Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 4

Evan had changed his mind. As soon as he stepped into the club again he was ready to turn around and go bring his sister to safety, but as he looked back at the slightly foggy crowd he couldn't move. His breathing increased, no scratch that, he couldn't breathe at all. All he was thinking about was what he would put his own sister through. Many people would think she was strong; he even did so when he took the decision, but now when he thought about it he knew it wasn't true. He knew how these guys operated and Emily wasn't stupid; she was an FBI agent. She would probably know that there was no way she was getting out of there except when she died and knowing Emily, she wouldn't give those guys the satisfaction of killing her so she would probably take care of it herself. Evan had been right with her when she had held a knife against her wrist one time, determent to end it right then and there. They would break her down to pieces until she would realize that taking her own life was the only way out. It would be much better than having to spend more time as a sex slave... Oh God, he had just sold his sister so that they could use her for sex and to make matters worse, they would ship her off to some country in the Middle East or someplace worse and she would be gone. Something got Evan to finally move and he decided to run back and end his affair. He had the money in his pocket so it was just for him to buy her back, whatever his consequences would be.

Exiting the club, the only thing he saw was his car in a pretty much empty parking lot. Emily was gone and he'd been too late.


"I need a raise!" Evan said to his boss one night. He had crashed his car and bet on some sports to win the money so he could fix it, being too proud to ask his mother for help. He had lost, even though he had been sure that he'd made a safe bet, and now he was in a way bigger debt. A raise would be just what he needed, but judging by that look on his boss' face he wasn't going to get it.

"A raise? I should fire you for demanding something so ridiculous." His boss spat back. "Now get back, we have customers that need you."

Evan only nodded and went back out to the store with his head hung down.

"What's got you so down?" His friend Igor asked.

"Boss wouldn't give me a raise and now I don't know how to get the money to pay off my debts. They gave me three months to find it..."

"Three months is pretty long for those guys... I would have thought they would give you like 48 hours to deliver the money."

Evan hadn't thought about that, but now that Igor mentioned it, it was strange.

"Maybe they couldn't say no to my Evan charm," he said with a wink, but continued when seeing the look of disbelief on Igor's face. "Seriously? I don't know. What do you think?"

"They want something from you." Igor stated.

Evan sighed as he took care of the next customer. He was not looking forward to the next couple of months.


It felt awful driving home without Emily. Then again, why did he need to go home? What would he tell his mother when Emily wasn't with him? 'Oh, hey mom, I just sold my sister to save my own skin. Don't worry she'll be fine.' No he couldn't do that. So the best thing was to drive to his place again, but remembering that he had his things at his mother's house, like a very important laptop, he continued there. The men had given him the address to the website where they auction out their women and a password as a thank you for giving them another girl. Emily wasn't a girl, though. She was a beautiful woman who dedicated her life to help others and now they would take that life away from her. No, Evan had taken that life away from her, but he would buy her back. When he got back to his mother's he would bid the ten grand he'd gotten, if not more, on her to buy her back. Everything would go back to normal then, except for the fact that he had sold his sister and she would probably be pissed off by then. Their relationship would never get as good as it were before because there would always be that little fact that Emily had been sold from the very beginning, even if he later saved her from it.

He had loved their relationship. They had been able to talk about everything and it had been good to have someone like that, but then he had to go and ruin it all by screwing up with his bets and then later taking Igor's advice. Emily would never do anything like that to him because she was a good person. He was too. Only this time he had been desperate, seeing that as the only option.


Igor had been right. Just two days after their conversation there was a knock on the door. Evan looked through the peephole before opening up to find two men standing there in dark suits. Evan recognized the smaller man, but the tall one was unfamiliar. He offered them coffee and they accepted as if they were two friends visiting another friend, but that was not true.

"I will deliver the money." Evan said, breaking a very uncomfortable silence, for him, where the men had eyed his apartment.

"And how may I ask? Your salary won't cover half of what you owe us." The taller one said with a grin. "However, there is one way you won't have to pay."

"How?" Evan asked quickly, sounding a little too desperate.

