Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 22

A blonde woman appeared on Rasheed's TV-screen. He'd been sitting with the news on the entire day while googling missing women. That had gotten him nowhere. His wife had come home somewhere around dinnertime and when he'd told her about the ordeal earlier that morning she had cursed at him for being so stupid. He agreed on this.

But when that blonde woman came on the screen and a picture of a brunette joined her he jumped out of his chair. It was her. She looked a lot healthier on the picture but it was definitely her. There was a number at the bottom of the screen that he quickly scribbled down before grabbing his cellphone. With trembling fingers he dialed the number and waited for someone to pick up.

He wasn't sure what time it was in the states, but he didn't really care if he woke someone up. The only thing he cared about now was to save that girl and these were the people for the job. They would have the recourses to take the house down. If he ever were to call the police inside Dubai, he could never be sure that they would actually help or just accept free sex to look the other way. Most likely the latter.

A tired voice brought Rasheed out of his thoughts.

"This is Jennifer Jareau."

"Hello, my name is Rasheed and I'm calling about that missing agent. Prentiss, I think her name was."

"Yes, go on!" the woman sounded more alert now.

"Okay, she ran into my shop when looking for the police. Unfortunately, she found the police and they brought her back to the house. I know I shouldn't..."

"Wait, wait, hold on... What house? Where is she?"

"It's a human trafficking ring in the outskirts of Dubai," Rasheed explained.

"Was she harmed in any way?"

"I believe so yes. She had some bruises and looked a little thinner than those pictures you showed. I think she had been running a long way before I saw her and she seemed very scared."

He could hear the woman's quiet gasp before she talked again, "Can you call another police station over there and get her out while we're on our way?"

"I'm afraid I don't trust any of those. It's best that you come to take her away yourself."

The woman was quiet for a second, "Okay, we'll be there as soon as we can."

"Thank you," the man said, a huge weight lifting from his shoulders.

They both hang up and Rasheed turned to look at his girlfriend who had a skeptical look on her face. Rasheed raised his eyebrows as if asking 'what?'

"You never gave them an address," she explained.

"They're cops, sweetie, they'll trace the call," Rasheed shrugged, hoping that what he said was right.

Jennifer Jareau hurried to dial Garcia's number from the precinct in New York. It had come as a shock that anyone had actually called about Emily. Even if she'd held a press conference about it she didn't believe anything would happen that fast.

It was early in the States, the phone call had even woken her up, but she knew the technical analyst would be in her office. It wouldn't surprise her if she had spent the whole night in her lair. The other blonde answered after the third signal.


JJ could hear that she had been asleep. "You need to trace the last call that came in to my cell phone. Someone's found Emily."

There was a small gasp on the other side, the exact same reaction that JJ had. Fingers were quickly dancing her keyboard and soon a loud notification noise was heard, letting both blondes know that a location had been found.

"Okay, got the address. I will send it to all of your phones."

"Thank you. Any news from Morgan?" JJ asked.

"Nothing... I still can't track him." Garcia sighed. "How's Evan?"

"He's just crying and crying, trying to earn himself some pity points, but he ain't gonna get any from me. That scumbag put her in this situation and if she comes back wrong I'll..." JJ couldn't say more with the lump in her throat.

"...and I'll be happy to help you." Garcia agreed. "Please just get a rescue team together and go save her."

JJ promised Garcia to do that before they hung up. She took a deep breath before calling around to interpol and other international teams that could help them bring this trafficking ring down. Remembering what the guy on the phone had said about the police in Dubai, she made sure to stay away from there and also told whoever she was calling why the local police couldn't handle the case. It also seemed like the local police would be too small to take down something this big.

Interpol was easy to convince when they got to talk to Clyde and he pulled some strings to put a bigger team together and end this. He was just as worried as her team had been when they'd heard about what happened with Emily and he was determent to put an end to this too.

After making a final call to the team that was still in Russia and Strauss they could finally start their operation 'Save Emily'.

Derek arrived at a smaller apartment complex where he had been told to go if he wanted a good time. Of course he wouldn't have sex with anyone there, just look around to see if he could find his princess. This place smelled of smoke and strong perfume. The whole complex looked very cheap and not at all like people who could've possibly bought Emily for the prize that was displayed on the website. He wanted to turn around, but needed to be on the safe side and be sure that she wasn't there.

A woman greeted him when he came in. She didn't wear a lot of clothes which was bound to make the men's mouths watery and choose this place. It did nothing for Derek though, but he did play along.

"I heard that one of your women is an FBI agent," he said with a wink, but the woman's face fell and she rolled her eyes.

"No, that's the other house," she said with a sigh. "20 minutes away by car. They steal all our customers now"

"I'm sorry ma'am I didn't mean to cause you any trouble," he said, looking apologetically at her, but feeling an extreme happiness running through his body with this new information.

