Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

"She's still sleeping," one voice said.

"Shhh... Don't wake her up," another one whispered.

"She's been out for over an hour now. We have to make sure she's okay," a third one said and at that Emily's eyes shot open.

She sat up quickly, immediately getting into defense mode. There were four other women surrounding her and three of them were looking at her worriedly, the last one was sitting pushed up against the corner.

"She just woke up and is pretty shaken up," One of the girls explained in a Spanish accent, noticing how Emily's eyes had landed on the poor girl. "I'm Elena, by the way."

Emily nodded, still unsure of where she was. It felt like they were moving so she soon figured they were in a truck, but she didn't know why? And where was Evan? The last thing she could actually remember was that she was out partying with her brother and then... a van? A black van pulling up in front of her, but everything had been blurry. Though, she and Evan had been partying so she had probably been drinking a lot, maybe too much. Her head did hurt a little, which could only mean that she had one nasty hangover.

She had been lifted into the van. Or had it been an ambulance? How much had she been drinking to be loaded into an ambulance? But she wasn't in an ambulance now. These women around her weren't either.

"Where are we?" she asked with a steady voice.

"I think they said we were off to some airstrip in St. Petersburg to meet the boss and then they'll ship us away," another nameless woman answered. "We don't know exactly where we'll be going, but at least all of us will go to the same place." The woman smiled, happy about finding a new friend, but Emily couldn't smile.

A million thoughts were running through her head, but she didn't want to believe the things she did come up with.

"I'm an FBI agent," she said suddenly, getting all the women's attention, even the girl in the corner looked at her. "If I can't get us out of here, my team will find us."

The women were quietly looking at her, making Emily feel a little uncomfortable, until one of them chuckled.

"Now I get why they wanted you. Every man wants to get control over a woman of the law, but honestly honey... we're in Russia and will be sent to another part of the world. They will never find us."

The woman was right. They would never find out where she was. Evan would call them and say that she was missing while searching for her. The team, at least Morgan, would probably break every protocol there is, flying to Russia and try to track these bastards down, but he wouldn't succeed. Then he would beat himself up every day after that for not being able to save her.

"I started out in Spain," Elena said. "Caught me when I was walking home from a party. I worked there for a little while until they sent me to Russia. I've been working here for a year and now they're selling us to some wealthy pimp. You and that girl..." she nodded to the girl in the corner. "...are the newest ones and they decided to put you up for auction immediately."

Her heartbeat did increase now that she knew for sure what her purpose was there. They were going to use her for their sexual pleasure. No matter how much she tried to be strong, one of the women noticed the fear in her eyes.

"Don't worry, Hun! You'll get used to it eventually. It's just hard in the beginning." The woman shrugged.

Emily seemed to choke on her breath. Was this woman seriously telling her that she would get use to slimy hands feeling her up and men doing whatever they wanted with her? She was never going to get used to that. Only the thought of it made her whole body creep.

The truck stopped, making all the women lose their balance. The three women who had been there the longest stood up on a line and waited for the door to open. Emily watched them, but remained on the floor. She wouldn't stand up for those creeps. Instead she crawled over to the woman, no... girl, in the corner. She couldn't have been more than 15 and she looked terrified.

"Hey, what's your name?" Emily whispered.

"Anya." the girl answered weakly.

"I'm Emily." She paused. "Listen, Anya... I will get us out of here. My boyfriend won't let me go that easily. I promise... We'll be fine."

"Don't promise her something you won't be able to keep." Elena said. "Your boyfriend can't do anything. He'll get over you."

Emily couldn't take it anymore. This woman had crossed the line, trying to make them lose all their hope. "What the hell is your problem?" She hadn't meant to yell at the younger woman.

"Excuse me?" The woman was also surprised.

"How can you tell us that we'll get used to this? How can you say that we'll never get out of this?"

"You won't! I'm sorry to have to break it to you, but I've been here for 3 years and I haven't gotten close to escaping. The only way out is death."

"I won't give up! I'm a trained FBI agent and my job is to catch people like them." Emily said, angrily.

"Oh, yeah? Then where's your badge and gun, honey?" Emily didn't reply. "Thought so... Now stand up in the line."

Emily rolled her eyes and sat down by the 15 year-old again, refusing to do as Elena said.

The trunk was opened only seconds later. A bald, fat man in suit stood there with a big grin on his face.

"The show's already over?" he asked, still grinning. "You are feisty, just like he said." The man winked at Emily. "Now, you two! Come join the other three ladies."

Emily didn't move. The other girl rose quickly, though, and stood in front of that disgusting man, but Emily still refused.

"Don't make this hard, sweetheart."

