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Albion's Hero

By Dias Ronas

Action / Fantasy

The Troublemaker

OoO( 1 )OoO

Lyle was just a boy of 15 years. Although he was young, he was a reknowned troublemaker, a title he wears proudly, despite people looking down on him. It didn't matter to him, all that mattered was that him and his family were happy.

Today, Lyle was in a particularly lazy mood. He layed in his back yard snoring loudly as the clouds floated over him. It was a peaceful day, and he was taking advantage of the peace and quiet. Recently, he had been pestered by his father about his troublemaking and for now he just wanted to relax.

"Lyle, Lyle where are you?" he heard his father shout. He opened his eyes and sighed.

"Coming father!" he shouted getting up. He stretched and walked into the back door to find his father in his room. His father turned and spotted him, then stood up strait.

"Lyle, where have you been?" his father asked.

"The same place I have been for the past three hours." he said.

"Don't be sarcastic. Now, do you remember what today is?" his father asked him. Lyle thought for a second, then shrugged. His father sighed mournfully, then knocked his son over the head. "Its your sisters birthday! How could you forget so easily, I reminded you a thousand times this week." he scolded.

Lyle ran a hand through his blonde hair. "Sorry dad." he said.

"No matter. I suppose that if you forgot her birthday then you also forgot her present." his father said, noting the crestfallen look on his face. "Well, I'm not bailing you out this time. But I'll tell you what, you go around town and help some people that are in need and I will give you some gold to buy your sister a present with."

Lyle smiled and held up a thumb. "You can count on me." he said, then ran out the door.

"Oh, and Lyle..." Lyle turned around. "Try and stay out of trouble." said his father. Lyle mearly smiled and walked out the door.

Lyle had searched around for a few minutes before his former inspiration wore off. He now walked along the dusty path with his hands in the pockets of his worn out shorts. "Man, sis is gonna let me have it this time." he complained. He leaned against a fence and stared at the vast ocean in front of him. He closed his eyes as the warm breeze rippled his hair. Then his eyes snapped open as he heard something behind him. Turning around, he saw a house, and behind it he heard laughter.

"Hahahaha...you're so sweet." said a female voice.

"My little love blossom." said a familiar voice. Lyle walked closer to the house and peeked around the corner. What he saw made him smile. His neighbor Rurik was cheating on his wife.

"Perfect." said Lyle, but he didn't go unnoticed. Rurik heard him and looked over at Lyle.

Rurik backed up quickly and stared at the woman. "W-Who are you? I don't even know this woman." exclaimed Rurik. But, after seeing the triumphant look on Lyle's face, he looked around and then smiled. Walking over to Lyle, he reached into his pouch and pulled out a few gold coins. "Look Lyle, please don't tell my wife about this, she'll have my head this time." he said sliding the coins into Lyle's hand.

Lyle closed his hand and smiled. "I'll think about it."

"Good lad. A man should be able to do what he wants after all. Remember these words Lyle, always look out for number one." he said tapping the boy on the chest. "Don't get tied down to quickly." he said, then stood back up and went back to the woman.

Lyle watched as Rurik kissed her again. He walked around the corner and his face faded into a frown. "Disgusting excuse of a man." he said. Tossing the gold coins in the air, he smiled and said, "Always look out for number one...that I shall my friend, that I shall." he said grinning evilly as he caught the coins and put them in his own empty pouch, then continued his...honest...journey.

After walking down the road a bit, he crossed a crying little girl. After a failed attempt to ignore her, he walked up to her and stopped. "What's the matter kid?" he asked annoyed.

The little girl raised her pigtailed head and looked at him through tearstained eyes. Wiping them quickly on her cloth shirt, she muttered, "I-I lost my favorite bear. Her name is Rosie." said the girl scrubbing her eyes. "Please, can you help me find her?" she asked.

After staring at the girl for a second, he sighed. "Alright, I'll look for your bear. What does she look like?" he asked.

The girls face instantly brightened. "She's a little brown fuzzy bear and she has a blue patch on her back where she was torn." said the girl.

Lyle cocked an eyebrow. "A blue patch you say?" he asked. She nodded and he smiled. "I'll be right back." Running down the road again, he took a left in an alley barely big enough to fit him. After squeezing through the other side, he walked to the clubhouse now visible to his right. It was barely standing, with for walls sloppily nailed together and a large piece of battered wood on top as a roof. Lyle rubbed his forehead as he saw what lie before him.

"Stoppit! She isn't yours!" shouted a little kid, who was holding tightly to a stuffed bear.

"Just give it before I beat the stuffing out of you too!" shouted a much taller boy. He glared at the little kid from under a stocking cap.

"Ren, what did I tell you about picking on him?" said Lyle as he approached.