The men looked at each other, grinning widely, before the smaller one said: "We need girls." When Evan looked more confused than ever he continued. "You see, we auction out girls so people can use them as sex slaves and if you give us one you won't have to pay the 160 000 ruble and you'll also get an additional 320 000 ruble. Or do you want that in dollar, Mr. Prentiss?"

Evan was taken off guard. They seemed to know enough about him to know that he was American; his name certainly wouldn't have given them the hint.

"I don't have an offer to make." Evan said, not knowing if he should be scared or not.

"I wouldn't say so. As you've probably already understood we have made some research and we've actually found a girl that would sell really well, despite her age, but she could pass as ten years younger." The taller one said and looked at the smaller one who nodded contently at the statement. Evan's brain was running miles an hour, but he couldn't think of anyone they would be interested in.

"Sorry, I still don't have anything to offer."

"What about her?" the smaller one said nodding towards a picture on the wall.

No, no, no, no, no! Not that! Not her! They couldn't expect him to give them his only sister. Never, ever would he do that. He looked at the same picture they were looking at. It was from the last time he had visited her. They were both smiling, no laughing, and Emily was clinging to him. They were goofing off as usually.

"I can give you another girl, there's a lot of them out on the street," Evan offered, trying to get them on other thoughts. The men looked at each other before facing Evan again.

"Either you deliver the girl" he nodded towards the photo. "Within three months or you deliver the cash within a week."

"But... You said three months! And there is no way I'm giving you my sister."

"Then I guess you'll have the money ready?" the tall one said.

"I... I..." Evan couldn't get a word out and it wasn't often he was speechless. He just couldn't answer the question, but they all knew that the answer would have been a no.

"I thought so." The tall man grinned keeping his eyes on the photograph. "In a week I want you to either come with the cash or a file with photos and more... personal... information about the girl. Understood?"

Evan nodded and the two men rose from the seats, leaving their half empty coffee cups on the table. The smaller man put his hand out for Evan to shake.

"Pleasure doing business with you Mr. Prentiss," He said and then they left, leaving Evan with the biggest decision he'd ever have to make.


When Evan arrived home the guests were still there, they had been out for less than two hours. Evan didn't care about that, though, as he bolted up the stairs, making a lot of noise. He was sure the guests were all glancing towards the staircase and whispering in their neighbor's ear, wondering what all this commotion was about. Elizabeth Prentiss would have to calm everyone down and would probably be really nervous about her kids, she didn't know Emily wasn't with him, making a fool out of her.

Finding his laptop on the table, he quickly flipped it open and started it. As soon as the computer would allow him access to internet he could type in the letters to begin the bidding. Emily was found on the top by the new girls. The bidding would start in fifteen minutes and Evan was silently counting down the time while he stared at the photo they had of her. It was one that he had provided and she was smiling widely at the camera, but she would never smile like that for him ever again.

When the time finally came the 'Bidding starts at 9.30 pm' changed to a box that said 'Bid your nr in dollars here.' Evan guessed that they decided to take everything in dollars because of the great deal of wealthy American business men who would love to have a woman to tame.

The zero changed pretty quickly to 3000 dollars and Evan was quick to write 5000, making him the leading number. He waited patiently, hoping that he could buy back his sister for half of what he'd earned, but he wasn't that lucky because within a minute the next figure said 7000 dollars. Evan wrote 10 000 into the box and pressed bid, praying that no one would bid higher than that. He was willing to bid 20 000 dollars and then stick his pride up his ass and ask his mother for the other 10 grand. When someone went over that number he wrote his final number. 20 000 dollars. Then everything progressed quickly. 20 000 became 50 000, then 80 000 until the bidding closed when no one wanted to go higher than 124 000 dollars. 1-2-4 000 dollars was his sister worth. He couldn't stop staring at the screen. He had lost and it was all his fault. The file he had put together had been really good, and now he regretted making her sound so desirable. They could earn a lot of money from her.


Evan had asked his mother about the money before heading for work, but she had refused when he didn't want to tell her what he was using them for. She did mention that she thought he would use them for drugs, which would be ridiculous if it wasn't for the fact that he'd once been addicted.

