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Family Issues


Monday morning, Fentonworks

An alarm clock blared inside Fentonworks, a regular looking building with an UFO contraption on its roof.

The alarm was turned off by Danny Fenton, a sixteen year old with black hair and blue eyes. Getting up from his bed, Danny grabbed his clothes and went to get a shower.

Back in his room, now clothed in his usual outfit, Danny picked up his backpack and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. As Danny walked into the kitchen, he greeted his family sitting at the table. They all returned the greeting with various levels of interest.

Danny's father, Jack Fenton was currently trying to fix the Ghost Gabber, a device that would translate Ghost Speech into Human Speech.

Jazz Fenton, his sister, was sitting opposite her father, reading a psychology textbook.

His mom, Maddie Fenton had just finished making breakfast and had placed Danny's plate on the table. He was the only one who had yet to eat.

Danny thanked his mom before he started eating his pancakes.

"You're welcome sweetie," she responded before turning her attention to her husband. "Jack, why are you still messing with that?"

"I'm fixing it," Jack replied. "This blasted thing hasn't worked since we built it. And I intend to make it work if it's the last thing I do."

Danny listened to the conversation as he ate and absently said, "Why bother? It's not like you'll give the ghosts a chance to talk anyway."

Both parents looked at their son in confusion.

Maddie was the one to speak, "What do you mean Danny?"

"Oh, I don't know." Danny shrugged. "I think it has something to do with the fact that you guys shoot first and ask questions never!"

The table was quiet because of Danny's outburst.

Before his parents could reply, Danny stood up from his seat and headed for the door.

"I'm going to school." He left the house, not once looking back at the kitchen.

From the top of the Ops Center, Danielle watched her cousin exit the building.

"Heh, looks like Danny needs to pay more attention to his surroundings." She took to the skies in her invisible state.

Danny walked at a quick pace towards Casper High. He hadn't meant to snap at his parents, but they need to realize they don't know everything about ghosts.

As he continued his walk, he was alerted of a nearby ghost by the puff of cold air that escaped his lips.

The roar of an engine informed him who the ghost was. Driving at high speeds, Johnny 13 passed Danny in the blink of an eye.

"I better stop him before he crashes into something. Or someone," Danny said, looking around the street.

With no one there but himself, a white ring formed at his waist before splitting vertically. White shirt and blue jeans turned into a black hazmat suit with white accents.

Danny Fenton was replaced by Danny Phantom, the heroic menace of Amity Park.

The half ghost took to the sky, chasing after the bad luck biker ghost.

Danielle ascended higher to avoid detection.

"Huh, this is interesting," she said. "Let's see how dear old cousin deals with this."

From the sky, Danny saw Johnny further ahead and dove in front of him, making the biker skid to a halt.

"What's wrong with you man?" Johnny asked "Do you want to get run over?"

"No," was Danny's response. "What I want is for you to go back to the Ghost Zone." He reinforced his demand by charging his fists with green ectoplasmic energy.

Johnny wasn't intimidated enough by the half-ghost's threat to cower in fear and run like a coward. The punk was stronger than him, but he himself wasn't weak.

But despite his hostile reception, he had no intention of fighting today. What he wanted… was to race.

"Relax kid," Johnny said. "I'm just blowing off some steam."

He grinned at the halfa and revved his bike. "Tell you what; how about a race? We'll start here and end at your school. No attacks, no invisibility, just pure speed. We stay in each other's sight at all times. I'll even go to the Ghost Zone no matter who wins."

Johnny grinned. "So what do you say?"

Danny released the energy in his hands as he considered Johnny's proposal. It sounded like a tempting offer, but could he trust the biker?

"How do I know you'll really leave no matter what?"

Johnny smirked at him. "Guess you'll have to race me and find out." His challenge delivered, the biker took off down the street and towards the school.

Danny coughed at the smoke left behind.

"Hey! That's cheating," he yelled as he flew after Johnny.

Inside City Hall, Vlad Masters sat at his desk, signing papers.

"I wonder what could be taking those mutts so long. They shouldn't have a problem taking down a childish clone, even if she is stable."

Just then a beeping interrupted his thoughts.

"Oh, what now?"

Activating his computer, Vlad access his surveillance videos. They showed Danny racing with Johnny.

"What's this? Daniel is racing that no good biker? Usually the boy would have sent the biker to the Ghost Zone by now."

On the top of the screen was an arrow signaling of another ghost above them.

"Well, well. Looks like I'm not the only spectator. Let's see who you are."

The image lifted, focusing on the invisible clone flying through the sky.

"Danielle?" He snarled. "I knew I should have sent Skulker after her. Even if it may have gotten messy, he would have gotten the job done."

Vlad smiled deviously as he adjusted his plans. "Still it's not necessarily a bad development. The girl will no doubt seek out Daniel. With the boy distracted, I can still go for Plan B on getting that chemical."

He opened a video call to Skulker.

"What is it Plasmius?"

"Skulker, I have a job for you."

The hunting ghost grinned. "Am I going after the ghost child?"

