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Emily didn't want to leave the car when they parked in the parking garage underneath the building she'd once worked in... Still worked in even. She knew Garcia would be in there and right now she didn't know if she was ready to face anyone, but she had to go. Morgan had explained the importance of her seeing everyone and no matter how much she just wanted to go home, take a shower and crawl into bed, her team deserved to see with their own eyes that she was okay. Or as okay as she could be.

"Are you ready?" Morgan asked, taking her hand in his.

Emily slowly nodded her head and murmured something incoherent, but Morgan didn't ask her to repeat it. Instead he brought her hand up to his lips and placed a featherlight kiss to her knuckles before opening his door and stepping outside. He already knew that Emily wouldn't follow his lead so he walked around the car and opened her car door too, hoping that she would willingly step out.

Emily continued to stare straight ahead and moved her hand up to her mouth to bite on her already short fingernails. Derek sighed sadly and crouched down, taking her hand to get her to both stop and to look at him. Her dark orbs met his with a sadness written deep in them.

"Emily... Princess... You can do this. I know you are hurting and what you went through will haunt you for a very long time. I want to help you through it, I will help you through it. I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Emily's eyes started to tear up at Morgan's words. "First I need you to do something for me, for the team. They need to see you. I know it's hard, but they're our family and they need to see that you're okay. As a matter of fact, I know one worried baby girl who's waiting for you right now. So please, you can do this!"

Emily gulped back the remainder of her tears and took a deep breath before letting Morgan lead her outside. Still clutching his hand, they walked over to the elevator and pressed the button. Emily tried to keep calm as they waited for the elevator to arrive. It was a hard task when all she wanted was to run in the other direction. Still, she stood there when the elevator announced its arrival and the couple walked inside, pressing another button to take them to the right floor. Morgan squeezed Emily's hand when they in silence rode up. He looked at her and saw the nervousness all over her body language, her compartmentalizing skill failing completely. When they finally arrived to their floor, Emily was like nailed to the floor. She couldn't get herself to move out. Morgan sighed and looked sadly at her again.

"Come on, princess, you're almost there," Morgan encouraged her.

"Can't we just go home? I don't want any pity looks," Emily said with a shrug.

"Yes, they will give you that look, but they've just been so worried," Morgan told her.

"Gee, thanks. No 'Of course they won't give you that, everything will be fine'?"

"Do I detect some sarcasm?" Morgan smiled at her.

"Sorry," Emily said and actually stepped out of the elevator. "Okay, let's go."

Together they walked through the glass doors to the bullpen. A couple of agents looked up at the sound of someone entering, but it was the pacing colorful blonde who suddenly made a quick stop and turned to them that caught their attention.

"Oh my God," she breathed out. "It's really you. You're really here."

Garcia hurried over to the couple and immediately threw her arms around Emily, hugging her tightly.

"Careful, baby girl, you might hurt her," Morgan warned.

"No, it's fine, Derek," Emily assured. "I'm glad to be back."

Emily forced a smile as Garcia pulled away.

"How are you, sweet pea? What happened to you? Are you okay? Of course you're not okay, I mean..."

"Pen! Calm down. I'm okay, promise!" Emily chuckled.

Both Morgan and Garcia narrowed their eyes at the brunette, neither one of them believing the tough facade Emily was putting on. Especially not Morgan since he had only minutes ago seen her with all the walls down. Now a different kind of woman stood before them, one who was determent not to show anyone her weakest side. Morgan had been allowed to see it, but she trusted him more than anyone and could even break down in front of him.

"Okay," Garcia said instead. "The rest of the team got on their flight four hours ago so they should be here in a few hours. Do you wanna wait here or go home and clean yourself up?"

Emily shrugged, "I can stay and wait."

To be honest she didn't know if she would be able to come back here if she went home. So she decided to go into Hotch's office and rest on the couch, or it was Morgan who suggested it. Leaving Garcia and Morgan alone in the bullpen, she walked into the office, closing the door behind her.

Morgan let out a sigh and shook his head, the tension finally leaving his body. He sloped down at Emily's desk.

"How about you? Are you okay? I can't believe you just ran away like that. You could've been killed," Garcia rambled, but Morgan was too exhausted to interrupt her.

"I had to. I couldn't just let her stay in their hands. My plan was good, I knew that. Of course there was a possibility that I could get caught, but I've been undercover before so I knew I could do this. Emily was..." he paused, a deep scowl covering his face. "When I found her she was so ashamed. She wouldn't let me look at her, she didn't want me to see her like that. I know she's not the same as before but I'm gonna get her out of that dark place."

Garcia teared up when hearing Morgan talking and in just a few strides she was in front of him and wrapped her arms around his muscular body.

"I know you can do it. She needs you now more than ever and with your help she will get better. Just show her you love her no matter what and make sure she talks to you."

Morgan chuckled, "Love I can definitely show her. God, I love her so much. When I heard she was missing... I just lost it. She wants to talk to Evan."

