Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 3

"Mills..." Emily heard someone whispering.

At first she thought it was in her dreams, but then someone shook her and called her name even louder. This time she knew it was just a really annoying brother. Sure enough, when she opened her eyes she came face to face with a grinning Evan Prentiss. Emily groaned and turned away so that her back was turned against him.

"Go away!" Emily whined, causing Evan to chuckle.

"Sorry, sis! Not when we have so much to do today." Evan told her cheerfully. "Now get your lazy butt out of bed." Evan tapped her backside two times before he left the room to let her get dressed.

Annoyed with being woken at, she glanced at her clock, 7 am, she kicked of the covers and walked with heavy steps over to her suitcase to pick out some clean clothes. She didn't really know what they were supposed to do this early in the morning, but she just had to trust her brother to have a really good reason for disturbing her sleep. Especially now when the jetlag hadn't worn off.

It was pretty hot outside so she settled for a black skirt with a white blouse, knowing that she probably would have to change clothes for the evening's event, dinner with a bunch of politicians. Although, she could take Evan up on his offer. It sounded tempting to ditch the dinner and hang out with Evan instead. He would choose to do something wild and crazy, making her feel ten years younger again.

After taking a quick shower and making herself ready she was determent to skip the dinner. Her mother didn't need them there anyway.

"Took you long enough." Her brother said, waiting down the stairs. "The time is ticking away; it's already 8 am.

Emily rolled her eyes and followed Evan out to his car, not sure of where they were heading. He didn't want to give her any clues, but he did say that her clothes were a little inappropriate for the matter, which made her very nervous. That feeling was there the entire trip and it was really irritating not knowing where they were headed. After what felt like an eternity later they finally pulled into a secluded little parking lot and Emily's eyes went wide.

"Seriously?" she exclaimed. "I'm definitely not dressed for hiking!"

"I told you so!" Evan replied, wiggling his eyebrows.

"You never told me where we were going!" Emily complained. "Please, can't we do something else?"

Normally Emily would have loved walking through the forest, but with the shoes and the white blouse she was wearing, not so much.

"Eh, you'll survive! Now, come on... I want to show you something," he said and started walking into the forest, forcing Emily to follow him since she didn't want to be left alone and she wasn't going to let Evan walk by himself either. She was sure Evan knew about this and by walking away he knew he'd get what he wanted. He didn't make things better by walking so damn fast, making her feet hurt within 15 minutes. Her first instinct was to whine about it, but hearing her brother chatting happily pulled her through it until they finally reached their destination.

"Wow! This is beautiful!" Emily said, amazed. "How did you find this place?"

"I was driving one day and decided to take a walk in the forest. I just knew you'd love it. Even though you chose the worst clothes ever," her brother teased.

Emily shoved him to the side playfully and sat down at the edge of the cliff. Evan joined her and both of their feet were dangling high above the ground. They both went into a comfortable silence, enjoying the view of Moscow.

"You've been here for more than fifteen hours and I still haven't asked you about that love-interest of yours," Evan said, nudging Emily in the side.

"Who? Morgan?" Emily asked, a bit surprised.

"Yes! Unless you're screwing some other guy."

"Evan!" Emily exclaimed, stunned. "You shouldn't use that kind of language about your older sister's sex life, which by the way is none of your business."

"So it's serious then?" Evan asked, softly.

"I like to think so, yes." Emily smiled as she looked down. Yes, it definitely was a beautiful view.

Evan didn't ask any further questions. He remained quiet, glancing at his sister from time to time with what looked like a smile on his face.


It was 2.30 pm when they arrived back, having been by the cliff all morning and into the afternoon. Evan had been planning well and packed sandwiches for them to eat while out there. They'd spent all the time talking and agreed on going out at 7.30 pm, which would leave them one and a half hour to enjoy their mother's dinner. It seemed fair to both their mother and them. Evan had insisted that he would be the one to pick out what she could wear to the club they were going to since he knew what kind of club it was. She didn't know why she had agreed on him first rummaging through her bag and then also trying on everything he picked out.

"Sorry, Mills, but they're all too long and way too little cleavage." Evan said, slamming her suitcase shut.

"What do you mean?" Emily looked at her brother, narrowing her eyes. She didn't like where he was getting at.

"Hold on a minute," Evan said with a grin as he ran out of the room and he came back not even a minute later with a black, short dress.

"You're kidding, right? I am not wearing that."

"Come on, sis... You'd look hot, like every man would want you."

"Ugh, boyfriend, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah... please just wear it. You would love the attention."

Not understanding why on earth her brother would want men coming on to her or just checking her out, she agreed to wear it, but definitely not during dinner. Evan smiled proudly, like he had just won something. That was a face she had seen on him too many times to count because he always had that certain way to persuade her to do something. Maybe it had something to do with being the over-protective older sister who always wanted her baby brother to be happy because according to her he was still "Minivan"; the brother who needed someone to look out for him and she always did. No one was allowed to hurt him. Evan also tried to be the older one and protect her, trying to scare away all her boyfriend who apparently wasn't good enough for her. That was the kind of relationship they had and they liked it that way.

Emily rolled her eyes at her brother even if she was happy to see him smile.

"Okay, wipe that smile of your face and get out of here so I can get ready for dinner."