"Rough day?" Igor asked when Evan headed in for work.

"Well, yeah... two men came to visit me yesterday and they sure wanted something from me," Evan admitted. He could tell Igor everything because... well Igor was the only person who could get in the same kind of trouble as him.

"So what do they want?" Igor asked, stopping with the things he was doing.

"Either they want the money within a week." He paused just a couple of seconds, seeing the look of 'I thought so' in Igor's face. "Or they want my sister to auction her out to wealthy men who will use her for sex. I will even get 320 000 ruble for the trouble, but I don't know if I can do that, man."

"Will you be able to get the money?" Igor asked and Evan shook his head 'no'. "Then I think the decision is pretty obvious. Give them your sister. I mean she's an FBI agent and will be able to take care of herself, maybe even escape. And you have to do everything to keep yourself alive."

"I guess so" Evan said, still not believing that he would actually go through with it, but later that night he found himself rummaging through photos of his older sister, trying to decide which photos she looked good in. He also remembered that they had wanted her to be 1o years younger, so he was careful to choose those where she looked younger. When he'd finally decided for ten photos, he put a file together with a lot of personal information, like characteristics, her likes and dislikes and also a list of her boyfriends to show her sexual experience. He wrote a short summary of every relationship he knew something about. Doyle was hardest to write about because he knew they would like that fact about her. He reviewed the photos, extremely satisfied with the ones he'd chosen, and then he read through the information one last time.

"Emily Prentiss, 30 years old. Emily makes a living as an FBI agent and spends all her days fighting bad men. This girl is feisty and has a strong will to survive. Everything points to that she likes it rough and she loves attention. Emily lost her virginity when she was 15 years old, craving the attention from another man. Later she's had only a couple of boyfriends.

John Cooley- Took her virginity and knocked her up. One night stand. She had an abortion.

Lucas Harris- together for two weeks. Not serious. Lots of sex.

Ian Doyle- together for 18 months. Only had sex with him for work.

Clyde Easter- A rebound from Doyle. Only about sex.

Emanuel Rileys- Not serious. Mostly about sex.

Derek Morgan- Present boyfriend. Very serious. Co-worker.

If you like to have control over an FBI agent for once and love when they fight back, Emily Prentiss is definitely the girl for you."

Evan wasn't actually so sure about the boyfriend, and knew there was a couple more, but writing the sex part would make her more attractive. He and Emily never talked about sex so he didn't actually know a lot, but he did know about when she lost her virginity because she told him about being pregnant. He was quite happy with the result, even if he wasn't the best writer, but she looked good. Who didn't want to control an FBI agent and make her helpless? His pride over what he'd managed to come up with got rid of all the guilt and he almost forgot what it would be used for.

When the end of the week came he delivered the profile and they were really satisfied with it and the fact that he'd agreed to give them his sister. They gave him a number so that he could call them about the plan and they told him to make sure that she looked... presentable.

It wasn't hard to know how to get Emily to Russia when his mother announced a the week later that she was planning on having a bunch of dinner parties.

"Is Emily coming?" he asked hopefully.

"She's in the states, darling, and I doubt she has time to come to a couple of boring parties," Elizabeth explained with a smile on her face.

"Come on, mom... Make her come! You always do!" Evan begged, seeing his only chance to get her here slip between his fingers.

"Evan, I don't want your sister to suffer like that. It's nothing for her and you don't even have to be here either if you don't want to."

Why was his mother acting like that just when he needed her to be the controlling one?

"What if I persuade her?" Evan offered. "I really want to see her and we don't even need to be here the whole time. I can tell her that."

"If you can convince your sister to come, then be my guest. It would be lovely to finally see her again." Her mother smiled softly. The woman was not like she used to be.

Evan called her immediately after the talk, using his mother's phone to avoid the tons of money it would cost to call her. The call went as expected. Evan tricked her and said that it was their mother who was forcing her and he tried to make her feel bad if she would not come.

And then a month later he was hugging his sister tightly in the airport. He had missed her, that part was true. If only people knew what he had brought her there for.

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