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Unexpectedly Yours


They say Love works in the weirdest of ways but still works out with the right one. But what if... You weren't the one for him

Other / Romance
Lazy Yoongi
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Chapter 1: that one fan meeting

"OH god, oh my god, ooooh my goood!!" was all I heard coming from a bedroom in my apartment,

"What should I wear? What should I bring?! Jin Ae! Where is my Army Bomb?!!" my best friend (Jee Sae) shouted from her room.

I was in the middle of watching Sherlock, my favorite series until my point of view got blocked out, I glared at the thin figured woman in front of my TV and glared at her.

"Umm, Jee Sae, honey, babe? This isn't your closet...." I said sarcastically as I cocked my head to the side until I could see the TV again.

"Yah!! Why haven't you changed yet?!" Jee Sae shouted over the sound of Sherlock's voice explaining some good criminal investigation shit.

"Can I not go with you? I'm not even a fan of BT- whatever...." I said boredly switching to the other side to see my TV again,

Then my TV screen went out, I gasped and looked at the cocky culprit who ruined my show. "Yah! Plug it back in, he was explaining some good shi-"

"Jin Ae, I love you but I didn't spend my whole life savings on 2 tickets to a BTS fan meeting just to waste them on some sociopathic Sherlock wannabe" Jee Sae said as she dropped the plug of the TV to the floor and grabbed my wrist and pulled me to my room.

"Now get dressed right now or we'll be late!" She said as she closed the door to my room and went back to hers, I sighed as I opened my closet to find an outfit to wear.

As I finished styling my clothes and hair, I pulled out my bag from the closet and heard something fall to the floor.

I moved my bag out of the way and found a BTS photo card lying on the floor,

"and who do we have over here...." I said as I picked up the silver card and turned it over. I instantly recognized the member on the card,

Min Yoongi

I inspected the card closer and found no visible creases on it,

"You must be a lucky one to not have been damaged in my closet" I said as I held the card between my fingers, "good thing you're not in Jee Sae's closet, Lord only knows what natural calamity hit her closet..." I said while shaking my head in pity for her wrinkly and forgotten clothes and her almost damaged photo cards.

I pulled out an empty clean plastic sleeve and placed the card in it properly. I'll admit that I am a fan of BTS but I'm not as crazy as how Jee Sae is for them, in the end they're just another band who is on top of the world, it's nothing to me.

I decided to keep the photo card in my bag and just wait for Jee Sae to take notice that one of her cards are missing. After gathering the necessities I needed for a long fan event in my bag I heard the door to Jee Sae's room slam open followed by my door being torn open by none other than Jee Sae.

"Do you know how to knock?" I asked sarcastically, she gave me a glare in return.

"Come on come on!! Let's go Jin Ae!!" she whinned loudly as she dragged me out my room,

"I swear I'm going to get a noise complaint sooner or later because of your big mouth" I muttered under my breath.

With the apartment locked and my keys tucked away safely into my denim shorts, we got into the car and drove to the fan meeting venue.

As I drove Jee Sae wouldn't stop talking about BTS, BTS here, BTS there. I sighed internally to myself, Jee Sae then played Euphoria in the car and sang loudly along with Jungkook.

I sang rather softly, trying to follow the rifts with my voice when Jungkook sang with rifts in his song. I didn't notice that Jin Sae stopped singing and listened closely to my voice,

"Your voice is beautiful Jin Ae, I'm so jealous~" she whined, I rolled my eyes in embarrassment and annoyance.

As soon as we got to the venue I stared at the horrifying amount of girls crowding the entrance with their army bombs waving in the air. Their screams and fan chants ripping through my ear drums that I had to cover it to avoid ear damage but of course it didn't help since I had a louder fangirl right beside me who was screaming her lungs out.

As we finally got through the crowd and went to our seats which was close to the front, Jee Sae began talking to other armies around her. I forgot that she was famous in instagram for re-creating and cosplaying BTS's outfits in music videos.

They've taken selfies together but for me, I'd rather just stay out of it. Soon after minutes had passed the men of the hour finally arrived. Girls screamed and waved (rather aggressively) their army bombs around, Jee Sae even almost hit me with it but luckily I dodged it quickly.

