Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 6

Evan was probably digging a hole in the floor with the pacing he had going on. It was pretty early in the morning, but he knew that his mother would wake up any minute now, notice that his car was still there and go up to ask him to join her for breakfast. No, ask him and Emily to come down. Only problem was that Emily wouldn't be in her room. He had no idea how to keep his mother from noticing her absence. He'd been tossing and turning all night, trying to come up with something. By the early sunrise he had thought of some things, even though he hated himself for coming up with one of them. 'She's in the bathroom and we're leaving soon to go shopping'. That would hold her off for the day, but then what? When he later would come home without Emily. Sure, he could tell her that someone had snatched her. It happened a lot in Russia; everyone knew that, but would his mother believe such a lie. Not only was she a highly trained FBI agent, if Evan hadn't drugged her to make her weak she would have fought back and most likely succeeded, but she was also a lot older than those normally taken. They had wanted her just because of the fact that she was in the FBI, but if Evan told her it was a snatch they wouldn't have known that and figured she was too old.

Another option was to get rid of all of her things before his mother had even bothered to open her eyes. He could just throw all her things in the lake. Not the computer, though. He needed that one to find out how to save her, how to contact her friends. As soon as that boyfriend Evan had been questioning her about, the one that was serious, knew he could get rid of the computer too. Evan could tell the ambassador that Emily couldn't stand the party anymore and had gone back to America. It sounded enough like Emily and Elizabeth might fall for it. Then by the time Emily's boyfriend, who should be a pretty pissed off FBI agent, would arrive he'd be long gone. He knew that the best thing would have been to stay and tell them everything he might know, but since he would have to tell his mother that lie he couldn't be here when they arrived. He would be screwed when they put all the pieces together, which they would since he'd be faced with a bunch of profilers.

Having his plan clear enough he sneaked out from his room and listened for any sounds. There weren't any so he could safely walk into Emily's room. Her dresses were still scattered around the room so he hurried to throw them into her bag again, careful not to forget anything. Then he did the same process again when he exited the room. There weren't any sounds this time either so he made himself down the stairs and out the front door. He had never run as fast as he did when getting rid of Emily's stuff. Evan just didn't want to get caught and luckily for him he didn't. It was easy for him to swing the bag with all the power he had and let go, making the bag fly a couple of feet out in the deep water and sink like a rock. The whole predicament made him feel like a criminal, but he wasn't. There wasn't anything they could charge him with, right? He wasn't the one who kidnapped her. No, he just drugged her and left her out in the dark for a couple of grand. Maybe they could charge him for drugging her, but he would be out in a year. Though, that was nothing if you thought about what Morgan could do to him. Or the rest of her team. They were always too over-protective of her for his taste. Yeah, they would probably kill him for doing something stupid like this.

When he opened the door and was heading up the stairs his mother just exited the master bedroom. Evan stopped dead in his track.

"Evan... What are you doing up this early?" she asked.

"Nothing. I was just out."

"And where is your sister? Did you have fun last night?" his mother smiled.

"About that... She decided to leave. That's what I was doing. I drove her to the airport." he said, surprised by the way the lies so easily rolled of his tongue.

"I told you, Evan. Emily doesn't need to be at my stupid gatherings. We could have saved her the trip." Elizabeth said and Evan only shrugged.

"Yeah, I guess you told me. I better get back to sleep." Evan said and rushed into his room.

When he heard his mother taking the last steps down he sneaked out of his room and into the room Emily had stayed in, pulling out her computer from under the pillows. He started it quickly and paced the room nervously as he waited. The desktop was decorated with a picture of Emily and Morgan together. It was horrible seeing her happy on pictures; it made him realize just what he'd done to her.

As soon as the computer was started the sound of Skype starting could be heard and only minutes later someone called her. Derek Morgan. It was now or never, he thought as he pressed the answer without video button.

"Hi, princess, I was wondering when I would be able to talk to you." a grinning, but tired, Derek Morgan said. He was at a hotel room and it was dark outside. Evan had forgotten all about the time difference. "Hey, why don't you let me see your beautiful face, honey?"

This made the matter so much harder. Just hearing the love and the caring nature made his whole body ache.

"I'm sorry." he finally squeezed out. "Emily isn't here."

He could see how Morgan's facial expression changed.

"What do you mean she's not there?" Morgan asked, slightly irritated.

Evan took a deep breath before continuing. "Someone took her."

Now there was anger. Evan thanked God he wasn't on cam because he didn't know if would be able to pull through if he was. Guilt was probably already written all over his face.

"Who? How?" Morgan asked through gritted teeth.

"Human trafficking ring." the anger was stronger now, but he had to continue. "They're all over town. We were out in a club and I left for one second 'cause I forgot something and..." he had to pause to look at the other man. "A black van pulled up and took her."

"How d'ya know it's human trafficking?"

"I live in Russia... We learn to recognize it."

"How could you be so stupid?" Morgan asked, now with a raised voice. "You know that they're around and still you leave her alone?"

