Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 8

There were papers scattered everywhere. They all held Emily's face and body, almost only with a big smile or with her goofing around, making faces. Morgan felt JJ's hand on his shoulder and he appreciated the gesture, even if it did nothing to calm him. If anything, he was even more pissed after seeing this. It was just another proof that Evan had something to do with her disappearance. Why else would his apartment be full of pictures with her? There just wasn't another explanation. One thing was sure, though. As soon as Morgan would lay eyes on Evan he would beat the crap out of him.

"Are you okay?" JJ asked, putting another hand on his shoulder.

Morgan shook his head, hands clenched into fists by his sides and jaw twitching.

"He did this! That son of a bitch made her come to Russia so that he could use her as a prostitute."

"We don't know the whole story yet, Morgan." JJ tried to defend.

Morgan turned around, an angry expression on his face.

"We know that he did this! Look at this place! He has her face and body all over the floor! So don't tell me that he didn't do this."

JJ was at a loss for words. She didn't know how to respond to that. Of course Evan did this, every fiber in her body told her so, but they still couldn't jump to conclusions. They had to be more professional than that which meant that Evan was innocent until proven guilty and these pictures weren't proof enough.

Morgan was still staring at her, expecting her to say something, but the only thing she could do was to open and close her mouth a couple of times. When he'd had enough of that he stormed out of the apartment and it took JJ 32 seconds to react and follow him. She knew where he was going; it would've been the next stop on their list and hopefully give them more than a bunch of spread out papers.

The place where Evan worked was only around the corner in the same crappy neighborhood as the apartment. They decided to ignore all the junkies and prostitutes, who probably were there by their free will anyways, and entered the store right away. There was one single man handling three customer's and their guess was that Evan was supposed to help with that if he'd been there. Morgan, still pissed off, walked past the line and to the desk. The young man behind the desk said something in Russian that neither of the agents understood, so Morgan decided to ignore him.

"Are you Igor?" he asked, trying hard to hold back his anger.

"Yeah, what's this about? You can't just skip the line. I have to take care of..." The man stopped as Morgan slammed his fist on the desk so hard that even JJ jumped.

The other customers took this as a cue to put their things back on the shelves and leave the store. But the young man behind the desk stood tall.

"And now you've cost me my customers! It's just my luck that you'd be coming back here! I thought Evan gave you enough, if you know what I mean?" Igor said and wiggled his eyebrows. He tried to make a joke, they recognized that, but Morgan and JJ were only confused.

"What are you talking about?" Morgan asked.

"You aren't here to get another girl?" This time Igor was confused.

Morgan retrieved his badge and held it out for the younger of them to see. "Derek Morgan, FBI. You are gonna tell us exactly what happened."

"I don't want to get anybody in trouble!" he said holding his hands up in a defense position.

"Evan has left the country and the one you'll get in trouble if you don't talk is yourself. Now, talk!" Morgan said, staring at the other man and trying to look as threatening as possible.

"Alright, alright! Evan owed a couple of men some money, there was no way he would be able to pay them back. He thought about asking his mother, but she wouldn't understand. Then the men come back, tells him that either they get the money in a week or he could get them information 'bout his sister." Morgan visibly tensed when hearing that, but held it together so Igor could finish the story. "I told him to sell his sister if he wanted to live. He would get 10 000 from them and they would take away the dept. It was the only smart thing to do, ya know?"

"How did he manage to overpower an FBI-agent?" JJ asked, sensing that whatever response he would have gotten from Morgan wouldn't have been a pleasant one.

