Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 24

JJ finally hit ground in Dubai and rushed to the baggage claim where she met up with the rest of her team, Clyde Easter and another guy from Interpol. She only had time to shake the two men's hands before they rushed out of the building and into two SUVs Easter had already prepared for them. According to the GPS the drive to Rasheed's house would take 20 minutes, more if they hit traffic. Dubai was pretty awful to drive through, but they managed to be at their destination 25 minutes later.

JJ was the one to knock on the door so that the man opening would recognize her and know what their business was.

A tired looking man opened the door and seemed to relax a little when he saw the blonde woman.

"Thank God you're here," he said with the same arabic accent as on the phone.

"Yes, we came as quick as we could. Where is she?" JJ asked, stepping into the small apartment.

"It's only a five minutes drive from here. I'll give you the directions," he said, looking from profiler to profiler.

"We'd appreciate that," Hotch said and listened to the man as he explained where their friend and colleague was.

When he finished the agents thanked him and left immediately for their cars. They were trying to work out a plan of how to bring them down. They didn't know how many people was in the house, if they were armed, if they would start shooting people. They needed someone to go in and act like a customer to find out. That someone was decided to be Rossi. He was a trained negotiator if things would take a turn for the worse and could easily play the part of someone who just wanted some fun. The car was dead silent as they pulled into a small trail in the woods where they could park the car. Clyde called the back-up team, letting them know that they couldn't use their sirens or make any other noise. As he did that, Hotch and JJ put a cam and a microphone on Rossi. He took a deep breath, not because he was nervous but to prepare himself for the role. And for what he was gonna see in there. What state would Emily be in?

"Are you ready?" Hotch asked him.

"Never been this ready in my life," Rossi answered and put his jacket back on. "I'm gonna head in now. I will tell you when I need you come in."

Hotch opened the door and stepped outside before Rossi. He looked at Rossi with a stern face before nodding, giving him the okay to go. Rossi got to take the second SUV and soon he drove away towards a big white mansion. Big iron gates opened when he approached and a guy just inside of the walls motioned for him to stop.

"What's your business?"

Rossi looked at the young guy with amusement. What else did they have to offer here? "I'm looking for a girl," he answered instead.

"Alright, give me your ID and car keys," the man said.

Rossi searched his pocket for his wallet with his driver's license, knowing that this youngster would never have heard of him.

"Huh, American... Okay Mr. Rossi, step out of the vehicle and walk into the house. There you will have to fill in a form about what kind of girl you'd like and they will take you to the perfect fit. We have a girl for every man out there. Now, go have some fun." the man winked at Rossi, who handed him his keys and started walking into the house.

First mission would be to find Emily and get her into safety. After that he would signal for backup and they would take down the house once and for all. Of course there would still be a lot of houses like this out in the world and they would never be able to take them all down, but one was at least something.

When he entered he could feel that something was wrong in the house. The air was heavy and the guards seemed stressed. They were whispering stuff to each other, looking alarmed as they listened. He couldn't see any girls, but figured that they were all in some room up the set of stairs he saw to his left.

"Hello, sir, can you fill in this form?" an older woman said stiffly and unsure.

"Of course," Rossi answered and accepted the form, eyeing the woman up and down.

He wondered if she was willingly there or if she was one of their girls that had gotten too old, but instead of getting rid of her they had put her in the reception. Though something told him that this wasn't the reason why she was so unsure of herself. The woman shared the same expression as the guards. What was going on?

He went to sit at a chair close by to answer the questions, writing a description of Emily.

1. Gender: Girl

2. Age: 30+

3. Nationality: American

4. Haircolor: Raven

5. Eyecolor: Brown

6. Body: Slim

7. Personality: Feisty, likes to fight

8. Clothes: Corset and a skirt

Rossi finished the form and went up to the receptionist again. She read through it quickly before showing the guard next to her. He seemed to think for a minute before addressing Rossi.

"Sir, if you come with me I think we have the perfect girl for you," the man said, but his voice sounded dead.

Rossi followed the guard upstairs and was led to a room with a big king-sized bed. He hadn't spotted any women on his way there either, a fact he was happy about because when his team and interpol would storm the place, they wouldn't be in the line of fire. The guard closed the door behind him.

"I'm in the room now," he whispered.

"What did you see?" came Hotch's voice.

