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The Assassin & The Android (Is It Love?)


Now that Lia and Connor are a couple, will he be able to continue to be an officer of the DPD, since his girlfriend is an Assassin? Will Lia bring Connor into his life of killing people for money? Can they both survive what life throws at them?

Action / Romance
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The Ball: Chapter 1

Lia had a small smile on her face, early in the morning she had spent it with Connor, and it was nice. She enjoyed just walking around and talking with him, before he had to go to work. She didn’t know if it was because she was so used to people following her, or her following other people. But she thought for sure that someone was following Connor. So she decided to find out, when Connor left, she began to follow the man. And she noticed that he was going everywhere that Connor was, whether it was to a scene or not. She wondered if this person knew Connor, or if Connor was aware of someone following him. She bit her bottom lip as she stood outside of the DPD, and contemplated on if she should go in. Yes, they were officially a couple, but they hadn’t really talked to anyone else about how they met, and things like that. But if this person was targeting Connor, he had a right to know. She knew all and well that he could take care of himself, but he still had the right to know. She walked through the doors of the DPD, and her eyes scanned the area, as she took everything in, already knowing where all the exits were. She went to the front, and asked where she could find officer Connor, and she was directed to where she could find him.

Lia saw Connor look up, and she smiled as she saw him. But soon a younger male came up clearing his throat.

(Police Officer): He cleared his throat and showed what was probably to other women an award winning and charming smile. “How can I miss you Miss??” He asked in a flirtatious way.

Lia arched a brow, and ignored the way the Police Officer was speaking to her. She looked at him; “I am here to see my boyfriend?”

(Police Officer): He looked surprised, and would be ready to give the guy some kind of bullshit later. “Well, I’m not your boyfriend...But thank you for the offer.” He said winking. “Anyways, whom are you looking for?”

Lia cleared her throat. “You’re not my type, and probably the type to a low level mammal that has no discretion or knowledge in their lives. I however am looking for my boyfriend who has an actual IQ, and his name is Connor, he is right behind you, so can you step aside?” Lia heard a couple officers chuckle and one whistle as the officer moved aside, and Lia walked over to Connor as she made it to him, she placed her hand on his chest and then kissed his cheek. “Hello again handsome, sorry to bother you, but there is something I need to speak to you about, privately.” She said watching him closely. She could feel people watching them, and she honestly didn’t care, the first and most important thing in her mind was to tell Connor what she found out. She stood before him, as she awaited his response.

It had been three months since his people, the androids, had been accepted as individuals instead of slaves to do the bidding of their creators. It was after Connor on his own had figured out how to locate Jericho, the android headquarters, that he had realized that by monitoring his every move his handler Amanda, the artificial intelligence program from which Connor got his instructions in a graphical interface known as the Zen Garden.

Thanks to his connection he had unknowingly led humans there. It was revealed right after he had deviated. Switching sides Connor had helped many androids escape but unfortunately not all. Some had perished and they had friends and loved ones too. That there had been a vengeful android stalking him had completely escaped his attention. Still not one hundred percent certain what it is like to be human he had never heard about the phrase having ’eyes in one’s neck’.

If so he should been aware that someone was following him wherever he went. And if he had been kept under surveillance for a long time information about his whereabouts could be used against him. Like for instance him seeking up a suspect without reporting in his findings. Perhaps the male android never expected that his actions before becoming a deviant would ever come back and haunt him.

Today Connor had gone to work, and since it was farther away than usual he had decided to take one of those self-autonomous taxis. After enduring the usual taunt from Gavin Reed Connor made his way over to his desk with a cup of coffee. It was a by now familiar voice that around one hour later reached his ears and his blue gaze left the flickering computer screen. Hank was running late as usual since the desk opposite was empty.

Looking in that direction he saw Lia standing there, and a smile burst out on his face. However it faded a bit when this police officer walked up to her, knowing it was one of Gavin Reed’s lapdogs, he sighed inwardly.

However, when Lia mentioned that she had come to see his boyfriend, aka him, caused his cheeks to momentarily shift into a faint bluish color. And it was still interesting to hear how she dealt with this man. It was close to insulting and the following commotion was rather embarrassing but it soon passed as Lia approached his desk. Feeling her hand on his chest and kiss on his cheek eased his mind and he ignored any response from his colleagues.

“It is not a bother, beautiful”, he smiled and, after getting up from his chair Connor gave her cheek a quick caress. “I was just about to take a break anyway, so we could go somewhere to ‘talk’.” Turning off his computer Connor finished his cup of coffee and then focused on his girlfriend, his voice lower than usual. “So where is the best place to discuss this matter you wanted to inform me about?” Perhaps a public spot like a café was out of the question, knowing what had happened last time. However that something similar would happen again would be highly unlikely. Still what happened had made Connor prepared just in case it was going to go south.

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