"Oh, he had this whole thing planned. So first he wrote this summary about her, made her appear really desirable, hell I would've bought her, and then gathered a lot of pictures. His biggest problem was to get her to Russia, but then his mother was throwing a bunch of parties and what better way was there than to blame it on the old hag?" Igor chuckled, but stopped abruptly, noticing Morgan's death glare. "So anyways, she came here, he dressed her real slutty..." Morgan had to work really hard to not smash the kid's face in. "...he took her to a club and spiked her drink. Then when she was feeling dizzy they had an excuse to leave and he just left her by the car so the men could take her. By then she was probably too weak to fight anyone off." That shrug Igor gave was enough for Morgan to swing his fist at him, but luckily JJ knew Morgan and stepped in front of him to keep him from making such a stupid move.

"Do you know what they were gonna do with the women?" JJ asked.

"Put them up for auction." Another shrug followed.

"When was the last time you saw him?" she continued.

"Just before he left. Told me that everything was screwed up and that he tried to buy her back, but some guy put down too much money for him to buy her."

"How much?" Morgan spoke through gritted teeth.

Igor shrugged. "124 grand."


124 grand. All of their jaws were at the floor when they saw that. The website Evan had left for them was an auction site where you could bid on beautiful girls who probably wasn't on there of their own free will. There were girls from all around the world and in all ages. The most awful were the kids, and Emily of course. You could still see the recently sold women and see their information. It didn't show who bought her, but they still decided to read her 'profile'. A profile her brother had written, they soon realized. And the picture... One where Emily had a wide smile and looked happy. There was an album too with even more. The worst to watch was the one with her in a bikini. Not that they didn't want to see so much of her body, though that was pretty awkward too, but they knew what men would think every time they took a look at her. They understood why someone put down so much money on her, not for the pictures... What he'd written about her. That whole story about how she was an FBI-agent and how feisty she was... Every sexual sadist out there would have dreamt about having the control of her. Her brother had known that too and that's why he'd made her sound so good.

"He put her on here and got 124 grand?" Rossi asked in disbelief.

"I wouldn't think so." Reid said, hands in his pockets. "It has to be a big operation to pull this off. My guess is that someone bought her from him."

"Makes more sense. Obviously he wants us to find her again if he called Morgan and gave us this information. Garcia, can you try to trace the highest bidder?"

"I can always try, but I have to tell you that these guys would probably do anything to protect the buyers' identities."

"Just try your best! That's all you can do." Rossi sighed and Garcia went quiet with the only sound being the typing on Garcia's keyboard.

The silence was unbearable. All off their thoughts were on Emily and wherever she was at the moment. In the middle-east? Europe? Heck, they could even have shipped her to the states, closer than they'd ever thought she'd be. They wondered how much damage to her body they could have done already. But they knew Emily, she wouldn't let anyone break her; she would bounce her way back. If they ever found her, that is.


She was placed in a room with the women she'd come there with. There were two king-size beds and a wardrobe that Emily didn't dare to look in. She slumped down on one of the beds and lay herself down.

"Hey, agent! You can't sleep now!" Elena said and shook Emily's foot. "We have to freshen ourselves up."

Emily decided to ignore the younger woman and closed her eyes even harder. She wasn't about to get ready for them, she wasn't even going to move from the bed. Not until her team was at the door and kicked everybody's ass. Because they would. Oh, Morgan would make all the men that would lay a finger on her unrecognizable to their mothers. Emily smiled a little. She would be fine; Morgan would make sure she was. If there was one thing Emily was good at, it was stalling and she could definitely hold these guys back a couple of days while her team flew over. It just had to be that easy.

"Get your lazy ass out of bed! NOW!" Ruslana's voice startled her. "They will kill you, maybe even all of us, if you don't look nice when they get here."

Emily sat up and looked at the woman who had disturbed her line of thought. The woman really was serious and looking at the youngest of them all huddled in the corner, she made her decision and rose from the bed.

"That's right agent... Now put some make-up on that beautiful face of yours; your eyes are all puffy and tired." Elena said, giving her a tap on her shoulder.

They're not here on their free will. They are victims too. Emily had to tell herself so that she wouldn't beat the living daylight out of the woman for making it sound so easy.

