Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 23

As soon as Emily realized she wasn't dreaming, she turned around quickly, not wanting her boyfriend to see her like that. Broken. Damaged. High. This wasn't how he was supposed to find her. She wasn't supposed to be alive if he ever found her. That's what everyone had told her. That was what she had started to believe herself. Yet, he had still stood by the window when she came in, ready to entertain whatever bastard who'd be there. Tears sprung to her eyes and she put her arms around her body to shield it as much as possible.

"You shouldn't be here," she said barely above a whisper. "I don't want you to see me like this."

Derek sighed sadly and approached her tiny frame. She was thinner than when he'd last seen her as if she hadn't been fed at all. Only that was a reason to kill them all.

He put his arms on hers and hesitantly turned her around. She held her head down the entire time and he could feel she was shaking, a mix of coldness and the fact that she was crying. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly, as if his life depended on it. He needed to feel her, to be near her. She didn't hug him back. Her head rested on his strong chest and he could feel his shirt getting soaked from her tears, but he didn't care.

He sighed with relief to finally have her back in his arms.

"God, I finally found you," he said, placing a soft kiss against her head.

That only earned him a heartbreaking sob and he couldn't help but to let his own tears fall. It wasn't often that he let himself cry, but through this whole ordeal he'd done it more than ever and now... He was so relieved. Though, the way she looked didn't bring much comfort to him. Her bruises was visible and he could see the dilated pupils, indicated that she was very intoxicated, but he wouldn't ask her if they'd made her take it or if it had gotten bad enough for her to decide she needed it. Then there was her clothes that barely covered her body. Emily had walked into this room, believing that she would get raped again. How many times had it been like this? He didn't know and he definitely wouldn't ask her that either. Right now he would only let her cry into his chest. They might not have that much time, but he would be ready if the guards came in.

Then he remembered something, a rookie mistake. He looked through the room, careful not to disturb Emily, and found what he was looking for in one of the corners. A blinking red light. A camera. Fuck. Though, nobody had come into the room yet which indicated that they hadn't seen their moment. Maybe they never would either.

Morgan stroke Emily's hair and inhaled her sent. She didn't smell much like Emily anymore with the shampoo and perfume they'd made her use.

Emily couldn't stop crying. It had been fine in the beginning when only a couple of tears had left her eyes, but as soon as he touched her, she broke down into uncontrollable sobs. The fact that he still could stand to touch her after knowing how many different guys she'd been with, made it so hard for her to stop the tears. She still couldn't hug him, but his strong arms around her was enough. How could he even look at her? She was and looked disgusting. The lack of clothes she was wearing. The heavy makeup. The bruises. The clear signs of someone else touching her. Using her body. Still, he had pulled her into his arms, desperately hugging her. And he had looked for her. 'Finally I found you.' He had said. Had he really been looking for her? The team too?

Her knees went week and she could feel them begin to buckle under her, but Morgan was fast to catch her, lowering both of them to the floor. She clung to him as if he would disappear if she ever let go.

"Emily? Sweetie?" he whispered, trying to pull her away to get a good look at her, but Emily gripped his shirt tighter. "We need to get out of here."

She didn't want to leave his arms though. She wouldn't be safe if he didn't hold her. It was a fact she was sure of. If he let her go, they'd take her back. So she didn't let go of him.

"Please, Em... If we don't go they'll catch us. Come on.. Stand up... For me," he pleaded with her and this time her head actually lifted.

Her tearstained face met his and he moved his hand to her cheek to wipe away a black tear that was trailing down. She leaned into his hand and exhaled a shaky breath before, with the help of her hands, pushing herself up from the ground. He put a hand around her shoulder and led her to sit on the bed.

"Hold on a sec," Morgan said and Emily's eyes widened when she witnessed him pushing the button.

They were dead meat. She'd tried to escape and knew it wouldn't work. The only reason why she had gotten that far was because they knew the police would bring her back. This time however... They would shoot him.

"No," she breathed out, shaking her head vigorously.

"Relax, Em... Just calm down, please..."

At that moment the door opened and the same guard who had escorted her in there entered, but his face contorted in confusion when he saw she was alone.

"What did you do to him, you stupid bitch? Haven't you learned anything?" The guard charged at her, and she closed her eyes hard, waiting for a blow.

It never came. When she opened her eyes again the guard lay unconscious on the floor with Derek Morgan standing above him.

"You don't talk that way to women," he spat angrily to the guard.

