Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 7

The plane ride had been awful. She had refused to dance and strip for them because she knew they weren't allowed to touch her so no threats would be good on her. Though, the others weren't profilers and wouldn't pick up the smallest words like she did. The three women who'd been there the longest danced like professionals. Luckily it didn't extend further than dancing around the poles and taking of their clothes, because of the non-touching rule.

While they were dancing Emily had to sit in the same old chair, handcuffed to the armrest and have some sort of conversation with the boss. He'd talked about what was in her file. She had her own file with information nobody but her closest friends and herself should have. And her brother. But a lot of it he'd made up to make her sound better. Her brother wanted to make her sound better for these perverts. Only the thought of it made her stomach churn. And the man could tell so he continued on about her brother. He teased her, made inappropriate comments, which might not be so inappropriate in the situation she was, towards her. It was the best he could do without touching her. He could use his words instead and have the joy in seeing her reactions. Normally she would have been able to compartmentalize herself through the flight, but the hurt over finding out what her brother had done threw her off guard and she had lost all her abilities.

Then she tried to hold it together when she saw that poor girl being forced up to the pole and take off her clothes. She was only 15 years old and had the men around her cheering when they got a look at her small breasts.

"Doesn't that look fun?" the guy across her would say with a grin and looked from her own too exposed breasts up to her face.

That was a couple of hours ago and now when she sat handcuffed in a limo with the same men and women around her she didn't feel any better. She'd ended up in Dubai. It made sense. Many different businessmen across the world, Americans, Korean and German, would travel there so why not take a whore now that they had the chance. A 76 years old wealthy man had bought her for 124 grand! It was apparently more than the other girls and he liked to brag about how much money he had collected while he'd only bought her for 15.

Emily wasn't the least surprised about the location they ended up in. The car pulled in through two giant gates into a big yard. The house, or more like castle, was big and white and looked like something brought out of a movie where dictators or emperors would live. When they pulled to a stop she refused to get out. All the other women left with little fuss, but she sat tight even after they'd taken of the cuffs. She still wore the same dress her brother had bought her and found it hard to struggle without her dress sliding up to reveal her red lace panties, much to the men's liking. That had been when she'd let go and followed them out of the car and up to the door. The bell that sounded when you pulled a rope was massive and it echoed for at least a minute. It was just after that minute that the door opened by a maid. The woman was pretty old so Emily's guess was that her only purpose in that house was to open doors, clean and serve dinner. She doubted that she was the only one of those because it would be pretty much for one person to clean.

They were led through a big ballroom where a couple of older men sat and a few women were giving them a lap dance. Emily diverted her eyes as soon as a pair of lust filled ones met hers. While walking she couldn't stop pulling her dress down to shield as much as possible, but when pulling down she would expose more of her cleavage. So she focused on her surroundings. She couldn't tell if those women were there by their own free will or if they had been snatched, no that wasn't true... sold by a relative, like her.

They had to walk up the stairs and past a lot of doors before they stopped. The boss knocked and they entered after a 'yes'. The man behind the door was the one who'd bought her. She could tell by the age and the grin on his face. The man also eyed them as if they were pieces of meat ready to get banged. Emily immediately felt vulnerable under his stare and tried to wrap her arms around her. 'Try' being the magical word as someone, she didn't really give a damn about who, pulled her arms down so that the much older man could have a full look. He stopped in front of each and every one of them and would say something with a thick accent. The accent was all Emily could hear when he talked to the others. It was an Arabic accent and that was clearer when he stopped in front of her to say a few words.

"Clients would love her if she had fight. They tie them up, make the women lose all power. It turn them on if struggle, you see? Remember that, honey!" the man said and stroked her hair before continuing to the last woman.

They wanted a fight? Then she would definitely give them one because there was no way she would sell her body to hundreds of different men. No, she would escape and then she could get help to save the others. She couldn't think about freeing the others if she wanted them all to make it out so she had to do that after she'd get herself to safety first.

"Listen, ladies! All of you sleeping in beds in basement. You will be called up when client want you. You will act the role the client want. Do the things the client want. Disobeying will have punishment! Maria show you to your room. Thank you, gentlemen! You may leave if I can't offer you some service of course."

Emily didn't get to hear more of that speech as she was forced out of the room.

It had surprised them all when Strauss had let them go without too much arguing with a promise from their side to bring Emily back. According to Hotch she had sounded really concerned and had immediately sent another team to take their place. They had been given two weeks before they had to return to their normal jobs and even if all of them knew it was too little time, they sat on the flight to Moscow, Russia. Normally they would have discussed a casefile on the way, but they didn't have much to discuss since they didn't have anything besides what Evan had told Morgan. She was kidnapped by a human trafficking ring. They had forgotten to call Garcia, they'd realized half way through the Atlantic Ocean. The woman would be hysterical when she wouldn't be able to get a hold of them and then Strauss would tell her that they were on their way to Russia. Garcia would put two and two together and realize that something was wrong with Emily, because why else would they leave a case to fly overseas? The usually cheery woman would probably be furious that they forgot to tell her about what's happened to Emily. Though, they didn't know much.

