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Gank your heart

Chapter 2 Ji hoo an

I fell, but someone catches me and it was a boy named ji hoo an and he's the m9st popular boy in school. I stand up quickly and say " I'm sorry and thank you" and he said "Next time watch where your going ". His rude but made me mad . I go back to class and sit down and calm down. I go outside and eat my lunch and draw and a girl comes up to me and says "Hello my name is Boon soon do you want to be best freinds?" I go sure than we talk to each other and we have a lot of things in common. And she said " The boy that catch you was ji hoo an and he's so popular and rich and he wants to be a singer and your the first girl he saves when other girls fall he doesn't do nothing but you better becare full because there's a girl who is also popular and if she saw you , you will get bullied by her" l. but I wasn't scared I told her "Don't worry". And I smiled than we hered music and there was ji hoio an again but singing and his singing was so good. But then they asked for someone to sing with him. All the girls raised there hands but they picked me. And this girl was looking at me and she looked at me as soon as I saw her I knew she was the popular girl. But she looked very mad at me. But people push me to the stage and I go to the stage and just stand there.

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