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After the battle of Naraku and being sent back to the present, the well reopens after six years. Everything has changed. Unlikely relationships have formed and a new venture begins. Pairings: Inuyasha/Kagome, Miroku/Sango, Rin/Kohaku, Sesshomaru/OC

Romance / Fantasy
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The Well

Hello. Thank you for coming to read my story have not written in a long time and I'm excited about my new story.

I tried to stay close to where the manga left off except, I changed the length Kagome was gone and a few other things.

Please let me know your thoughts.


CHAPTER 1 - The Well

"Inuyasha!" She called out into the darkness.

The hanyou appeared slicing through a horde of demons. He scanned the darkness and in the distance, he could see her in the soft glow of the Shikon no tama. "Kagome..." She turned to him and he could sense her relief. Rushing to her side and pulled the small girl into his arms.

Kagome returned his embrace. "Inuyasha.."

Lifting his hand up to her head, he intertwined his fingers into her soft tresses and leaned in pressing his lips to the top of her head breathing in her gentle scent.

Reaching up between them, she placed her hands on his chest. "I know what to wish for." Gently she pushed away and gazed at him before turning to the jewel and clasping it in her hand. The heat of evil aura burning her skin. She tightly clasped her hand around it and focused on her wish. "Disappear."

The jewel resonate. A burst of blinding light engulfed them and she suddenly felt exhausted as her eyes slowly began to close.




After the Shikon no Tama disappeared and Kagome had been sent back to the future, the well stopped working. Six years have passed since Kagome had seen her companions.

Slowly, she walked up the steps of the shrine. Now in her third year of college she was still unsure what she wanted to major in. The Sengoku Jedai was always on her mind. Ever since her travels to the past, she no longer felt attached to the present. 'I want to go back.' Her heart swelled with overwhelming hurt. 'I want...I want to see him. I want to be with Inuyasha.'

The trees covering the steps brought a relief of cool air. The air had been hot and stagnant.

Suddenly a breeze whipped through racing down the steps. The wind was cool as it caressed her skin and laced through her hair. The scent of fresh clean air brushed against her senses. Her breath caught in her throat. 'Did it?'

Without a second thought, she ran up the stairs. Her legs ached from the exertion as she neared the top.

"Welcome home Kagome." Kagome's mother called as she swept the porch. Kagome had just reached the top of the stairs. She stumbled, grasped her knees, and gasped for air. Her chest rose and fell with each hard breath. "Kagome.."

"I...I think it's open!" Kagome pushed herself forward to race to the well house.

"Kagome!" She dropped the broom and rushed to follow her daughter.

Kagome had ripped the old wooden doors open. From the top of the steps, she could hear a slight breeze coming from the well. "It's open! Mama!" She descend the stairs skipping a few steps in the process.

Kagome's mother walked into the well house clutching her apron. "It's working?"

Kagome looked down into the well. The wind that had been blowing against her skin now seemed to be pulling her in. She heard her mother ask her to wait as she ran back to the house. She couldn't move. Her azure gaze was fixed on the dark well. 'I can see him.' Her heart swelled. She was excited and nervous at the same time. 'Would he be waiting for me?'

"Kagome." Her mother returned to the well house. She brought her yellow backpack down, setting it next to the well. "You will need this. I filled it with everything you may need." She smiled and hugged her daughter.

"Mama..." She felt torn once again. What if she never sees her family ever again?

"Kagome." Her mother held her, smiling and gently rubbing her back. "You belong with him." She stepped back holding her daughter at arms length. "Now...Hurry. Can't keep Inuyasha waiting any longer." She spun her bewildered daughter around and helped her with her backpack. "You will tell him that we miss him, won't you?"

Kagome turned to her mother and embraced her one last time. "I will. Thanks mama." She slowly released her mother and smiled. "Until next time..." She sat down on the lid of the well and lifted her legs over the lip. She could smell the fresh grass. Sucking in a breath, she jumped in.

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