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Your brother Jungkook or adopted brother I should say, got the family business and moved away from Y/N. After the promise they both made can Jungkook and Y/N get the promise back in order and will Jungkook not be jealous of Y/N's new guys friends...

Humor / Romance
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[ Bonheur ]

The doctor handed me the adoption forms. I looked through them checking the signatures and all of the requirements thoroughly. "Thank you sir." I said as we stood up. I bowed and walked out of the room. "Now where is room 302?" I asked myself looking around. I started walking down the hall until I came upon the door of the room. Sweat dripped of my head. I was here to adopt a boy who is younger than me. My parents couldn't make it here because of a meeting, so I was left here to go through the papers and pick up the boy. Well, not a boy really. I'm 19 and he's 17. So why are my parents adopting him? Well, they needed someone who could take over the business since I'm in college for music. My parents seem like the type to be upset with me doing something out of their liking, but they supported me and said they should adopt. They are proud of me for how far I've gotten and said they will help me if I need it... but I can't help but feel unwanted.

I slowly turned the knob as I walked into a grey room with modern furniture decorating the room nicely. I walked around the corner and saw a boy with his back towards me. He jumped when he heard my soft voice call his attention, "Hello?" I asked brushing my hair behind my ear to get a better look at him. He turned around and his cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "Ah... I'm sorry... I was- I mean I was going to- hi..." He choked out his face sweaty from anxiety. I smiled gently as I walked over and bent down to his level. "Hi, I'm your new sister!" I exclaimed cheerfully as I reached my hand out for him to shake. He reached his hand out hesitantly and shook mines gently. I smiled at his nervous behavior. "Don't worry, I don't bite." He nodded biting his lip and examining me to be sure. "Yeah... that's what they all said." He muttered eyes watering. "Hey, hey, hey!" I whispered soothingly as I pulled him into a hug. He bursted into tears and cried out, "Don't leave me like they all do." I pulled him away and wiped his tears. "Why would I do that?" He went silent. "Well, then promise me when I'm older that you will always be by my side and never leave." I paused and looked at him. He looked so vulnerable and forgotten. "Promise me!" He said a little louder. I nodded, "Your my little brother and no matter what happens you will be by my side." He smiled as tears rolled down his red cheeks. "My own sister." He said warmly.

I won't ever forget that day when my brother, Jeon Jungkook, became a part of my family. Of course he wasn't always up to letting everyone in, but with me, he always let's himself cry and open up when it's only me and him. I swore never to tell my parents what happens, so my mouth is sealed. I still remember the promise I made. But over time I had to break it. Jungkook owned the family business and couldn't make time for me. He is always away working and won't even call. But what can I say... I shut him out too.

I sat up in my bed as tears flowed down my cheeks. "Kookie..." I sobbed covering my eyes and wiping my nose. I wiped away the remaining tears as I grabbed my phone from off the charger. I looked through my contacts until I found the contact name; My Little Baby. I pressed dial and held the phone to my ear. It started to ring as nervousness hit me. What would I say? Would he be sad after breaking our promise? Does he not remember me anymore? After a few more rings someone picked up. A deep voice asked, "Hello, Mr. Jeon here." Relief swept over my head. "H-hello... this is..." He cut me off, "Cupcake?!" My eyes widened. "Y-you remember me?" He took a pause and his voice cracked, "Of course I do..." His voice came out as if he was on the verge of tears. "We need to meet up. You know..." I said nervously. He is my only brother so this was awkward enough already, plus inviting him somewhere was even weirder for me. "Ummm..." He took a deep and then replied, "About that..." My face burned red. "I'm so sorry, I forgot-" He cut me off. "Listen I would really like to meet with you but I can't." I sighed. It was good to try to get him to come back home though. "Maybe another time..." He whispered as I heard a voice in the background telling him he has paper to sign as I fiddled with my fingers. "Well, call me sometime, Kookie..." I mumbled embarrassed. "I will. Sleep tight cupcake."

And that was it. The last time I talked to him for about 2 years.

But one day something happened and I saw him again.

But he wasn't the same.

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