Family Issues


For once, Mr. Lancer seemed happy. He was giving his lessons without interruptions and all of his students were paying attention; especially Danny Fenton. The teacher watched as the "troublemaker", as the boy is often called by the staff, worked diligently on his assignment.

Knock knock knock

Mr. Lancer turned to the door, there was a teen girl standing there nervously.

Elle gave a small wave at the teacher. "Sorry to interrupt, I'm looking for a Mr. Lancer."

"That would be me. How may I help you?" He asked.

As Elle entered the room to explain, no one could stop staring at her. They were curious about who she was and more importantly, why she looked similar to Loser Fenton.

Valerie watched as Elle handed over a paper to the teacher. She wondered what the girl was doing here.

Little did she know that Danny's mind was racing as well, trying to figure out why this girl looked like him; they were practically twins. The only person he knew that was that similar to him was Danielle and she looked like a pre-teen last time he saw her.

"Mr. Fenton, Ms. Manson and Mr. Foley," Mr. Lancer called out.

The three teens gave him their full attention.

"Pick up your things," Lancer said. "You're excused for the day.

The teens looked at each other, shrugging in confusion.

Knock knock knock

Everyone turned to the door and saw a tall man leaning against the frame with his arms crossed.

If Elle and Danny could pass as twins, then Neil could be Danny's older brother.

"How long does it take to get three students out of class?" Neil asked in irritation. "We have to go. I think I parked the Fenton RV illegally."

"You're driving my parent's RV?" Danny questioned when he reached the man. "Why are you driving the RV?" He demanded.

All he got was Neil's bored expression.

Neil glanced at Elle. "Let's go," he ordered as he headed towards the exit.

Danny glared at his back. "Hey. Answer me." He made to run after Neil, but Elle got in the way.

"Calm down Danny," she said.

"Why should I? There's a stranger driving my family's RV. Who are you people? And why do you look like me?"

Elle bit her lip. She couldn't tell him here, it had needed to be elsewhere.

"It's complicated okay." She grabbed his hand. "

Just trust me. I'll explain on the way."

Danny stared at her. Her blue eyes pleaded for understanding.

"Fine," he relented "Lead the way."

Elle beamed. "Let's go before the RV gets towed or something." She dashed to the ext.

"You sure we can trust her Danny?" Sam wondered.

"Yeah, man. This is weird, even for us," Tucker added.

"I can't explain it, but I feel like we can trust them, or at least her. Still, keep an eye on them. Just in case."

The Fenton RV was parked in front of the school. Neil saw the four teens exit the school.

"We're ready," Elle announced.

"It's about time," he replied, entering the driver side.

The teens climbed in, Elle sat on the passenger seat while the trio sat on the other seats.

"So is either of you going to tell me where we're going?" Danny asked. "Or where my parents are?"

Neil kept his eyes on the road. "Elle, you want to do the honors?"

Elle sighed and turned the chair around.

"Okay guys. Here's the thing. The two of us were just here for a quick visit. But things got... complicated."

"What to do you mean?" Danny asked.

"Danny... There's no easy way to say this but... Your parents are missing."


"I thought you said it wasn't easy. That seemed pretty easy to me," Neil commented with a smirk.

"Dude, what is your problem?" Danny questioned.

"Yeah, you don't even know us and you're acting like we kicked your puppy or something," Sam added.

"Guys." Elle raised her hands, trying to keep the peace. "Never mind the big idiot," she stated, glaring at Neil.

"Your sister is waiting for us in the lab," Elle continued. "She's trying to find the security video to see what happened."

"Is she okay?" Danny inquired.

It was Neil who answered. "She's fine. I went to your home so I could talk with your parents, but the door was opened, so I went in and I found your sister at the bottom of the stairs to the lab. After I placed her on a table, I called Elle so she could heal her."

"Which I did," Elle took over. "When she woke up, she told us that she had left the building when an explosion happened. She ran back inside, but when she reached the stairs, another one made her lose balance and she fell down the steps. She laid there until Neil found her."

"And now we're here to find out what happened," Neil told them as he parked in front of Fentonworks.

Jazz had been waiting at the top of the steps and rushed to give her brother a hug as soon as he exited the RV.

"Jazz, do you mind?" Danny said.

She let go of him. "Sorry Danny. It's just I was so worried."

"You were worried? Sam asked. "He's not the one who was found lying on the floor."

Danny's tone was serious as he asked, "Yeah, what's up with that?"

"I suggest we continue this sappy moment in the lab," Neil interrupted. "Did you find anything on the security tapes?"

"Yeah, I did, Jazz responded with a bitter tone. "This would be a lot easier if you were kind to us."

He scoffed as he headed inside. "Just show us the video."

Elle was about to follow, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her. It was Danny.

"Okay Danielle. What is going on?" He said. It was mostly a wild guess, he wasn't one hundred percent sure it was her, but hhe had a gut feeling and took it in faith and instinct.