"I'm sorry..." he said with a weak voice.

"Well, sorry doesn't cut it! I want her back!"


"No, you know what? I bet you're screwing with me. Put my girlfriend on! NOW!"

He had really started to yell now and Evan could hear a vague knocking sound and Morgan left his chair, still in anger, making the chair fall to the ground.

"What's with all the screaming?" a blonde, petite woman asked tiredly.

"Someone fucking took her!" he said as he turned away and put his hands on top of his head.

"Who are you talking about, Morgan?" the woman asked worriedly, looking straight at Evan. Though, she couldn't see him he felt very uncomfortable under her gaze.

"Emily... It was human trafficking... They..." the man didn't seem to know what to tell the woman, but then he turned towards the camera and looked right at Evan. "We're coming over!" was his words before he was gone.


As soon as Morgan heard those words he only saw red. 'Someone took her'. Some bastards over in Russia had snatched her outside a club and was doing God only knows what with her. And her brother had just let it happened. He couldn't even take care of his own sister. Morgan had to go to Russia. It was the only logical option if he wanted her back. Evan was no good to save her and Morgan would never trust him to do so either. He hadn't meant to disturb JJ's sleep, but he was just so pissed at the other man, who hadn't even dared to show him his face. JJ tried to ask him what was wrong, but he could barely explain due to the anger and worry. He couldn't stand to have Emily's brother on Skype any longer so he turned to him, making sure to shoot him daggers and told him the only thing he wanted to do right now.

"We're coming over!" Morgan hung up on him and barged past JJ and out to the corridor. He knew they were in the middle of a case and that everyone needed their sleep, but this was more important. Strauss could send another team or Morgan could leave on his own. He hadn't really planned how this would work out when he banged on every door where his team stayed. They were all out within 5 minutes, tired figures leaning on the doorframe.

"What's so important that you had to wake us up?" Hotch demanded to know.

"I called Emily..." he started, trying to gather himself. "Her brother answered. Someone snatched her from the streets." Morgan closed his eyes.

"What?" Rossi said, sounding not as tired as he looked and probably was.

"A human trafficking ring in Russia." Morgan continued. "We need to... I need to get over there and find her!"

"I know you do and we want to find her just as badly," Hotch said and Morgan could already here the 'but' coming. It did. "But we can't just leave this case. I can try to have a talk with Strauss about sending another team."

"You do that while I book the tickets. How many are coming with me?"

The first thing was silence and looking at each other. They all knew what an impossible task it would be to get her back. They couldn't call the police in Russia either since they didn't know who they would speak to and if the detective they would reach was a part of the human trafficking. Many of them could just as well be buying sex from these women too. Buy sex! That was what people would use his girlfriend, their friend, for and they would never get to her in time. They might never ever get to her. Human trafficking was hard to trace because these men did everything to cover up their tracks.

"l'm gonna call Strauss and then we'll all leave!" Hotch finally decided and everyone went back into their rooms to get dressed, besides JJ who followed Morgan to his.

First then did Morgan notice the tear tracks on JJ's face and he enveloped her in a tight hug. He had been so angry, but now he was on the verge of breaking down. Especially when he'd seen JJ's face. It just really sunk in now after he'd been so pissed and finally paused to think about it.

"We have to find her, JJ." he whispered. "I love her so much. I wanted to marry her and have a family with her, but now..."

He could feel the shaking of JJ's body and knew she was sobbing. It took time before she gave him an answer since she was trying to gather herself from the crying.

"I know... I just don't know how." JJ admitted. Morgan felt the same.

They could fly to Moscow and interview Evan about everything he'd seen and that would be that. Everything would stop there. All the evidence and tracks would be covered. They would be forced to go back to their normal lives and be left to think about what ever happened with her or if she was dead. It pained Morgan to know that the fantasy he'd created with Emily would soon be gone. If Emily still was in Moscow there was still a chance they could find her, but if she was anywhere else in the world or even in some other part of Russia they would fail.

A part of Morgan found it strange that they had managed to take Emily. Morgan knew her strength and will to survive so Emily would fight back and win. Especially if it was a snatch from the streets. A van pulling up behind her and men trying to drag her into the vehicle. They would want to do it fast to get as little attention as possible, but Emily would have kicked and screamed. They would let go pretty soon when she had attracted too much attention. It just seemed like it had been too easy to get to her.

"You should probably go get dressed and pack your things," Morgan told her and she only nodded before pulling away from him.

"What if Strauss says no?"

"Then I'll go alone. Screw Strauss! She will not keep me from trying to save my girlfriend!"

"You might lose your job," JJ mentioned.

"Fine! Then I can spend the rest of my life tracking these bastards down."

"Yeah..." JJ said while letting out a breath and then she walked away, leaving Morgan alone again.

He hurriedly threw all his things into his bag and zipped it up. Now he just had to wait until Hotch was done with Strauss and then he could jump on the next flight to Moscow, with or without the team.

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