"Don't call me that." Emily spat and was soon shocked when two of the women helped her up on her feet and dragged her to stand next to the others. She tried to struggle a little, but she wasn't going to hit one of the women, which he probably knew and that was probably the reason why he didn't go up himself.

"Now that you're all gathered I will lead you to the boss and he will tell you more," He said and turned around to leave. The other women followed him, which no longer surprised Emily, and dragged Emily with them. The youngest of them all didn't dare to do anything else than what she'd been told and the other three had been here long enough to know that it didn't do any good to refuse. But Emily would never get down without a fight. Though, these women made it harder to do so because, well, she didn't want to hurt those who were in the same position as her. She really considered it when they stopped in front of a big garage looking house and the doors opened. A little punch to Elena's guts wouldn't hurt her. She didn't do it, though. Instead she walked with the others into the building and soon met the well-built man people referred to as their boss. He was also grinning at them and inspected their bodies from head to toe as they moved towards him. When all the women were in front of him he approached them one after one.

"What's your name, honey?" he asked Elena.

"Candy." she answered, making Emily huff, drawing the attention off the older man.

"Let me guess... You are the FBI agent,?" He said while running a hand through her hair. Emily huffed once again and turned her head away from him, earning her a hard grip on her chin to turn the head back. "Mhmm..." He hummed approvingly while scanning her thoroughly. "Cute... Sexy... No wonder we got so much for you."

"Fuck... you!" Emily spat at him, but to her surprise he let go of her and chuckled.

"I would love for you to do that, but unfortunately our client doesn't want us to touch you."

Emily hated this guy from the first moment she saw him and she was determent to escape from that place now. Looking at her surroundings she could see a couple of guys who had gun holsters in their belts. If she could just reach them she would be able to defend herself from these psychos and she could help the others too. She was just about to make her move when one of the men walked closer to her. It couldn't be that easy, could it? But it wasn't. The man took her hands and led them out of the room. When she glanced around, four other men were doing the same to the others, followed by the boss. They stopped in front of a jet that reminded her of the one they rode whenever they had a case. Though, this jet looked nothing like theirs on the inside and it wasn't used for traveling within the states to put bad guys behind bars. This jet was used to transport women, prisoners, whose only job would be to give pleasure. Used women who would never ever see home again. And the jet spoke all that. There were speakers shouting out cheap music that often could be heard in adult movies, there was a pole in the middle giving her the same message and the couches and chair... While on their jet they'd been a light shade of yellow, these ones were red with fluffy pillows and handcuffs fastened in various places. It had everything to keep wealthy men entertained during however long the trip might be. Emily still didn't know where they were going. Though, she had learned they weren't allowed to touch them which would earn her some extra time to figure out how to escape.

Emily was the first one in and they handcuffed her immediately. Anya was the next one. They didn't need to handcuff her. Neither did they handcuff any of the other women. The reason why she was the only one handcuffed was obvious. Somehow they knew enough about her to know that she was a fighter and someone had provided them with this information. She should have seen it earlier, but she hadn't really had the time to think about how they got to her, directly assuming that she'd been in the wrong place at the wrong time. They knew too much about her to be a simple snatch from the street. He had said that he loved her and that she was the best sister a boy could have. 'I'm sorry'... Those words had been repeated to her too many times to count. It just made sense now. Her brother must have provided them with information. Thinking back on the two days she'd been here, recalling every single conversation they'd had and how he'd been acting, everything made sense now. It hadn't been her mother who'd wanted her there; it had been Evan. That's why her mother had been kind of surprised to see her there. Evan had also wanted to hang out with her and he'd always said it was okay for them to ditch the party. Of course it had been okay because her mother hadn't forced her to be there from the first place. All this talk about how much he loved her was all an act. If he had, she wouldn't be sitting handcuffed on a jet about to travel to another country to be used for sexual slavery. Evan had also picked, or bought, her dress. She knew it was too short and too much cleavage, but Evan had insisted and Emily hadn't wanted to let him down. Fuck that! He drugged her in the bar when getting her drink! He brought her out to the parking lot and said his goodbyes. He left her there drugged and alone so that the men with the dark van could take her without any struggle. Her brother had played her from the beginning and she had been stupid enough to fall for it.

"How much did you pay him?" she asked when the 'boss' had seated himself opposite her.

"So you figured that one out, huh?" he chuckled. Somehow the women around them were curious about this conversation as they listened closely. "He owed us 5 grand so he gave us you instead and we gave him 10 000 more."

Emily turned her head. She had figured it out, but when he answered the question, it just made it so much more real. She knew, however, that if Morgan would find out he would most likely hunt Evan down and kill him.

"I know, sweetheart, it sucks, but think positive... you'll never see him again."

Yeah, but that was what Emily was most afraid off.

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