Judging from her deer in headlights look, he was right in his guess.

The others were surprised by his claim.

"Danielle?" Tucker blurted out.

"Your third cousin twice remove? That Danielle?" Sam clenched her fists.

Every time Danielle showed up, Danny ended up in danger. It looked like this time was no different.

"Cousin? Jazz wondered. "We don't have a cousin named Danielle. We don't have any cousins, period. Aunt Alicia doesn't have kids and Dad's an only child."

Both Danny and Elle scratched the back of their necks. Looks like the truth will have to come out. Fortunately, they were spared by Neil.

"Hey!" Everyone turned to him. "I said inside."

"He's right you know," Elle declared, taking advantage of the distraction. "We really should get going." With that statement, she rushed up the stairs and inside the building.

"Danny, what's going on?" The halfa glanced at his sister who had her arms crossed, as did Sam and Tucker.

The boy shrugged. "What?"

Sam raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean what? When were you planning on telling us that Danielle wasn't really your cousin?"

"It's complicated okay," Danny defended himself.

It really was complicated as it involve cloning experiments, deception, betrayal, and an uneasy alliance.

"Dude, are you sure we can trust her?" Tucker comemented. "Last time she showed up you ended up captured by Plasmius."

"What?!" Jazz shouted. "And when were you planning on telling me this?" She glared at her brother.

"It's my life Jazz. I don't have to tell you everything." He started climbing the steps. "Now let's go find out what happened to mom and dad."

Neil and Elle were tinkering with the console in the lab, trying to find the security video. They stopped when the sound of steps reached them. Turning to the stairs, they saw the four teens reach the lab.

"Finally," Neil declared. "What took you so long?"

The teens scowled and crossed their arms in response.

Elle stepped in again. "Hey, um, Jazz?"

The red headed regarded Danny's look alike. "Yes?"

"Can you show us the video? We can't work this thing. It's too..." She left her sentence hanging.

"Too advanced?" Jazz guessed.

Neil scoffed. "Try too primitive. How this thing hasn't blowing up yet is beyond me."

Danny moved until he was in front of Neil. It seemed hard to intimidate someone who was a head taller and twice your size, but Danny gave it his best shot.

"Seriously, what is your problem?" Danny demanded.

Neil gave a bored expression at the half pint's joke of an intimidation attempt.

"Got it!" Jazz shouted.

Danny and Neil looked in her direction. Jazz, alongside Elle, Sam and Tucker were standing next to the console. Neil moved next to Elle while Danny stood next to Sam.

Jazz gave everyone a quick glance. "Okay guys, time to find out what happened."

With the push of a button, the screens came to life.

Jack and Maddie walked into the lab.

"What was up with Danny when he stormed out earlier? Jack said, placing the Ghost Gabber on a table.

Maddie was checking out a blueprint. "I don't know. I mean, I know we come off a little strong when it comes to ghosts but... He made it sound like we were monsters or something."

Her husband placed a hand on her shoulder. "Come on Mads, that's not true. Those ghosts are out to destroy our town and we're one of the few people that can stop them." Jack ended with determination.

She smiled at her husband enthusiasm.

Jack's right, Maddie thought. Ghosts are nothing more than ectoplasmic manifestations of post human consciousness.

Her thoughts then headed in a different direction.

"Jack?" She called in a low tone.

He looked away from the blueprint. "Yes Mads?" There was concern in his voice.

"If all ghosts are evil, what does that make the ghost boy?" She approached a nearby console. "We know the ghost boy fights other ghosts. We've concluded that he does it to mark territory, right?"

Jack wasn't sure where his wife was going with this. "We did. What's your point?"

"Well... Do you think it's possible that he might actually be a good ghost?"

Jack stood in the middle of the lab. "What makes you say that?"

Just as Maddie was about to answer, the ground began to tremble, knocking things to the floor. Then as sudden as it started, the trembling stopped.

"What was that?" Maddie asked, confused.

"I don't know."

Out of nowhere, an explosion from behind the portal launched the doors open, one of them slamming Jack into the far wall, knocking him out.

"Jack!" Maddie barely managed a step towards her husband before a blast near her feet brought her to the floor.

"Stay where you are human."

Maddie turned her head to the Ghost Portal as a mechanical ghost and a scientific looking ghost emerged from it.

"Hey, watch where you're aiming that thing Skulker," the scientist complained.

"I'm a hunter Technus. I know what I'm doing," the mechanical one argued.

Maddie laid on the floor, feigning unconciousness. She listened to the ghosts as she thought of a plan.

"Get the information Plasmius wants so we can leave. I'll get the idiot hunter," Skulker told his partner.

"Whatever." Technus waved in dismissal. Moving to the computer near the portal, the Master of Technology began his search.

Meanwhile Skulker headed towards the big hunter in orange.

"I'll never understand why is Plasmius so interested in this family," he grumbled. "I can understand him wanting the whelp, but why the parents? The big one is an idiot and the female he desires so much is worthless prey."