Reluctantly, she grabbed a tube of foundation, for some reason she chose the shade she knew would look good on her, and applied it on her face in a not too thick layer. She proceeded with the rest of the make-up spread out on the counter just like she would if she was to go out with Morgan or the girls in 30 minutes. After putting down the last piece of make-up, a wine-red, glistening lipstick, she sat down back on the bed. Three of the women had taken it upon themselves to help Anya with hers since she was too frightened to move. If she'd had it her way, she would have stayed crawled up in the corner and to be honest, Emily wanted her too. The pure fear in the fifteen year-old made Emily want to cry, remembering all about where she was and that, even if she told herself otherwise, nobody would ever come to save her. Emily promised herself, though, that she would do everything to protect that little girl. Of course she wanted to protect all of them, but there was only so much Emily could take and honestly, those girls could probably take care of themselves. It wasn't really nice of her to think like that, but those girls had pissed her off too many times to count.

"Shouldn't you change your clothes to something... More revealing?" Ruslana asked from behind her. Emily looked down on her dress that her brother had picked out. It was revealing enough, a little too revealing actually, and still she expected Emily to show more. She took a look at the younger woman and understood completely how much more they wanted her to show. Ruslana was wearing a corset that split open by her stomach and rounded it perfectly, attaching itself to a pair of nylon pantyhose, none of it hiding her black see-through panties, no... thongs. Emily swallowed thickly as Ruslana approached the scared girl with some pink clothes, though clothes wouldn't be the right word for it since they would do nothing to shield her from the cold.

Elin helped Anya to take of her clothes and replaced them with the pink piece of fabric. It shielded even less than Ruslana's clothes. What Anya wore was like a bra and thongs attached together by two inches thick fabric on each side of her navel and the thongs were attached to a pair of pantyhose, just like Ruslana's. Though, Anya's whole back was bare.

"Why do we have to wear that?" Emily asked, still sitting on the bed and looking at Anya, who immediately when being released crawled back into the corner.

"You're kidding right? Did you really expect you could wear that to work?"

No, Emily would never wear that to work. She would've put on a pair of black slacks and a red t-shirt with a black blazer, just like any other normal workday. This was just wrong, of course it was.

"We're starting today?" was the only thing she managed to say.

"Of course! There are men standing in line out there!" Elena said as she changed her dress too. "By the way, someone is coming to get us any minute now so you better hurry up."

How did they know so much? Was there a memo sent out about this job that she'd missed? Though, there was a possibility that she had stopped listening to what the old man said, distracting herself with finding a very good exit door. Of course she hadn't seen one, but at least she had been trying.

Emily remained seated on the bed, looking at Elena like she was crazy, which was pretty much true. There was no way in hell Emily would change her clothes, she wouldn't even be caught dead in what the others were wearing. The staring she had going on didn't miss the rolling of the eyes and that Elena exchanged her gaze with the others before nodding. Emily didn't have time to react before someone ripped open her dress.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Emily hissed.

"You're gonna get us all in trouble if you don't cooperate. Now put something on or we'll do it for you." Ruslana said angrily.

Anya looked up to Emily with pleading eyes and Emily muttered a 'fine' before stomping over to the wardrobe. Rummaging through the clothes, she decided to find something that would cover more compared to what the others wore. The one thing she could find was a see-through top looking thing, with black where her breasts would fill, and a black thong also connected to a pair of pantyhose. She had just put on a pair of high heels when the door opened and a big guy walked in. The way he held the door open was enough for four out of five women to stumble out of the room. Emily was the only one to remain standing, glaring at the fat man.

"I don't have time for your games. Just follow the rest" he said, tiredly.

"Can't you at least let us rest for the night? We've travelled a long way."

Stalling. That was what she was doing because once she left that room her whole life would change.

"If boss gets to decide you won't get more than an hour of rest each day. Now come on, we've got a lot of clients standing in line."

Emily wasn't really sure why, but her legs moved and she soon found herself walking straight into hell.

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