Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 25

Morgan held a protective arm around Emily's shoulder as they stood in line to buy a one way ticket to Iceland. At first Morgan had thought she was kidding moving so far away, but that pleading look in her eyes told him she wanted to go away somewhere to heal and since Morgan didn't have a job to go back to it fit him fine too. So what if they didn't know the language? They could survive without talking to anyone. With all of Morgan's savings and some help from Emily's mother, they could make it work.

Emily had received a few looks as they entered the airport, walking around in men's clothes and having a pretty bruised face. That made Derek even more protective of her. They were judging his woman. There were no pity in their eyes, just... Disgust. If he could choose he'd beat that look out of them. But he couldn't. Emily didn't need more violence in her life.

Morgan was forced to let go of Emily when his phone started vibrating in his pocket. This time he had it on because the team deserved to know where they were headed. He was well aware of the possibility that Garcia could trace the call, but at the moment he didn't care. They wouldn't catch up to him.

"It's Hotch," Morgan told Emily, who nodded. "Morgan."

"Where are you?" Hotch's stern voice said.

"At the airport," Morgan answered glancing at Emily.

"Okay, I hoped that you could come back and leave a statement, but I suppose you can do that back in Quantico," Hotch said.

"We weren't planning on going back to the states," Morgan admitted.

"What? Where are you running off to this time? I can't lose two of my best agents," Hotch tried to persuade him.

"What are you talking about? I don't have a job there anymore. I left. I disobeyed every order."

"This was all a part of our plan. We needed you to go undercover with them and then we followed you. You followed orders perfectly," Hotch explained.

Morgan's eyebrows rose. "What are you talking about? Are you serious?"

"Yes, as far as the board knows everything went according to plan and we managed to rescue agent Prentiss."

Morgan smiled as he looked at Emily. "I will talk to her and see what she says. I'll call you later."

Morgan hung up and put his hand back on Emily. This time he moved her out of the line and sat down on a bench nearby. She looked at him in confusion.

"Hotch wants us back in Quantico," Morgan said cautiously, afraid of her reaction.

Emily shook her head and hated herself for the tears that started to drown her eyesight. "I can't face them. I don't want them to see me like this. I'm a wreck."

"Emily, sweetie, they won't look at you any differently. What happened to you wasn't your fault and you shouldn't feel ashamed," Morgan said, covering her hands with his.

Emily hung her head down and let her tears fall freely. "Okay, let's go home," she said a little above a whisper.

Morgan took Emily's face in his hands and pressed his lips against hers. God he loved this woman. He held out a hand for her to take and together they walked back in line to finally buy a ticket home.

Hotch got of the phone with Morgan for the second time and sighed in relief. He went back into the main office of the mansion where Rossi currently stood.

"They're going back to Quantico," Hotch announced.

"Thank God, I think we all need to see for ourselves that she's alive," Rossi said and turned back to look through the many folders containing all the girls who had been at that house. They were marked whether the girls were still there, had been sold, released or died. Emily was in the latest one and it said a thorough description of her.

JJ and Reid had the job to talk to girl after girl. The women were all scared that they would have to go back to do what they had been forced to and the agents couldn't help but to imagine Emily just like these girls. The next girl they were questioning was a 15 years old girl, coming here as a virgin and having everything taken away from her.

"Hi, my name is Jennifer Jareau and this is Dr. Spencer Reid, we're with the FBI. Do you know what that is?" JJ asked the girl.

She nodded. "My friend worked for them," she said sadly.

"Your friend?" JJ asked, exchanging a look with Reid.

"Yes, she was gonna save me from here, but she disappeared just before you came here. She was nice," the girl smiled vaguely.

"Was her name Emily Prentiss?" Reid asked.

"Yes," the young girl answered.

Their first instinct was to ask the girl how Emily had been, what had happened, but they knew they had to hear all of it from Emily herself.

"Can you tell us what happened to you, miss...?" JJ asked, still not knowing the name.

"Anya. You can call me Anya," she said looking straight into JJ's eyes and JJ could tell how broken she was. "And I think you already know what happened to me."

JJ looked sadly at the girl. "We only need to know how you got here," JJ explained, deciding to spare the girl from telling her the details.

"My father. Our family is poor so they decided to get rid of me. They got money," Anya said with a shrug. "I don't think they want me back."

JJ took the girl's hand and thought for a few seconds before she said something. "I think you should come to the states with us."

"JJ..." Reid started, but was soon cut off.

"No, Reid, I think she should. Emily would like her to," JJ said and Reid couldn't argue anymore.

"Are you sure?" Anya asked shyly.

"Of course. We're just gonna do some final stuff here and then we'll leave, okay?"

The girl nodded and walked away to sit on a bench and wait. She pulled her legs up under her chin and rested her head on top of her knees, just like she always did to shield herself.

They got to talk to five more girls, including the girl Rossi had first met who's name they now knew was Elena. Interpol would take care of these girls and take them all home to their countries. Everyone except for Anya. Or JJ was going to talk to them and make sure she could take the girl with her. In worst case she would say they needed her to come to the states as a witness in a federal case and then they would solve everything from there. She just couldn't let her go back to a father who might just sell her again. Emily wouldn't forgive her if she did either.

Soon Hotch and Rossi walked down the stairs and joined the two other agents.

Rossi shook his head. "We just went through every room up there."

"And?" JJ asked.

"You should see it. They have so many different toys, whips and binds. I just can't imagine Emily going through all this," Rossi said sadly.

"We will help her through it," Hotch said. "If we can't, Morgan will."

"But she will be changed," Reid said. "I changed so much after Hankle and she has been here for much longer and been through a lot worse."

"I know," Hotch said.

"Hotch, I was thinking of bringing a girl named Anya with us," JJ decided to tell him. "Her family was the one who sold her and I know Emily would want her to come."

Hotch nodded, "I'll see what I can do."

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