"A lot of guards. Seven, eight.. I haven't seen any girls yet, but I'm waiting for them to let Emily in here and then we're ready to take them down!"

"That's good. We will be ready," Hotch said, but Rossi didn't get to say more as the door opened.

But it wasn't Emily who stood there. The woman was younger and didn't have as dark hair as Emily. Should he have written that he wanted the FBI-agent? No, that might have made them suspicious and he couldn't have that.

The guard closed the door and Rossi eyed the woman who stood their with confidence. Too much confidence.

"It's not her," Rossi whispered.

"Excuse me?" the woman asked.

Rossi looked around the room and finally landed back on the young girl. "I'm with the FBI," he started. "We're gonna help you, but you must remain calm the entire time, okay?"

"What are you talking about? You wanna role play?" the woman asked, confused.

"No, I have a team ready to storm the place, but I need to know one thing first," Rossi said and waited for her to tell him to continue. "Do you know an Emily Prentiss? She's an FBI-agent too."

"Shit! That woman is your partner? Hell, I know her. Has given me nothing but trouble since day one," the woman said, crossing her arms in annoyance.

"Trouble?" Rossi questioned. He knew that she would put up a lot of fight, but causing problems for other girls who were in the same situation as her? That didn't sound like his friend.

"Yes, comes in here and thinks she can bring us all out of here. Sure, she might've succeeded to get out, but we're still here, aren't we? She came here all this judgmental, thinking that she was better than us just because we've decided to keep positive about all this. I've been stuck with this life for a lot of years and I've been forced to see the good things with it because otherwise I would've killed myself a long time ago," the woman kept rambling and Rossi watched as she slowly broke down in tears. "I'm sorry to cry on you like this. I haven't let it out in like forever and now that you're here... When I'm finally getting help... I don't have anyone out there."

Rossi approached her and pulled her into a hug. "Don't worry... We'll help you get your life back. Now, can you please tell me where agent Prentiss is?"

The woman wiped under her nose and looked up at the older man. "I told you... She's already out. She went to see a client, but never came back. Rumors say that he helped her escape. You should see the guards and the big man even visited our room to search through it. He was really pissed off, saying that if he ever got a hand on her again he would make sure she wouldn't be able to walk for days," the woman shrugged. "That's just all talk though. He wouldn't hurt Emily that bad. The worst he's done is the belt, but she picked up from that and was ready to..."

"She's out?" Rossi interrupted when he thought he'd heard enough.

The woman sighed. "Yes... yes she is."

Rossi looked at the woman. "You need to stay hidden in this room the entire time until I come get you, okay?" The woman nodded and Rossi turned around. "Did you hear that?"

"Yes," he heard Hotch answer. "Do you need us to move inside?"

"Yes, it's time!" Rossi said and immediately he could here his colleagues moving around on the other side. "Can you get into the closet?"

The woman turned around to where he was pointing at and nodded shortly before doing as she was told. Rossi could hear orders being tossed around and when he heard that they were going in, he pushed the red button that let the guard outside know that he needed him. The guard came and Rossi was fast at knocking him out, handcuffing him, with a pair of handcuffs he found in a toy box, and taking his weapon.

Only a few minutes later a loud bang erupted in the air and a lot of yelling was going on. Rossi hurried outside and knocked the first guard he saw out before he'd even had time to raise his gun. He was quickly in handcuffs too and Rossi could continue.

"FBI! Don't move!" he yelled aiming the gun at the guards in front of him, being careful so no one was behind him.

Surprisingly enough the men let go of their guns and he glanced downstairs where he saw that two guards had been shot while the rest had put their weapons down. Since so many had given up so easily, he knew that these men weren't the brains behind all this. They were only supposed to guard and lead the girls.

"Where's your boss?" Rossi asked one of the men who quickly pointed to a door at the far end of the corridor.

Rossi pointed the gun at them as he made his way past them, meeting a couple members of the swat team who brought the guards down. At the top of the stairs he was met by Hotch, Reid and JJ who had gotten the same directions. Rossi motioned to the door with his head and placed a hand on the handle, silently counting to three before throwing the door open and letting his three colleagues enter. A shot immediately rung out and JJ was thrown to the floor.

"JJ!" Reid shouted, but didn't put his gun down to check on her. He couldn't.

"FBI! Put your gun down right now!" Hotch yelled, looking between the three guys in there.