"She said that?" Garcia asked and even if she knew Emily would want to talk to the man who sold her, she hadn't expected her to ask about it so soon.

"Yes, and I think she needs to do that. We should take him to D.C. so she can see him. I just don't want her flying anywhere right now."

"I can make that happen," Garcia said, nodding her head.

Morgan smiled, "I don't doubt it."

When the remainder of the team touched ground in D.C they were quick to exit the airport and get into an SVU that would take them to Quantico. They wanted to get there quickly to see Emily. Of course she wouldn't go anywhere anytime soon, but they needed to know that she was alive. What they had found at that house had scared them, knowing what Emily had gone through.

JJ had spent a lot of time talking to Anya on the way and she had really started to open up about the house, both about her own experience and what Emily had to endure. She told her everything about when Emily tried to escape and all the punishment she got for it. Emily had been through a lot, but she had still been a fighter and didn't want them to break her down. Though, she had been changed in the end when she went to see the last client, the man who brought her out of there, Morgan. During the stories JJ hadn't been able to keep her tears from falling.

Now as they drove a little over the speed limit, JJ was clutching Anya's hand tightly. Hotch was the one driving, Rossi in the passenger seat and Reid on the right side of Anya.

The ride felt much longer than it actually was, but finally Hotch pulled into the parking garage and all the passengers besides Anya got out of the car as soon as Hotch had stopped it. JJ stopped to hold the door open for the nervous looking Anya who almost didn't want to go out.

"Come on," JJ said, trying to not sound too impatient and holding out a hand for Anya to take.

Carefully, she put her hand in JJ's and climbed out of the car. She was surprised how far away the other agents had gotten, but then she remembered how anxious they must've been to see their friend again.

So Anya hurried after JJ, trying to keep up with the blonde. She didn't want to delay them anymore and frankly, she needed to see Emily too even if she was shaking with nervousness.

Hotch held the elevator open so the rest could get in and Rossi pressed the button to take them to their floor

Only seconds later the elevator announced itself on the right floor. Hotch stepped out first and saw both Morgan and Garcia in the bullpen behind the glass doors, but no Emily. When the agents walked into the bullpen they looked around to see if they could find Emily, but she wasn't there. Didn't she come with them home? Morgan did say she would.

"She's in your office, sleeping," Morgan said, looking at Hotch.

"Can we see her?" JJ asked, taking a step forward and that's when Morgan saw the little girl in the back. He raised his eyebrows in question and JJ followed his gaze. "That's Anya. She had nothing to go home to and we thought Emily would like to see her."

"Yes, Emily told me about her. I think she'll be happy to see her," Morgan agreed. "I will try to wake her up. She has been sleeping for a while now."

Morgan left them standing in the bullpen and quietly entered the office. He looked at her sleeping form that looked relatively peaceful now. She had woken up a few times from a terrifying nightmare and the way she had screamed made Morgan's heart break.

Carefully not to startle her, he reached forward and shook her shoulder.

"Em, princess, time to wake up," he whispered and watched as she started to stir, but didn't wake up. "Emily, open those beautiful eyes please."

Her eyes started to flutter and soon two big chocolate colored eyes looked straight into his own.

"There you are," he smiled, sweetly.

"What's wrong?" Emily asked, worriedly.

"They're here," Morgan said.

"They?" Emily first asked but then her eyes widened in realization. "They're already here? I don't know if I can do this."

"Of course you can. We've been through this before and seeing Garcia went well," Morgan tried to calm her.

"Okay, I'm sorry," Emily sad sadly while sitting up.

Taking a deep breath she left the couch and walked towards the front door. Her face was still covered in old make up and she was wearing the same men's clothes she had gotten at the mansion on top of the lingerie she'd been forced to wear. Right now she didn't care if they saw her like that, in those clothes. She was happy that they hadn't wanted to bruise her face. No, she actually looked relatively fine. It was underneath those oversized clothes that they would see how damaged she really was.

Morgan opened the door and let Emily walk out first. As soon as Emily stepped out of the office, the room was filled with gasps. Gasps over the way she looked or because they finally saw that she was alive, she didn't know. JJ was the first one to run up and hug Emily tightly.

"I'm so happy to see you in one piece," she whispered.

"Trust me, I am too," Emily smiled and waited for JJ to pull away, letting the blonde decide how long the hug should last.

When JJ let go, Emily let JJ take her arm and lead her over to the rest of the agents. The smile on her face grew as she approaches her friends, a smile she had learnt to use so that no one would know how she really felt.

One by one they pulled her into a hug and told her how happy they were to see her. Emily had to really fight to keep the smile on her face. When she was hugging Reid, she froze, seeing the girl who stood behind him. Quickly she pulled away and stepped past the genius.

"Anya?" she whispered.

"Yes," Anya answered. "You kept your promise."

This time Emily let her guard down, tears falling freely down her cheeks as she wrapped her arms around the teen.

"Not that I'm not happy to see you," Emily sniffled. "but what are you doing here?"

"Your friend didn't want me back in my family," Anya said, looking from Emily to JJ and then back again.