The bully turned and smiled as he saw Lyle. "Good timing Lyle, I was just about to take this kids bear, but he won't give it up. Help me out here."

Lyle approached and instantly slugged Ren across the jaw. "Don't ignore me." he said. Ren got up and smiled. Pulling back his fist he punched Lyle back sending him to the ground.

"Nice hit there Graden." he said.

Lyle got back up and laughed. "Someday I will be strong enough to beat him. But seriously don't pick on the kid." he said as the smaller kid hid behind him.

"Awww, why not?" he asked.

"Because I said, now lay off. Before I get serious with the punches."

Ren looked at the cowering kid, then back at Lyle. "Man, you really are getting soft." he said, then turned around and walked away.

Lyle turned back to the kid and smiled. "Don't worry, he's gone."

"Lyle!" shouted the kid. Then he did something completely unexpected. Punching Lyle in the stomach and making him double over, he shouted, "What took you so long?"

Lyle smiled at the kid as he caught his breath. "Sorry, please don't hit me again. I promise I won't be late again master." he said sarcastically.

Feeling better, the kid smiled. "Thats better. Now, what did you come here for anyway?" he asked.

"I came for the bear." said Lyle.

"What? Your not taking him. You'll probably give it back to Ren." said the kid clutching Rosie tightly.

"No, I found the owner of it. She really wants her bear back." said Lyle, getting frustrated.

"No way! I found her fair and square!"

Lyle had the urge to grab the kid by his rat tail and pummel him. But he thought for a second and thought of a solution. Pulling out the bribe he got from Rurik, he held it out to the kid. "Here, I'll give you three gold for the bear." said Lyle.

The kid looked at the gold then back to Lyle. "Where did you get that?" he asked.

"Going, going..."said Lyle tauntingly, and the kid snatched the gold.

"Alright, I'll take it." he said handing the bear to Lyle.

Lyle walked away annoyed that he actually paid money to do a good deed, leaving the kid to bite the coins and make sure they were real. Walking down the road he found the little girl again and tossed the bear to her without even stopping. The girl looked down at the bear, then back at Lyle.

Lyle kept walking, but was suddenly eating dirt as something tackled him from behind. He coughed to clear his lungs, then sat his chin on the palm of his hand. "What a day..." he said. Turning to see who had run him over, he noticed the little girl with her arms wrapped around his waist.

"Thank you Lyle." said the little girl crying again.

He sat there for a second before standing up. For some reason, he was glad he had paid for the bear. Smiling he said, "Anytime." Then he ran down the street leaving the girl to her bear.

"Ten gold bet against myself that I don't get a hundred feet without..."

"Lyle, can you come here for a second?" asked a woman.

Stopping, he smiled. "Well, I owe myself ten gold." he said. Walking over to the woman he looked up at her. "Yes Mrs. Anna?" he asked.

"Lyle, have you seen my husband around?" asked the woman with her arms crossed.

"Oh yeah, he was behind Val's house with..." he said, then slapped a hand over his mouth. She looked at him curiously.

"With who?" she asked venomously.

Slowly he pulled the hand from his mouth and said, "With...another woman."

The womans eyes flared and Lyle could have sworn he saw fire shoot from her nose. "Thank you Lyle dear." she said, then casually walked past him towards the house mentioned. Lyle smiled nervously as the woman began to sprint towards the house.

He started to run again. This time he went undisturbed as he found a barn and hid inside it. Slowly he crept from box to box, keeping out of sight of anyone else.

"Hey, what are you doing there?" asked a little kid who had spotted him. Lyle froze and looked at the kid. Raising his finger to his mouth, he was silently telling him to shut up. But it was too late.

"Lyle, is that you?" asked a man who popped his head around the boxes and spotted the boy. Lyle sighed.

"Yes sir." he said standing up strait.

"Lyle..." the man started. But the boy cut him off.

"Can I do you a favor?" asked Lyle.

"Yeah, how did you know?" asked the man.

"Just one of those days." he said. "Anyway, what did you need?"

"I just need you to stand here and watch these crates for me until I get back."

Lyle was about to ask where he was going, when he noticed the man doing a strange dance. "Uh, sure." he said and the man bowed. After realizing that bowing when you have to answer the call of nature is a bad idea, the man ran off.

Lyle stood there and glared at the kid darkly. The kid smiled as the man ran off, then he walked over and grabbed a hammer. "Good! You got him to leave! Now we can smash these open!" he said as he went to swing at the box. But the swing was blocked by a rather sturdy stick. Lyle pulled up with the twig harshly, making the hammer fly out of the boys hands.

"I don't think so. You got me into this now you are gonna suffer for it too." he said.

"Oh, cummon. There must be bunches of stuff in here." said the kid, but Lyle didn't move. "Man, you have no sense of fun." As soon as the kid turned around, Lyle wacked him hard on the backside with the stick. The kid jumped in surprise and shrieked. He spun around and glared at Lyle.