Thoughout his ranting, the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter failed to notice that the worthless prey was between both ghosts, waiting for the right moment.

With both ghosts distracted, Maddie went into a crouching position, taking out the Jack'o Nine Tails, wrapping Technus in its tendrils.

"What the-?" Was all the ghost could say before screaming in pain as the tendrils electrocuted him.

Skulker turned, his blaster armed and ready. "Let him go you insolent human."

Maddie dodged the blast with ease, landing near the weapons table. Taking possession of the Ecto-bazooka, she aimed it at Skulker.

"Get out of my house you putrid ectoplasmic filth."

Both hunters fired their weapons at the same time. The energies met, causing an explosion that sent both of them flying.

Maddie was slammed into the wall next to the portal. She fell on the floor, unconcious.

Skulker fared slightly better. The explosion tore off his right arm and slamming into the wall caused minor damage to his system, but he was still in better shape than the female hunter.

"Cursed human. I shall have your head for this," he growled, unsheathing two large knives from his left arm.

"Stop whinying," Technus said, approaching the woman in blue while putting away a disk inside his coat. "We have what we came for. Besides, Plasmius would destroy you if you harmed the female."

He extended his hand at Maddie, envelopng her with glowing electrical wires.

"What are you doing?" Skulker asked, approaching his partner while dragging the original target.

"Ensuring that the ghost child doesn't discover the plan ahead of time," Technus replied form the Portal's entrance wth a floating Maddie near him.

"You have a point." Skulker wrapped Jack using rope from his armor. "Let's go." Skulker flew into the portal with Jack in tow.

Technus followed suit with his hostage.

Neither of them noticed the unconcious Jazz lying at the bottom of the stairs.

Team Phantom was quiet as they digested what they've seen.

"Well... Now we know what happened," Jazz said.

"Skulker and Technus took our parents... But why?" Danny asked.

"Good question dude," Tucker said, equally confused.

"They mentioned Plasmius... What could he be planning?" Sam commented.

The four teens turned to see what opinions their guests had, but they weren't in the room.

They blinked at their dissappearance.

"Danielle?!" Danny shouted.

"I'm in the kichen!" She yelled.

Everyone looked towards the stairs. A moment later, Elle stepped into the lab eating a sandwich.

"What are you doing?" Sam's irritated tone was noticeable.

Elle raised an eyebrow at the question. She simply bit her snack slowly as a response.

Sam scowled as she got the message. "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm eating?"

"Where's Neil?" Danny asked with a scowl.

The question was meant to find out where the man was and to distract Sam from attacking his clone/cousin.

"Caling his benefactor," Elle answered, her sandwich eaten. "He's hoping that what's happening right now isn't what he thinks it is."

"Oh?" Sam crossed her arms. "And what exactly does Neil think is happening?"

Elle smiled, ignoring Sam's irritation. "Apparently he thinks Plasmius might be experimenting again. The call is to find out whether its true or not."

"And how is he suppossed to find that out?" Jazz was in disbelief as to how calm her fake cousin was in this situation. "I mean its not like the guy can just called Vlad and ask him about his schemes."

A moment of silence.

"Danielle? Danny raised an eyebrow.

"That reminds me. Danielle is for my ghost form. Call me Elle," the clone informed.

"Not much of a difference," Jazz noted.

Elle shrugged. "Better than having the same name for both forms, not to mention similar sounding last names. It's a miracle no one's figure it out yet."

Tucker laughed, Danny pouted and Sam scowled.

"I supposed you have a better cover?" The goth challenged.

"Duh," the clone beamed. "Who's going to connect Danielle Phantom with Elle Wesker?"

"Wesker?" Jazz questioned. "As in CEO of Umbrella Corp, the company thats taking the pharmaceutical world by storm, that Wesker?"

"The one and only," Elle said. "Neil's benefactor gave me a new identity so I could be placed under Niel's care. That way I wouldn't have to use Vlad's documents," she said her former father's name with disgust.

"Who is this benefactor anyway?" Danny asked.

"And why is he so interested in you two?" Sam asked. "I mean, What does he gain from helping you?"

Elle shrugged. "I don't know. I've never met the guy. At least I think its a guy, could be a girl for all I know. Neil doesn't talk much about him or her."

"How can you be so calm about dealing with someone you've never met?" Jazz frowned.

Elle waved a hand in dismissal. "I got a new life with someone who cares about me. I'm not going to push my luck simply because I'm curious. As long as we don't make the person mad or ruin their invesments, we can do whatever we want. Simple as that."

Before anyone could say anything, Elle's phone started to ring.

"Hey Neil. What's the verdict?" She nodded at his response. "So what's the plan?" More nods. "Got it. See you there." The girl closed her phone and turned to the group.

Jazz spoke up. "So what did he tell you?"

A sinister grin appeared on the clone's face.

"Everything I needed to know."

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