The men didn't put their guns down, but two of them kept looking at each other, unsure of how to act. If the clothes weren't enough, this definitely told them who the boss in the room was. He was the oldest and most confident one in the room.

"I know why you're here," the man said. "You want your whore back. Let me tell you that she's gone. Another one of you came to take her. The bastard left these behind."

The man showed them Morgan's credentials and a huge wave of relief flooded over them, knowing that she was with Morgan and that she was okay. Or relatively okay. No one comes out of something like this okay.

The guards were still holding their guns trained at the agents, but they never pulled the trigger except for the one that had hit JJ. They wanted to take them down right now, but saw how their fingers were tightly held on the trigger, ready to fire if something would go wrong.

"You need to put your guns down," Hotch said once more.

"Or you're gonna shoot us? You already have one agent down," the man cocked his head to the side. "Or two if you count Emily. She might not be dead, but almost. See, when Emily first came here, she was strong and fought back, but bits by bits we broke her down and she changed." The man took pleasure in telling them this.

Even if the unit chief had decided to keep a stern face, he knew he was getting to them and he loved it.

"Actually, I was just reprimanding my boys here for fucking her. I don't want my boys to take advantage of them like that, but luckily she had been the one asking them to so I'm gonna let it slip."

"You're all going to prison so it doesn't matter what you decide to do," Rossi said, ignoring what he'd just told them because he knew that it wasn't true. Those men were all the same. They blame it on the girls and that they wanted to be abused. All of them. "If you want to live, I suggest that you lower your guns. We will be able to offer you a deal, a shorter sentence. Just put them down."

The two guards looked at each other and then to their boss with an apology written all over their faces. "Come on, Allah wouldn't want you to give up this easily."

"Don't listen to him," Reid said. "Allah doesn't want you to kill. He's lying. You are better than this."

They loosened their pressure on the trigger.

"Are you seriously gonna give them a shorted sentence? Do you know what they did to your friend? They told me every detail of how they had fucked her, one in the mouth and one in her..."

A loud shot echoed through the room. The two guards threw themselves on the ground thinking they would be saved from getting shot. Reid had jumped at the sudden sound, but then a small smirk had spread across his face. The three agents were staring at the 'boss' who was clutching his leg where the bullet had hit.

Hotch turned to Rossi, the one who held the newly fired gun and they could tell by the smoke coming from it. "Dave?" he asked and raised his eyebrows in a question.

"Sorry, my finger slipped," he lowered his gun. "But I would lie if I said I wasn't happy to shut him up."

Hotch chuckled and shook his head as he crouched down to handcuff the two men on the floor. He led both of them out the room, stopping briefly to check with Reid if JJ was okay. Reid had been quick to run to her and been relieved that the bullet had hit her kevlar vest. She would get away with only a bruise.

Rossi put his gun away and walked to handcuff the older man.

"You shot me! You fucking shot me!" he whined, making himself look a lot weaker and smaller than what he actually was.

"Yeah, yeah, it's nothing compared to what I really want to do to you," Rossi said and grabbed the man roughly.

He didn't care how violent he was with the injured man. If anything he wanted the man to suffer for what he had done to his Emily. The daughter he never had.

Pushing the old man forward, he left the room and walked down the stairs, seeing Hotch in front of him. There were no guards left in sight, but this time girls were crowding the big hall. They all looked broken. Their eyes were blank and they were trying to shield their bodies as well as they could. None of them wore regular clothes; they all wore something that would be considered sexy in a hungry man's eyes. Rossi felt pity for them. The same pity he felt for Emily, only he wouldn't show her that when he saw her again.

Rossi stepped outside and pushed his prisoner to the back of a big van where all the guards currently sat. When he closed the doors, he stepped back and walked up to Hotch.

"What is the chance that Morgan would answer if we called him?" Rossi asked.

"Slim. Looks like he thinks he's out of a job after what he did," Hotch said, crossing his arms. "He left his credentials."

"Is he?" Rossi asked, eyeing the unit chief. "Out of a job, I mean."

"To be out of a job someone has to report this to Strauss and we would have to deal with a hearing," Hotch looked away to the house. "Am I angry with him? Yes! I should fire his ass for insubordination, but he got to Emily before us and for that I can't fire him. Suspension is enough."

Rossi smirked. "Then let's hope we get a hold of him."

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