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Locked Away (BNHA)


Izuku Midoriya is a young boy with a dream of becoming a hero like everyone else. However, being quirkless, small, and having suspicious bands around his neck, wrist, and ankles does not make him an appropriate choice for one. Izuku needs to prove himself in order to save himself and others from the controlling standards of society and government. Quirk!Izuku (I don't own BNHA)

Action / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Izuku Midoriya sits in a classroom, ignoring his surroundings as he tries to read over his messy notes about heroes. His hands, free of anything to do, tug at the outside of the cold metal collar that he is required to wear constantly, no matter the reason would be to remove it.

Not like Izuku can remove it anyway. It has to be destroyed in order to be removed. If he were to somehow remove it, the bracelets around his wrist and ankles would electrocute him, presumably knocking him out. In addition, it would send his location to the forces in order to capture him and force the noose around his neck back in place.

Not that it has ever happened. He has been close ‘friends’ with the collar and bracelets since he was four.

Izuku tries to remember the notes he has taken, but it simply slips his mind like everything else in the world it seems. Sighing, he looks up. His curly green bangs cover his eyes. He doesn’t bother to move it. He is in the center of the classroom, surrounded by presumably powerful kids. Kids with quirks. Kids with super-powers. A power that isn’t present in him. Instinctively, he runs a diagnosis through his mind based off what he knows and sees, muttering it under his breathe.

Midoriya Izuku - Quirk: Quirkless - Izuku does not a quirk. He is your average extra-small boy. He has to rely on abilities he has gained over the years and smarts to survive in this world.

Izuku has learned to do a diagnosis of a person as it helps him focus and come up with a plan. Sadly, he has to do that as he is a bullied kid. The collar and bracelets don’t help with his appearance, making him seem like a threat. The bracelets even have dents and knife marks from him trying to break it. This has lead to suspicious looks, but he has learned to ignore them.

The room is a simple classroom with tiled floor and ceiling. The room has six rows of desk with five in each row, every desk filled with a unique student. Every wall but the wall to his left holds a chalk board. In the front, Izuku can see his teacher collecting papers for a project the students had to complete. He has never paid attention to his teacher though because he gets lost too easily. To his left is where he looks the most. The left wall is a windowed wall that shows the outside world. He can see his reflection in the window as well, allowing him to pick up every detail of himself.

Izuku has ruly green hair that covers his similar-colored eyes most of the time. He always wears a black face-mask, allowing him to conceal his expressions and mutter to himself without anyone hearing him. The metal noose around his neck glints in the sunlight, tight around his neck to remind him that it exists. He is wearing a black long-sleeve uniform with a collar, but the collar does not cover the metal part of him. He turns away to look down at his desk. It’s covered in multiple explosions marks from someone in the classroom. The desk goes up to his shoulders, making it difficult for him to write in it. His feet hang from his chair as the desk is too large for him. He is only 130 centimeters (4′3") and 27 kilograms (60 lbs) at fourteen, making him the smallest kid in the school. As he was inspecting the classroom, ruckus breaks out, causing him to look up.

“Settle down! Yes, you all have nice quirks but you can’t use it out in public!” The teacher tells the class, struggling to get them to settle down. Izuku takes note of every quirk he sees demonstrated, running a quick analysis through his brain. Papers fly around the room for a moment before settling on the floor. Upon closer inspection, it’s the project the students had to do. The project about where the students plan to go after middle school. Izuku would have to be ignorant to not know what everyone put.

Everybody wants to be a hero.

When the rise of quirks came around, heroes and villains appeared. It was a dream come true for comic book fans to finally have super-powers! However, people started using their quirks for evil deeds. The government needed a solution so the hero career was born. Heroes are suppose to protect the world from danger.

Sometimes, Izuku wonders otherwise. A voice cuts through the chaos.

“Please! Don’t put me down with the rest of these low-lifes! They would be lucky if they end up at a torn-down agency!” Izuku is able to place that voice from anywhere. They have known each other since they were kids after all.

Bakugo Katsuki (Kacchan) - Quirk: Explosion - Instead of regular sweat, Kacchan sweats nitroglycerin from his hand to trigger explosions. He has multiple variations of using quirk; for example, he can use it has a direct attack, for mobility, or for a smoke screen. Kacchan has ashy blonde hair with red eyes. He acts egotistical as he thinks he is the best in the school and other students and teachers encourage this. He always starts with a right punch.

His comment quickly sparks outrage across the class.

“Ah, Bakugo! You plan on going to UA, yes?” The teacher questions him.

Bakugo jumps out of his seat, landing on his desk as he enthusiastically exclaims, “Yes, the best for the best! I have already beat all the mock test and a quirk to match expectations! I plan on becoming the top and best hero in the world, becoming even better than All Might himself, and it all starts in UA High!”

