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The Assassin & The Android (Is It Love?)

A Warning

Lia smiled when she heard the way he greeted her. Always so formal, she wondered if he was aware the emotions such words could cause. She cleared her throat as she spoke softly. “Private, as in just you and me. It’s um, urgent.” She said as she looked at him, and did a nod gesture with her head, towards what looked like an office across from them.

[Female Officer]: She cleared her throat. “Connor, use the meeting room, we’re not using it yet.”

Lia arched her brow at the woman, but inclined her head, as she looked at Connor and let him lead the way. Once they were in the meeting room and the door was closed behind them she sighed. “You’re being watched; well besides the obvious.” She said gesturing to the people watching them through the windows of the meeting room, and she cleared her throat as she locked her mismatched eyes with Connor. “Sorry to say that I was following you after our time together this morning, and I saw a male figure, close to six feet, three inches tall, dark almost auburn hair, hazel eyes, slight build, and he had a LED light on his temple.” She said looking at him.

She looked at Connor. “So I know that I am not the target, you are. For they followed you to a crime scene and back here. Since I am good at hunting, I have been following him. He is not aware of me knowing that he is following you.” She said looking at Connor. “So, I came here, I know we didn’t fully discuss how we met to speak towards your co-workers,but I felt that you had a right to know.” She said looking at him. She heard an older man bellow, but it wasn’t out of anger, and more out of curiosity, she arched a brow looking out the window, and she cocked her head to the side, as she looked at Connor. “I am guessing that is Hank?” She asked.

Besides reading up on kisses as Lia had told him to Connor had also learned a great deal how to respond accordingly to people depending on what sort of relationship one had with them. And since it was not pretend anymore the proper was to make her feel special. And she was to him, like Hank was his friend. However that road had been even bumpier than theirs.

“Then we will talk here”, he said, and was thankful for the female officer that was a colleague that accepted him as he was, a valued member of the police effort compared to Gavin Reed that for some reason was holding grudges towards him. “Thank you, Tina”, he smiled, and taking Lia by the hand Connor entered the vacant meeting room.

“It is alright, you did the right thing to let me know”, he answered as Lia had finished. The description she had given him made it clear that it was an android. Like humans androids was different, but there were exceptions. For instance Daniel, the android he had met during his first mission as a hostage negotiator happened to be the same model as Simon, the leader of Jericho. The model name was PL600 and it had pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. However whereas the eye color was always the same androids could change hair color.

Her information had been valuable and Connor had to look over his shoulder from now on. Who could this android be and why was it following him. Since it had no name Connor was calling the android an it. Perhaps that it was stalking him had something to do with his actions at Jericho, where his presence had helped the military swarm the place. His handler Amanda had from the Zen Garden interface been keeping tabs on him.

Thanks to meeting Elijah Kamski, a meeting that led him to leave without any information of who this mysterious rA9. For that he had been forced to make a choice. Spare or kill Chloe, one of the female androids that was the first to pass the Turing test. Where she had been interacting with humans and see what their reaction was, initially unaware that she was an android.

Refusing to do so he had still been told about a back door in this program and had used it when she had tried to take over his body in order to shoot Markus while holding his speech. After this Connor had been reluctant to going into ‘standby mode’, afraid to be back in the Zen garden, but he knew that he had to one day or his bio components was going to start taking damage.

Returning to reality Connor said. “I think that you are describing an AP700 model. Thank you for informing me about this.” Since it was proper to show some etiquette at work it would not be proper to show any affection that they would have if they had been at a public place like a café. His hand was still holding hers and Connor gave it a squeeze, when something familiar sound came from outside.

His brown eyes went to the clock on the wall before turning in its direction. “Yep, that’s Hank. And he is running late as usual.” There was tug at the corner of his lips. “I am sure that he wonders who you are”, he smiled, adding. “So how about telling the truth?” It would come out sooner or later. “We can always say that we bumped into one another somewhere. It works in the movies so we could add some spice?” Waiting for to answer Connor was not aware of his thumb stroking the soft skin of her hand.

Lia listened to Connor and she nodded. “You’re welcome, you are technically my man,so I want and need you to know what I see, especially if it means that you are in danger.” She said as she heard his question about meeting Hank, and she thought about it for a moment, and she nodded. “I don’t mind meeting Hank, though I can’t promise that I won’t throw another quip at that Officer who thinks that any woman who walks wants to be in his pants.” She said honestly as she looked at Connor, a slight laugh escaping her lips, as she brushed her hair behind her ear. She saw the way Hank was looking along with others, and she arched a single brow, as she looked at Connor,and out of instinct she gently squeezed his hand, as she felt his thumb was stroking her skin on her hand.

She bit her bottom lip as she tried to think of how to say that they met, and now that they are a couple. She didn’t know what Connor wanted her to say, but she figured he was right, that telling the truth was the best. Technically speaking, they did just ‘run’ into one another. Granted he came looking for her, but it was still running into one another. She had to think of a reason as to why they are together now, so soon after they just met. A thought went through her head, and she played the scenario out, and liked the out come of how it would be.

She nodded as she looked at Connor. “We can tell them the truth, that we just met each other, in a round about way. I am sure once they know my name, they are wanting to know much more about who I am, and how or why we’re together. In all honesty, we can just say that we ‘ran’ into one another, and it’s gone on since then.” She said as she bit her bottom lip. “And as for how we’re together so quickly, I have thought of that as well. Anyways, I should let you get back to work, for I have a ‘job’ to do as well. I was going to ask for information, but it’s not needed now.” She said honestly, as she walked towards the door, and opened it, as she walked out first, with Connor behind her, still holding his hand this entire time.

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