Emily started crying again, something she hated that she could no longer control. Morgan immediately came to her side and crouched in front of her.

"Here's what we're gonna do: you're gonna take my clothes, cap and sunglasses and I'll take the guard's. I will be armed and pretend to lead a customer out. You'll take the car keys and give it to the valet parking man. Hold your head down the entire time so they won't see who you are. Then drive out of the courtyard and stop by the side of the road. I will be back shortly after, but if I'm not there after 15 minutes you have to leave, okay?"

Emily shook her head, "No, I can't leave you behind... And Anya..."

"Anya?" Morgan asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

"She's only 15... I can't leave her here..." she said.

"We'll call for backup and they'll take care of her..." Emily was still shaking her head so Morgan pulled out his cellphone and turned it on for the first time since he'd left JJ. "Look! I'll call them right now!"

He waited for it to start up and before he was able to do anything he got tons of messages and missed calls. Most of them from Garcia. He scrolled through all of them, seeing how many of them was cursing him for running away and telling him that he better come back alive. The last one though made him stop. It was a message forwarded to the entire team telling them an address in Dubai, close to where they were now. They already knew where Emily was.

"They're on their way," he told Emily, meeting her eyes. "If we don't leave now, they'll find us dead here."

Emily wouldn't care as much about her own life if it meant saving Anya now, but she didn't want Morgan to lose his. So she rose from the bed.

"Okay, I'm ready," she said, wiping away her tears with the palms of her hands.

He quickly pulled off his shirt and handed it to her and did the same with his pants. She was just as quick to get dressed in them and watched as he stripped the guard of his clothes and got dressed again. Morgan took a look at her and shook his head. The clothes were a lot bigger on her than they usually would have been, but tucking his shirt into the pants and pulling the belt tight he made it work. He also folded the pant legs up and put the glasses and cap on, tucking all her hair into it. Now she almost looked like a man and when walking with a guard the others might believe it.

At last, Morgan grabbed the rifle by the guard's side and hit him one more time to make sure he wouldn't wake up in a while. He grabbed the man's keys too and slowly opened the door. Before stepping outside he stretched his shoulders and Emily did too, as much as she could. Her heart was pounding quickly as she walked through the corridor, passing a couple of armed guards. They all nodded to Morgan and were apparently too stupid to see that Emily wasn't a man. Or these people had enough strange customers that her size didn't alarm them. Emily managed to calm down a little bit as they walked down the stairs. She pulled out the car keys from her pocket and nodded to Morgan as she stepped outside.

Last time she had been out of the house, she had run for her life to make sure that no one would take her back. This time, though, she confidently handed the valet parking guy the keys and let him get Morgan's car.

Her leg was shaking in anticipation as she waited for the man to return. She hoped that no one would decide to come out and talk to her because her voice was something she definitely couldn't disguise. No one came, luckily, and she could calmly get into the car, but not before hearing the guys last words.

"I hope your whore was to your satisfaction, please come back again."

Emily cringed and had to fight her impulse to kick his ass right then and there. She knew she couldn't. That would just send her straight back to hell.

She looked down at the shift stick and took a deep breath before putting it in first gear. It had been a very long time since she drove a manual car, but since she wouldn't have to go so far she wouldn't have to go above third gear. Slowly, the car started rolling and she maneuvered to second gear quickly and when she pulled out through the big iron gates she changed to the third, driving only around the curve before stopping the car. She exhaled a breath she'd held in ever since she drove away, afraid that someone would've caught her, but now that they hadn't and she could taste her freedom, she finally felt herself relax.

Her eyes gazed between the time and the rearview mirror, waiting impatiently for Morgan to show up. When five minutes had passed she was sure he had gotten caught. Maybe the guard he had overpowered had woken up or no one recognized Morgan and knew he wasn't a guard. Whichever it was, Emily was worried sick. There was no way that she was going to leave Morgan if he didn't come within the time he said.

She was biting her fingernails and drumming on the steering wheel, feeling really stressed and it only got worse when she saw that it had gone 10 minutes since she parked the car.

"Where are you?" She whispered to herself, her eyes stuck on the rearview mirror.

No, she wouldn't leave him there. Five more minutes and then she would go back.

It was only two minutes left when he emerged around the curve, his rifle ready to shoot whoever would try to stop him. With a quick pace he rounded the car to the driver's seat and opened it quickly. Emily immediately climbed over to the passenger seat to leave room for Morgan.

"What took you so long?" Emily asked, worriedly.

"I just needed a diversion. I'm fine," he said, looking straight into her eyes to let her know that he meant it.