As the men lined up and waved at the crowd RM held his mic and started

"Hello! We are-"

"BTS" the rest of the members followed then bowed to the crowd. As they stood up I found myself just staring at the members, there was Jin blowing kisses then V with his cute box smile and a cute hat with big ears on his head, Jimin waving and smiling properly like some royal prince then RM waving and smiling, showing his cute dimples and showing finger hearts, Jhope with his sunny smile, Jungkook showing his bunny smile and a snack bag in his hand and lastly Yoongi with a poker face waving to the crowd.

The members looked around waving to everyone as much as they can when I noticed Yoongi who stopped looking around. He was pretty much frozen with his hand frozen in place, I stared at him weirdly seeing him staring my way.

I then noticed Jee Sae also staring at him, they might be holding eye contact which I was glad that it wasn't me in her place.

They finally snapped out of it when the members called Yoongi to sit in his place,

"Y-yah! Did you see that?! Yoongi oppa and I shared eye contact!!" Jee Sae said excitedly with her red tainted cheeks, I just smiled and held her hand hoping her hyperness can die down.

The fan meeting had officially started and me with Jee Sae were half way on the stairs about to approach their table. I brought out a concept book Jee Sae bought for me for them to sign and opened it to Jin's section.

I then sat in front of Jin, his lips pursed right at me,

"Hello there~" he greeted me and I greeted back smiling holding back my flustered emotions. We started talking about random things until he told me one of his famous dad jokes, I giggled at his jokes and told him a dad joke I thought of.

He laughed loudly once I finished my joke, I can't believe he found it funny because it was one of the cringiest joke I've ever said.

"Hahahah! Daebak, that was so good!!" he said after doing his signature windshield wiper laugh.

I then moved on to V who gave me a boxy smile,

"Halloooo~" he greeted goofily as he squeezed the paws of the hat for the ears to move, I giggled at his cuteness and handed him my book.

He giggled with me and signed it,

"you look pretty" he complimented as he placed his hand gently in mine, I flushed but kept my cool. He then took this further and intertwined our fingers together.

I smiled with my heating cheeks, I could feel his comforting warmth and gentleness he had as he held my hand.

I was starting to get used to his hand around mines when the staff told me to move to the next member. I said a soft goodbye to V and he returned it with a smile.

Jimin had a smile on his face as he watched my every move, I bowed to his and gave him my book for his to sign.

"you know you're pretty cute?" he said with his velvet like voice. I smiled at his compliment, "trying to copy V?" I said as I raised my eyebrows. His eyes widened then chuckled at me

"you got me" he said as he closed my book, his eyes hadn't wavered away from me and so did his smirk. I tought of something to talk about trying to break the awkward silence between us and found a real "ice breaker"

"What Seokjin oppa said seems to be true" I said, Jimin's eyebrows furrowed together with confusion, I looked at his hand then back to him.

I held my hand up and lifted up my pinky, Jimin laughed and covered his smile with his hand as he finally got what I mean't, he lifted up his opposite hand and lined our pinkies together.

His pinky was a millimeter taller than mines so he chuckled triumphly. "And who has the smaller fingers now?" he questioned jokingly while wiggling his eyebrows. We shared a laugh because of our nonsense fight on whose fingers were taller but it sadly had to cut short.

I said goodbye to Jimin and moved on to RM. He smiled with his attractive dimples showing, I stared at this man's handsome face getting more flustered than I was.

"Why hello there, I wonder what you're all about" RM said as he continued to focus on signing my book. I raised my eyebrow questioning what he mean't, he then finalky looked up from my book and looked at me.

"It seems like Seokjin hyung, Taehyung and Jimin loved your company a bit too much" RM said with a gentle smile, I was shocked to hear his observation but denied it.

"They're always happy towards Army, what makes me any different?" I asked slightly tilting my head feeling confused. RM seemed to have froze and left his lips slightly ajar, his eyes looked into mines and I looked into his.

He then snapped out of it then cleared his throat, before anyone of us spoke we both heard Jin talking to a fan. My eyes widened as he used the dad joke I told him, he then laughed loudly while the fan just shook her head while smiling feeling the cringe.

"Seokjin hyung seemed to have loved your joke" RM said gently as he looked at him then back to me, he then looked at V, "he told you that you were pretty and Jimin had to say it for the second time" RM continued, I felt intrigued that he was able to notice everything even if he wasn't looking at me.