The dinner went by quite painfully. There weren't all the same people as the night before and she would once again have to explain why she wasn't married or had any children. Everyone was really judgmental about it and she was counting down the minutes until 7 pm when she would go get ready for the next, funnier party. Evan also looked bored out of his mind and they kept complaining about how he had to get a job soon, apparently working in a game shop wasn't good enough for them. Emily felt almost more pity for him than for herself because people criticizing your job was far worse than not having kids or a husband. Sure, they all could make her feel worthless if she'd give a damn about their opinions, but he didn't have that in him. Evan would feel worthless and think he was stupid for not getting a better job. Emily knew that he normally loved his job, but he saw that flash of hurt in his eyes. That's when Emily decided it was time for them to leave. They had both finished there dishes anyway so there was no reason to stick around. When Emily rose from her seat and excused herself Evan took this as a cue to leave too. He didn't have much to do but to wait for Emily to get ready.

Emily didn't want to leave her room after she'd put on the dress. She looked kind of slutty. It was way too short and she wouldn't be surprised if one of her breasts popped out during the night. Why had she agreed to wear that in the first place? It wasn't her and she had a boyfriend who loved her so she didn't need to get noticed. Still she hesitantly opened the door, after applying some make-up on her face, and found Evan sitting right outside waiting for her. This time he was the one biting his nails.

"You know it's the same thing as licking the insides of a toilet right?" Emily teased, repeating what he'd once said.

He did the famous Prentiss-roll-of-the-eyes and then started walking away, giving Emily the only choice to follow him. He wanted to drive so that she could drink if she wanted to. That was pretty nice of him, but some part of her thought he just wanted to get her drunk so she'd make a fool out of herself because that had actually happened a couple of times.

The night club he had chosen was 30 minutes away and he parked on the lot just across the street. Evan walked in first with Emily really close behind and they made it through the heavy crowd to find an empty booth where they could sit. Evan allowed Emily to remain seated while he went to order the drinks, a margarita for her and a coke for him. He had been right about the dress. There had already been plenty of guys who had checked her out and during the time Evan went to the bar one man had walked up to her, wanting to dance, but she had told him no. This night she wanted to spend with Evan and Evan only. Although, she would have never ever agreed to dance with one of them when she knew Morgan was home in D.C waiting for her.

It took longer than she'd expected for Evan to come back, but it was obviously because the place was stacked.

"I love hanging out with you." Emily screamed over the loud music, sipping off her drink.

"You too, sis!" They were quiet for a minute, just enjoying each other's company and listening to the music, but then Evan spoke again. "You know how much I love you right?"

Emily couldn't help the laughter that escaped. It was just the wrong place to bring that up. "Yeah, I know!" she decided to shout back. "And I love you also very much, brother."

Emily saw something that could've been mistaken for tears in his brother's eyes, or were they really?

"Hey, what's wrong?" she asked, taking another sip and getting herself halfway through her drink, trying to ignore the headache emerging. "You want to go outside and talk about it?"

Evan nodded and Emily finished her drink before standing up next to Evan. She felt dizzy and her vision got blurred, probably from getting up too fast. Emily held out her hand and Evan took it and followed her as they once again made their way through the crowd. The music started to sound weirder, like it was slowly beginning to fade out without them even leaving the building. It was nice, though, when they finally got out and into that fresh air, but she still had that nauseous feeling. Now was not the time to feel like that. She was supposed to talk to her brother about his problems, which was why she ignored her craving to just lie down and rest.

"So, do you wanna tell me what got you all teary eyed?"

"I'm sorry, sis... I'm just... Sorry..." Emily didn't miss the tear falling down his cheek.

"Hey, hey... Evan, don't cry..." Emily said and wrapped her arms around him. "Has something happened?"

"No... I mean you're like the best sister a boy could have and I... I just love you so much."

Emily didn't really know what to do with the blurry vision, the headaches, the dizziness and the brother crying on her shoulder. She had never really seen her brother this said so it had to be something really serious, but he didn't seem ready to talk about it. So far she would only hug him and maybe use him so she didn't fall, because she didn't know where her dizziness would take her.

Evan was the one who pulled away, making Emily stumble a little, but she did find her balance again and managed not to fall... for now at least.

"I should probably find a bathroom and then we'll drive home. You'll wait here alright?"

"Mhmm..." was the only thing Emily managed to say as she put one hand on the car to keep herself steady.

"I'm so sorry..." Evan said again as she saw a blurry vision of him disappearing somewhere across the street. Emily nodded in understanding and took a couple of deep breathes while she waited, keeping her gaze at the spot where she'd watched Evan disappear.

Next thing she saw was a big, black van blocking her vision, but she didn't have the strength to try and look past it so she turned her gaze to the car. She wanted to get in to rest, but remembered that Evan had taken the keys with him. Luckily he was soon there again to grab her arms. He must have noticed that she didn't feel well.

Those same strong hands of what she thought was her brother started to pull her away from the car. That wasn't right... And her feet were suddenly no longer touching the ground.

"Ev..." she started to get something out, but she just couldn't. She didn't feel alright at all.

Soon she touched ground again, but it wasn't her feet but her whole left side... she was lying down and it actually felt good. Her guts told her that something bad was going on, but still she didn't resist when she finally fell asleep.

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