When Emily nodded, he put the car in first gear and sped away, changing from first to second, to third and last to fifth. The whole time he was driving he looked to his side at Emily who was resting her head on the window. Morgan had this lump in his throat that he really wanted to take away. She was here now. With him. Safe. Still it hurt him to look at her. She looked so fragile. It was hard not to cry. He tried not to imagine what they had done to her, but the small whimpers she started to let out made his imaginations run wild. She started to twist and turn too in her seat and Morgan moved to take her hand in his. It seemed to calm her down and she returned to a peaceful sleep.

Morgan was forced to wake her up when he pulled up to a hospital inside Dubai. He had decided that it was best to get her to a hospital as quick as possible to check so she was okay. Emily's eyes fluttered open and she looked at him in confusion.

"We need them to run some tests," he explained to Emily.

She looked skeptically at the big white building before turning to him and shaking her head.

"Please, Emily... We need to know if something is wrong with you," he explained.

Emily knew what he meant. They needed to see if she'd caught something or if she was pregnant. She knew she wasn't though. Her baby had been killed and she was cleared from deceases. Rape kit really wasn't necessary. She knew she had been raped. He knew she had been raped. Of course the guards had forced theirselves on her after the tests, but there was no way she could've gotten pregnant that way. So no... She wouldn't go to the hospital.

"The worst thing that can be wrong with me is bruised ribs," Emily said, looking down.

She wouldn't tell him she'd been pregnant. Not now, maybe not ever. By Morgan's confused look, she knew he didn't understand so she continued.

"They took tests on us in there, okay? Can we just leave? I want to get out of here," she said and turned her head away from him.

Morgan sighed, "Emily... I think we should..."

"No!" Emily snapped. "Just go, okay? I want to get away from this city."

She stared at him long enough for him to be convinced and speed off towards the closest airport. He'd predicted that she wouldn't want to stay here that much longer. Once again her head was rested against the window, but this time her eyes were open as if she was thinking. Morgan glanced at her. He didn't like that she was so quiet now. It was better when she broke down in his arms, when she showed him some kind of reaction. Right now she was back to compartmentalizing, hiding away all her feelings, shutting him out.

Opening his mouth and closing it several times, like a fish up on land, he was trying to figure out what to tell her. Nothing he could say would make things better. Nothing would take away what had happened to her... What those men had done to her... What her own brother had chosen to do. Her brother. Did she even know that her brother had sold her or had she thought this was just a night out going terribly wrong. Morgan wanted to know, but was much too afraid to ask her so he let it be. For now that is. They would have to talk later. No, he would have to make her talk.

When he looked at her again her eyes were still open. He didn't know if she was looking out at the scenery or just staring blankly ahead, probably the latter. Her eyes looked glassy and emotionless. He took a deep breath before he decided to talk to her.

"What are you thinking?" Emily just continued to stare out in the open, not even trying to talk to him. "Please, I need to know that you're okay."

Slowly she turned her head to him, "I'm sorry," was the only thing she said before turning back again.

He shook his head and quickly pulled over to the side of the rode, putting the car in park. Emily's head snapped to him, her eyebrows raised as if asking what the hell he was doing.

"Emily, don't shut me out. Don't say you're sorry. Just talk. None of this is your fault, you shouldn't have been here," he rambled on. "Can you just tell me what you're thinking? I need to know what's going on in that head of yours."

Emily looked down on her hands and then up to him again, "I don't want to go back."

"Go back?" Morgan asked confused. "Of course you're not going back. I took you away from there and they will never..."

"No," Emily interrupted. "I don't want to go back to Quantico. I don't want to face the team. Not yet. I can't."

"Nothing will change when we come back," Morgan tried to tell her. "Except for me losing my badge maybe..."

"See, I'm sorry? You shouldn't have done that! That was reckless of you."

"I would risk everything if it meant getting you back," he said, honestly.

Emily felt tears sprung to her eyes and by trying to blink them away, they fell down her cheeks. Morgan moved his hand to wipe them away and Emily smiled sadly at him.

"I think I need some time," she said. "Away from all the people back home. With only me and you."

Morgan nodded in understanding, "So where do you want to go?"

Emily turned her head towards the window, trying to think. It took almost an entire excruciating minute, a minute where Morgan was unsure if their conversation was over, before she turned back to him with a small smile.

"I hear Iceland has the lowest crime rate in the world," she said.

Morgan smiled widely, "Then Iceland it is."

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