something that she dreaded most of all now.

"Please," she started begging. "Please, don't take me down there. I'll do anything, just take me back to the room."

"Sorry, honey, but you hurt boss," one of the guards said.

"I know, I didn't mean to. I don't deserve to be down there. Please," she continued to beg and hated herself for the idea that came up in her head next. "If you take me back to the room I will show you just how good I can be," she whispered seductively, moving her hand to the man's crotch.

The man, who couldn't have been older than 30, gulped and looked to the older of them, who nodded his head. "Will you show both of us?" He asked.

"Yes, of course," she said and bit her lip innocently.

"Okay, tell you what," the older man said, moving closer to Emily. "We'll take you back to your room so you can freshen up and then you'll show both of us what a good little whore you can be." The man was dangerously close to Emily now.

Emily gulped, but didn't let her smile falter, "Sounds like a plan to me," she winked and felt herself immediately being pulled in a different direction.

Both men were impatient to get her back and to enjoy her just like all the clients they'd seen. Not even a minute later she was pushed into the room together with the two men. She hurried to check under her pillow and snatched the coke she found there. She really needed it right now. If not to relieve the pain from the lost baby, but also to lessen the pain of what would come. And maybe she wouldn't feel as disgusted with herself if she was high. She probably wouldn't think anything at all.

This wasn't exactly what they meant by freshen up, but what they didn't know wouldn't kill them... or her. She brought the white powder with her into the bathroom together with a set of new sexy underwear. They granted her the privacy to get dressed by herself which she was scarily enough grateful for. She didn't like the fact that she held that feeling towards them, but she couldn't help it. She felt happy that they left her alone long enough to snort half a bag of cocaine. Honestly she wasn't sure how much it would take for her to overdose, but it wouldn't be the worst thing if she did. Though, the guards would probably be really angry and take it out on the the other girls so she stopped with half a bag, enough to make her head go wild.

It was a glorious feeling and she just wanted more, but the guard knocked on the door and told her to hurry which she obliged to do and only 30 seconds later she was all dressed and ready to give them what they'd always dreamed off. Yes, this time she really felt ready for it.

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