"Don't worry about it, sugar. There'll be more customers here soon. Would you like the directions to that house?"

Derek tried hard not to smile at his success, "Yes, if that's not too much to ask of you."

The woman shook her head and scribbled down the directions on a napkin followed by her phone number and kiss print. She handed it to Derek and Derek made sure to give her some tip for helping him find the love of his life, though he didn't tell her that.

When he walked out of there he had a real smile on his lip. The smile was still there as he got into his rental and started his 20 minutes drive to Emily's whereabouts. He was so close now.

They were naked. Both of the guys. Emily too. They had still brought her to the basement so that they could have some privacy and not get caught. The concrete floor was cold under her, but she didn't really mind it. She was for once calm and relaxed and felt good about herself. Felt good about herself... Was that what she was feeling when one of the guards kept thrusting into her?

Her head kept lolling from side to side, smiling to herself. She knew the guys kept telling her stuff, probably offensive words, but she couldn't catch a word they said. If this was what it was like to be high, she liked it. In fact, she liked it a lot and would do anything to get this way again. It made her feel confident and made her excited. What they were doing to her almost felt good. Almost. It still didn't erase her thoughts about what she was doing there and who she was with, but if she continued she knew that feeling would disappear completely.

Oh God, was this how Elena, Ruslana and Elin had become the way they were. It definitely felt as if she was on her way to be just like them. But it just felt so much better without being just plain Emily. Now she was someone else. She wasn't the woman who both lost the man she was in love with and their unborn child.

She shook her head to rid her unwelcome thoughts. This was the reason she had rather let the guards do what they wanted with her. And they did. She'd never been with two guys at the same time before, or any threesome and all. It was different, but definitely something she wouldn't want to do again. Never.

The taller of the guards pulled out and made space for the shorter one, who immediately flipped her over. Emily's chin hit the concrete, but she didn't care. Actually it brought her into a fits of giggles from the ticklish feeling in her stomach when they'd turned her.

The giggling stopped when her hair was grabbed roughly, lifting her head from the ground, and a dick was shoved into her mouth. Her eyes widened and she suddenly didn't feel so good anymore. She wanted to vomit. She needed to vomit. The dick pushing her gag reflex combined with her past feeling of ecstasy was not a good match. Her eyes watered while she tried to fight her reflexes.

While the tall guy kept thrusting into her mouth the shorter guy entered her painfully from behind and all she wanted was to just scream out her pain. She had to remember to take a bigger dose next time if she wanted to be immune to this too, but could she ever be? Right now she doubted it.

It was first when she felt the disgusting seeds fill her throat and slowly make her way down her throat that she stopped fighting and threw up all her stomach's contents, which wasn't much with the little food she'd eaten.

Both of them let go of her and she fell exhausted to the floor, right next to her own vomit. They hurried to get dressed and urged her to do the same before leading her back upstairs. She kept her head down as she walked through the corridor and up another set of stairs to the shower room.

The hot water burned against her skin and she tilted her head back to catch the water in her mouth to get rid of all the mixed flavors. How could she'd been so happy at one point and now filled with the worst case of anxiety? Was this even possible? She felt disgusted with herself for actually being happy earlier. She took the bar of soap and moved it over her tongue, a process she always did when they'd entered her there.

The guard outside got quickly impatient and yelled for her to get ready so they could take her back to the room. Emily turned the shower of and took a moment to calm her thoughts down before drying herself off and getting dressed in another pair of sexy underwear. Quietly, she went out of there and got back to her room. She fell back on the bed and as soon as the guard had left she grabbed the bag with white powder, snorting the rest up her nose. She just wanted that happy feeling back and this was the way to get it.

It didn't take long before it reached her brain and a content smile was spread over her face. She didn't know how long her eyes had been closed when another guard, who hadn't been in the basement, opened the door. She sat up, her wide smile still plastered on her face.

"You have a client," the man said and Emily stood up quickly without any dread in her body.

Of course she thought it was a little soon after the last time, but they didn't care about those stuff so it didn't really surprise her. She moved her hand over the wall as they passed through the corridor until they finally stopped in front a door which the guard unlocked quickly and held up for her. He motioned for her to enter and closed it behind her as soon as she stepped in.

A pretty tall man stood in the room, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. His whole body held some kind of familiarity that she couldn't place. The man's shoulder relaxed a little and he turned around to face her.

Emily's eyes widened. Was it really? No, it couldn't be. It was the coke that made her see the good things. She closed her eyes tightly and opened them again. He was still there. She shook her head, willing her brain to stop playing tricks on her.

It was first when she heard his voice that she knew this was real. The voice that was etched with concern and desperation.


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