The flight over took them too long and during this time Emily could have been moved across some borders, none of them knew how many. They knew that Evan and Emily had stayed at Ambassador Prentiss' house so that's where they were headed. Unfortunately they weren't met by two SUVs that could take them to her so they were forced to take a cab; it was one of those with seven seats. None of them talked very much on the way, except for once when they wondered if they should call Garcia. They decided to wait until they could use Skype to talk to her. After agreeing on that they were once again sentenced to silence. And they kept that until they finally pulled up on the courtyard of the big mansion Elizabeth Prentiss owned. The other cars didn't surprise them at all because they knew the reason Emily had been here. Though, it would make the matter harder with all the people there. But it didn't stop them from ringing that doorbell and then walk in when a maid opened the door. The ambassador looked shocked to see them all there, she should be because the news they were bearing were something no mother could ever prepare themselves for.

"Agent Hotchner? Morgan? What on earth are you doing here? Is my daughter traveling with you?"

This time Morgan was the one who was shocked. "What do you mean 'traveling with us'?"

"Evan drove her to the airport this morning."

"You saw her this morning?"

He hoped she would say yes, oh God he hoped so. Though, if she did he would kill Evan for making up such a stupid lie that brought them across the world. Everything could unfortunately not be as you hoped.

"No, I caught Evan as he walked inside. Is there a problem, Agents?" she asked and Morgan did all in his power to keep himself in check.

"May we speak with you in private?" Hotch cut in as he saw every single person looking their way.

"Of course." the older woman said, excusing herself to join them at the front door.

"We got a call from Evan." Hotch started. "He said that Emily had been taken while they were at a club late last night."

"Taken? You can't be serious."

"You said you didn't see her this morning?" She nodded. "Where is your son?"

"He has left too. I told him from the very beginning that they both would be bored if they came here, but he insisted that he wanted Emily here; said they could go out partying instead." she laughed, although bitterly.

"We want to see their rooms." Morgan said through clenched teeth, already having an idea of what really happened. They all did.

Elizabeth didn't even answer to that before she started to walk quickly upstairs with the team behind her. The room they walked into first had been Emily's and the only thing left in that room was a computer and a scribbled note. Everything else was gone. Morgan felt his hands clenched together and he almost scrunched the note together when he read it.

There was a username and a password for an auction site. And there was another 'I'm sorry'. Morgan knew that the younger Prentiss was behind this now. All the times he'd said sorry and the way he'd been wanting her there. He had lied to his mother about where she'd gone; if he had to lie he must've had something to hide. Then her things were gone too and Evan was gone. They knew he was involved, but they didn't know what part he played.

"Where does he live?" Morgan asked through clenched teeth.

"Moscow, the downtown. He works at the game store around the corner of his apartment. You should probably talk to his friend Igor who works there." Elizabeth said and Morgan was already out the door.

"JJ, you go with him and we'll check this website out." Hotch ordered. "Is it okay if we borrow your car, Ambassador?

"Yes, whatever I can do to help. The key is in the bowl in the hallway and you'll have the address in my GPS."

JJ rushed out after Morgan, who apparently hadn't really thought about how to get into Moscow from where they were. As soon as they were gone Reid flipped open the computer and luckily it had recently been used so it only took seconds for it to get started. Skype was already up and Reid saw Garcia's name and that she, of course, was logged in. Reid looked at his supervisor while clicking on Garcia's name and Hotch nodded. It barely took one signal before the usually happy tech analyst answered, but this time she left out all the pleasantries and funny greetings.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" an angry Garcia yelled. "You leave New York without even telling me? I called Strauss because I thought something terrible had happened and she said you were on your way to Russia. Russia!" she paused to gather herself. "Strauss thought it was best that you told me what's going on. What's happened to Emily?"

None of them answered at first, all of them looking at each other for guidance. How could they break this awful news to Garcia? The eyes landed on Hotch, which made sense to everyone since he was their supervisor.

"Emily has been taken by a human trafficking ring." Hotch was forced to stop as Garcia let out a loud gasp. "So far evidence has pointed to Emily's brother. Morgan and JJ are going to talk to his friend and see if they can find something in his house, but we need you to run his face through the airports nearby. He will probably pay in cash."

"I... I can do that, sir." Garcia stuttered, a few tears already visible on her cheeks, but she was trying so hard to hold it together. It only took a few minutes until she got a hit. "He went to the same airport as you came to. Last seen 30 minutes ago then got on a plane to... Oh my god... He got on the plane to New York."

"The one we came with." Reid clarified.

"Garcia, have someone at the airport pick him up and take him into custody. We don't want him to disappear. Give them his picture."

"I'm right on it, sir! I'll give you an update." she said quickly before her face was gone.

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