"What did you do that for?" he shouted. Lyle just looked at him with surprise.

"What are you talking about? I didn't do anything. Must have been your imagination." he said sarcastically.

The boy glowered at Lyle before turning around again and walking away. Lyle smirked as he watched the enraged boy run off. He waited a while until finally the man came back. "Thanks Lyle, I owe you one." he said.

Lyle got up and didn't even answer him. Running off up the hill, he made for home again when a chicken ran in his path, causing him to trip and skid along the ground for the second time that day. Jumping up with fury, he yelled a battle cry before kicking the bird as hard as he could. The fowl flew like a cannonball and hit a merchant in the head, causing him to jump in surprise and crash through the cart of goods he had been previously setting up.

Lyle wanted to laugh, but he reserved it and ran so as not to get in anymore trouble.

Lyle finally made it home when he dove into his front door and looked around. Not seeing anyone around, he stood up and made for the kitchen.

"Ah Lyle, how did you do today?" asked his father who had followed him in the door.

"All I want is something to drink! Is that too much to ask?" he shouted, then stormed into the kitchen.

His father laughed and said, "Thats a sign he did well."

After a long drink of water from a barrel in the kitchen, Lyle cooled off and walked back into the front where his dad was waiting for him. "Sorry dad."

"Don't worry about it son, I know you had a hard day." said his father who was carving a figure out of wood.

Lyle looked at his father. "How?" he asked.

"I walked around town and asked what was going on. Most of them told me that you helped them out in some way or another." said his father, who then pulled a pouch from his side and tossed it to Lyle. "There, you've earned it."

Lyle caught the bad and felt the gold inside. "There must be at least fifty gold inside." he said surprised.

"Fifty-five to be exact. And its all yours, there should be more than enough there to get your sister a present with. And the rest, you can keep for yourself."

Lyle smiled and said, "Thanks dad!" Then he ran out the door, leaving his father chuckling behind him.

Lyle walked out of the doll store with his pouch still full. "Man, when are they going to get a new stock? Sis already has all those." he said scratching his blonde hair.

Suddenly, a foreign merchant with a ridiculus mustache eyed Lyle's money pouch. "Hey boy, I hear you are looking for a present for your sister." said the merchant as he approached the boy.

Lyle looked up at him and said, "Yeah, so?"

"I may have exactly what you need." said the merchant.

"Oh really, and whats that?" asked Lyle curiously. Pulling something from his pack the merchant smiled. He held up a doll with white armor on and a large spear. Lyle smiled. "She has wanted this one, its her favorite." he said.

"Ah, and rightly so. Thats Agrias, one of the few female knights that won in the Witchwood Arena. Its a very rare find." he said.

"How much?" asked Lyle.

"Well, normally, this thing would sell for around one thousand gold. But I can give it to you for one hundred." said the merchant.

"I don't have one hundred, all I have is...ten gold." said Lyle cautiously. One thing his father had taught him was to never let a merchant know how much money you have.

"Only ten?" said the merchant. The merchant stood up strait and started to twirl his mustache. "I have a proposal. Go get ten more gold and its yours." he said.

"Three." said Lyle competitivly.

"Seven." said the merchant.



"Ten!" shouted Lyle.

Getting confused, the merchant shouted, "Three!"

"Deal." said Lyle and handed him the money. The merchant handed over the doll and took the money, satisfied that he had bargained him up to...

"Hey!" shouted the merchant.

Lyle took off like a rocket and laughed. As he made his way home, he carried the money bag, tossing it in the air and catching it while making the doll do action poses with his right hand. Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks as he heard yelling to his left. Turning he saw Rurik being dragged away from the house by his ear.

As he was dragged past Lyle, Rurik glared at him. "Happy now you ungrateful little welp?" he asked.

Lyle smiled cockily. "Just looking out for number one." he said tossing the bag into the air again and catching it. Lyle continued home ignoring the insults that sprang from the mans mouth and walked inside. Taking a small cloth sack, he slipped the doll gently inside and tied the top with a bow. "There we go. She'll love it." he said. Walking in the kitchen, he spotted his dad. "Hey pops, where is sis at?" he asked.

Tossing his son an apple, he turned smiling and said, "Up in the fields, where she's been for the past three hours."

Lyle caught the apple and walked over to his father. Knocking him over the head, he said, "Don't be sarcastic." Then they both stared at each other and laughed.

"So, what did you get your sister?" asked his father.

"Something she can't hold against me next birthday." he said and his father laughed.

"You got some sense of humor boy, just like your mother." said his father as he sat down. "Go ahead and take that to your sister, I'm sure she will love it." he said. "I'll stay and finish setting up for her party."

Lyle nodded as he took a bite out of the apple.

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