"No, not yet; first, I want you to go after the idiotic oaf and capture him. Take Technus with you."

Skulker was displeased about having to work with the techno ghost, but didn't complain.

"Fine, we'll get it done."

The video went dark and Vlad was quite pleased with himself.

"You may have stopped me before, children, but let's see how well you fare when it's two on two. You won't beat me this time Daniel. Not with my son at my side. Mahahaha"

Casper High, few minutes later.

Tucker Foley and Sam Manson were sitting at a table near Casper High. They've been waiting for Danny, who had yet to arrive.

"Tucker, have you reached Danny yet?" The Goth asked the techno-geek.

Looking away from his PDA, he answered, "Not yet. His sister said he left early because he caused a scene in the kitchen."

Sam crossed her arms "Darn it. Where is that idiot?"

"Relax Sam. Danny probably got into a ghost fight on his way here. He'll be here in no time."

A moment later, a crowd of students began to from at the entrance, shouting that Danny Phantom was on his way to the school.

The two friends looked at each other and dashed towards the crowd. Danny could be seen flying at high speeds towards the school, Johnny 13 not far behind.

Danny reached the crowd first, who exploded into cheers at having their hero so close. Johnny pulled over next to him a moment later.

"Not bad kid," Johnny said. "I'll be back some other time for a rematch."

"As long as you don't put people in danger, I'm all for it," Danny replied.

The biker ghost took to the sky and vanished through a portal.

The crowd entered a frenzy of questions and praises.

"Phantom, who was that ghost?"

"What were you guys doing?"

"Phantom will you marry me?"

"Phantom you're the coolest."

"Phantom you're my hero."

"Guys! Guys! Calm down!" Danny raised his hands attempting to calm the crowd; which he did.

"All right then," Danny Said. "That ghost was Johnny 13. At first I thought he was going to cause trouble, but he just wanted to race, so we did. No I can't marry you, even if I could do that, I'm way too busy. Gotta go now guys, thanks for the support."

His speech over, he turned invisible and headed behind a tree where he turned human.

Danny turned the corner and waited at the steps for his friends to show.

Sam and Tucker approached the halfa.

"What was that about?" Sam asked.

"Yeah man, we were worried about you," Tucked added.

Danny rub the back of his neck

"Sorry guys, I didn't mean to worry you. As for the speech thing; I don't know." He shrugged "Publicity? You know; good image and all that?"

The bell rang and the students began filling the hall.

"Come on guys, I have a feeling it's going to be a good day."

As the trio entered the school, Danielle remained invisible up high.

"What do you know?" She mused. "Danny's gotten popular lately."

She was so focused on the school she barely noticed the pink blast until it almost it hit her, but she managed to sidestep at the last second.

"What the heck?"

"Think you can just come here and cause trouble, huh ghost?" A voice said.

Danielle turned to the direction of the voice and saw the Red Huntress reach her height with a blaster aimed at the halfa.

"Valerie?" She asked, turning visible. "Is that you? It's me, Danielle. Danny Phantom's cousin?"

Valerie observed Danielle intently. She did remember helping Phantom in rescuing his cousin. But she was a little kid and the ghost in front of her looked her age. But even so, she couldn't deny the resemblance.

"How do I know you're telling the truth ghost?" Valerie accused as she charged her blaster. "Phantom's cousin is a lot younger than you."

"Wait, wait," the half ghost pleaded. "I know I look different, but that's cause my body changed after you and Danny stabilized me. It's me I promise."

The huntress seemed unconvinced.

"Prove it." She gestured to the roof. "Turn human."

Danielle nodded. Following Valerie's orders was the best way to keep the situation under control.

Both teens landed on the roof. Valerie kept her blaster trained on the half ghost.

"Okay, Valerie. Here I go."

The white ring came to life and spread over Danielle, changing her from ghost to human.

Once the change ended, Valerie finally lowered her blaster.

"Wow, it really is you." The huntress smiled. "What are you doing here girl?"

Elle smiled back. "I'm visiting my cousin. But he's busy at the moment."

"Doing what? I mean it's not like he goes to school or anything." The huntress crossed her arms.

Not wanting to say anything she shouldn't, Elle redirected the conversation. "Speaking of school, shouldn't you be in class now?"

Valerie's eyes went wide with horror.

"Oh man, you're right. My dad's going to kill me if I get in trouble with the teachers." She revved up her board. "Stay out trouble okay?"

"I can try. Hey, let's hang out after school okay?"

The huntress responded with a thumb's up; then headed towards the school below.

Elle let out a big sigh. "That was close. Keeping her in the dark is not going to be easy. Anyway, I should get back before other hunters show up or worse, Plasmius."

Bzzzzz Bzzzzz Bzzzzz

Elle answered her phone. "Hey, Neil. How did it go with the Fentons?"

Neil stood next to an unconscious Jazz lying on a table in the Fenton's lab.

The place looked like it had been ransacked. Everything was a mess and worse still, her parents were nowhere to be found.

"Get to Fentonworks as soon as you can," he said with a serious tone. "We have a problem."

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