Emily looked at JJ, expecting the blonde to explain herself.

"Her family sold her to those people. I didn't want her to go back there since they might just sell her again," JJ said.

Emily looked at her, amused. "Isn't this kidnapping?"

JJ's eyes widened. She hadn't really thought about that. "Well, as far as they know, she's still in the hands of those people."

Emily nodded and turned back to Anya, "Are you okay with this?"

The young girl nodded shyly. "They don't want me."

"I'm sorry, sweetie," Emily said, giving a kiss to her cheek. "You can live with me and we'll get you into school. Your english is already good so I don't think you need to attend a special school."

"You would really do this for me?" Anya asked, her eyes wide.

"Yes, we need to stick together. What you've been through... What we've been through will take a lot of healing and it helps to have someone who's been through the same. I think maybe I need you more than you need me," Emily said without even looking at the people around her, not wanting to face them in her moment of weakness.

The team did look at her, almost stared. They knew this was the most any of them were going to get out of her, except for Morgan of course. After this Emily's facade would be right up again and it'd be a hell to break it down. In less than 30 minutes she would pretend to be fine.

"Thank you," Anya said and threw her arms around the older brunette.

Emily pulled her in tightly, inhaling a deep breath to gather herself before letting go and standing up again.

She smiled at the team, her wall back up just like they thought it would.

"It's decided. I'm adopting her."

Looking through the big window to the interrogation room, Emily tried to control the anger enough for her to be able to have a conversation with her brother. If she could even call him that. No, he wasn't her brother anymore. He couldn't be after what he did.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" Morgan asked her, putting his hand on her shoulder.

Emily shook her head. "No, but I have to do this. He need to know what his actions did to me."

Morgan nodded in understanding. "Do you want me to come with you in?"

Emily shook her head again, but didn't say anything immediately. Exhaling a much shakier breath than intended, she looked at him.

"No, I need to do this alone. Thank you, though."

Without another word Emily left Morgan's side and opened the door to the small interrogation room.

Evan's eyes widened at the sight of his missing sister. She was alive. And well.

"Mills! Oh my God, you're here. I've missed you so..."

"Don't," Emily snapped at him. "You don't get to call me that. You don't get to tell you've missed me. Not after what you did."

"Mills, come on.. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"Didn't mean to sell me? Didn't mean to give me away to men who could do anything with me? Didn't mean what?" Emily was fuming and she wasn't afraid to let Evan see it.

Evan looked down to his cuffed hands. "I didn't know what else to do. I owed them money and they said they would kill me," he said, sadly, hoping that his sister would pity him, but boy was he wrong.

"So you gave them me?" Emily turned away from him and ran a hand through her hair, laughing in disbelief. "That's great. That's really great. And what now? You want me to feel bad for you? Do you want me to forgive you because you had no other choice than to give me away?"

"I didn't! You have to understand... I was scared. I didn't wanna die."

"So it was okay if I died?" Emily shook her head and looked at him again. "It's good to finally know how much I mean to you."

Taking a deep breath, she sat down on the chair opposite him. She closed her eyes in thought, and then opened them to look deep into his eyes, making Evan a bit uncomfortable.

"Do you wanna know what they did to me, minivan?" Emily asked, seriously, adding his nickname to get him to feel even more guilty. Because she wanted him to feel bad.

"No, Emily, I don't think..." he started, but Emily cut him off.

"No, you are going to hear this," Emily leaned forward and spoke in a hushed tone. "They brought me to a house in Dubai. A lot of other women were already there when I arrived. We had to start 'working' almost immediately. I fought back in the beginning of course, but I couldn't stop it from happen. They raped me, Evan. Orally, vaginally, anally, in all kinds of ways, over and over again. They tied me up. They used me. They... Put me through hell. I have big scars on my back from whips. And I was pregnant too you know? Two months. I was gonna be a mommy, but even that they took away from me." Emily looked to the window, knowing that Morgan had heard that confession. She turned back to Evan. "And it was all because of you. I don't think I can call you my brother anymore. I don't know what will happen to you. You might get a couple of years and when that's over I don't want you to contact me or anything. I don't want to hear from you ever again. It was a mistake to go to Russia and think that you actually wanted my company."

Emily stood up and looked at her so called brother one last time. "Goodbye, Evan," she said and turned around, leaving a now crying man. But she didn't care. And neither did Morgan when she faced him again.

"Is it true? Were you really pregnant?" Was the first thing Morgan could say.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have told you like this."

"No, I'm sorry, Em," Morgan said, stepping closer to his girlfriend. "I didn't save you soon enough. But I will make it up to you. I love you, Emily Prentiss, and I will spend the rest of our lives proving that to you."

"I love you too, Derek," Emily said, tears welling up in her eyes.

Morgan pulled her into a tight hug. "I'm so proud of you," he said, kissing her on her lips softly. "Now let's go home."

Morgan took her hand and together they walked out of the building. He knew that Emily would need a lot of time to get better, and he would help her through it all. Starting today.

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