“Midoriya, you plan on going to UA High too, right?” First, there is silence.

Then everyone turns to face him and laughter bounces off the wall, the mockery surrounding Izuku like water trying to drown him. He can feel his heart pounding to his throat, his palms becoming sweaty, and his body trembling of fear.

A student exclaims,” You really think they are going to let someone without a quirk into UA?!” Izuku is quick to respond.

“T-t-they got rid of t-that rule! I could be the f-first quirkless student in there!”

“DEKU!” Bakugo’s voice slices through the noise like knife through butter. The moment Izuku heard his childhood nickname thrown in the air, he grabs his stuff and jumps out of the chair. He avoids the explosions Bakugo is creating on his desk as he looks down upon him. A predator ready to eat his prey, Bakugo continues his grand speech,” Listen Deku, you are the worst than the rest of these wannabes because you are quirkless! Why would UA choose you when they could have someone like me there?!”

“I-I’m not trying to c-c-compete with you! I j-just wanted to be a hero s-since I was young. I-If the chance is t-there, I am t-taking it!”

“You will never be able to hang with the best of the best! You will die in the exam itself! Defenseless Izuku! Do you really want to embarrass the school by failing it so badly!?” Izuku looks up at his childhood bully.

“I-I rather die t-trying than live my l-life in regret.” Izuku knows he doesn’t have much to lose. This quiets for class for a moment. The teacher forces the students back to their seats, though he can tell by the look in his eye that Bakugo is not done yet.

The second the school bell rang, Izuku dashes out of his seat and classroom to avoid Bakugo.

“GET BACK HERE, DEKU!” He doesn’t bother to look back. He lets his feet guide him naturally where he needs to go. He jumps over the railing to the stairs, landing on his feet from all the training he went through to put as much distance between him and Bakugo as possible. Izuku zooms out of the school while paying attention to the sound of explosions behind him. He doesn’t bother to slow down when he doesn’t hear it anymore. He continues to run until he appears at a tunnel, taking deep breathes as he leans against the wall. It frustrates him how easily he wears out. The weight that slows him down will remain forever there though so he has to deal with it. After a moment, he pushes himself off the wall and walks through the tunnel.

As Izuku reaches the end, he hears a gurgling sound from behind him, causing him to turn around. The site before him holds a large dark-green slime-monster staring straight at him.

Izuku is the target. The monster speaks.

“A meat body! A bit on the small side, but it will save me from All Might!” Without thinking, Izuku ducks and rolls to the side to avoid the sludge from crushing him from above. He scrambles to get up as he runs back to set some distance between him and the creature before him. “Come on, there is not point in fighting it because it will happen anyway!” The sludge screams, throwing its slime at him to try and capture him. Izuku hops around, grabbing every bit of energy he can muster to survive. He quickly studies the villain before him.

Unknown Name (Sludge) - Quirk: Sludge - The body is made of sludge. It can be presumed it can not take physical attacks unless it is aimed for the physical parts of its body (mouth and eyes.) Based on what it said, it can take over a victim’s body to control them. The liquid could possibly separate from its body. It could be possible to freeze the sludge.

Izuku jumps back to avoid an arm, but he knows he can’t last long. His breathing is already ragged from the earlier experience with Bakugo. His body is weak, relying heavily on speed. He could run, but he doesn’t want other civilians involved. Izuku quickly runs through the conversation he has had with the villain thus far, realizing that All Might is probably searching for the villain. He just needs to distract. He thought about removing his face-mask, but he realizes that it might take a moment for the slime villain to go through.

Izuku will take any moment he can.

Within a couple minutes, Izuku is too worn out to continue. He should run, but that is selfish to the people around him. He rolls under an arm when another arm grabs him. He feels himself be lifted by the chest by the foul-smelling sludge when he is pulled towards the body. He quickly realizes there is no point in struggling, taking a deep breathe in as the protective mask is ripped off and sludge is forced down his throat, slowly crawling down his esophagus and into his lungs.

Please. Someone help me.

“Good boy, no struggling! This will only take 45 seconds and it will all be over. You are a hero to me, kid!” The sludge voice rumbles through Izuku’s body. Without a moment for realization, the sludge tries to wrap itself around his neck, only for electricity to spark from the metal collar, spreading itself through the sludge’s body. The slime screams, “WHAT THE HELL?!” The sludge rips itself out of Izuku’s throat, dropping him on the ground as it evacuates. When the collar went off, it shocked the boy’s body that carried the sludge inside and around him.

Izuku passed out within seconds of the shock, his body left behind on the ground in the tunnel.

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