He then held my hands in his big ones, "and I'm about to say it again..." he said lowly. The hairs at the back of my neck stood up and I felt really flustered, this was my last straw before I combusted from them. RM leaned in closer to me and lowly said

"you look so beautiful"

I closed my eyes and pulled my hands out of RM's hands to cover my face. He thought I was crying and began to feel worried,

"Oh god, I'm sorry please don't cry" he said as he tried to comfort me, the other members looked at me and RM. "Aigoo~ Namjoon hyung made someone cry" Jungkook teased as he smiled at RM. Seokjin, Taehyung and Jimin looked triggered as they glared at him.

I looked up from my hands and gave him a mischievous pout and a wink, he raised his eyebrows in amusement then sat back in his seat.

"Feeling pretty clever aren't we?" he said with smirk, I gave him my victory smile until he got my book once again and wrote something beside his signature.

He then gave the book back and passed me on to Jungkook. He gave me an innocent bunny smile as he opened my book and signed it rather quickly.

"My hyungs seem to have good eyes since they've told you that you look beautiful" Jungkook said with a big smile as he rested his chin on top of the palm of his hand.

"How old are you?" he asked me

"Same age as you" I said with a smile, "my birthday is on September 1 believe it or not" I said shyly. Jungkook's big doe eyes shined under the light as he looked at me, he seemed to be getting lost in my eyes while I was getting cooked from the heat from my blushing cheeks.

"We're birthday buddies" he said softly trying to contain his hype. I shook my head, "Jungkook, there are other people with the same brithday as us... Doesn't mean we're the only birthday pair" I said feeling like I was lecturing a child.

Jungkook didn't react about my statement, he just stared at me with a dark glint in his eyes, as if he was trying to tell me something. He then smoothly reached for my hand and held it tightly than it looked,

"Um... Jungkook?" I called out from his trance, he snapped back to reality and went back to his innocent bunny smile. "I want to see you again some time, will you come to the next fan meet?" Jungkook asked right before I went to Jhope, I just smiled at him without saying anything and left.

Jhope welcomed me with a bright sunny smile as he openly got my book and doodled on my book.

I honestly found it cute on how childish and happy he could be. "Hi Hobi oppa!" I happily greeted, he smiled and returned my greeting 10x more brighter than mines.

I should have brought some shades and sunblock

I laughed internally

As I approached Yoongi he had a sweet smile on his face as be followed my every movement.

I smiled at him as I gently placed the book down infront of him. "Hello" was all Yoongi said as he buried himself in signing my book, "you're friend looks very pretty..." I heard Yoongi muttered softly.

I caught his whisper and looked at him flabbergasted. "You like my best friend huh???" I asked smiling hiding my pinch of annoyance. I never got a reply from him because he was busy staring at my best friend who was holding hands and talking to her bias wrecker right beside me.

Jungkook caught me looking at Jee Sae and he just smiled at me, not paying any attention to her. I snapped my attention back at Yoongi who was finished eyeing my best friend but I've noticed that glint in his eyes anywhere. I've noticed that all the members had that glint in their eyes.

Oh hell no, I've had enough of this.

I quickly snatched my book after Yoongi finished and then grabbed my best friend's hand and ran out of there.

"Yah! I'm skipping Yoongi oppa!" she said whinning. I didn't answer back since I was busy thinking about how I haven't noticed it sooner. The boys were crazy, they didn't seem insane but they are, thay all had a possessive glint in their eyes and oh boy have I had a lot of experiences with boys like them.

"They're all crazy" was all that came out my mouth as I led her in the passenger seat then rushed to the drivers. Before I opened the driver's door, I've heard screams of the fans inside getting louder.

I hurriedly got in and started the car. "Are you really this paranoid?" she asked me concerned, I sighed and looked at her. "Trust me... I major in psychology and I can see it in their eyes" I said as I drove out of our parking space and to the parking lot gate.

As we drove by the entrace we caught a glimpse of seven figures by the door we just ran out of.

"I-isn't that-" Jee Sae's voice sounded in disbelief as we drove by the boys who were watching us leave.

"I told you I can tell you who the crazies are..." I said as I tried to ignore the looming creepy stares of the 7 boys.

"I guess it takes one to know one" Jee Sae said trying to make light of the situation. I laughed and poked her side jokingly,

"yet you're still my friend?" I questioned cockily, she smiled at me and held my hand as I drove away from the venue.

Why do I sense that we're being followed?


Hahaaaa this is still a work in progress book so please forgive it's weird plot and also grammar mistakes.

Okay thanks bye 😅💜

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