Family Issues


"He really needs to learn sublety," Clockwork commented as his Time Viewer showed a smoking crater where Vlad Masters' mansion used to be.

"Considering his personality, I'm surprised it took him this long to blow something up," a voice spoke up.

Clockwork glanced at, what used to be, an empty spot. Only now it had what appeared to be Danny's future self, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

"What are you doing here?" the child form of Clockwork asked stoically at his guest. "And in that form?"

Phantom shrugged. "Thought I come see how my investments are doing. Without being seen of course." He grinned.

Clockwork simply stared impassively.

Phantom carried on. "Anyway, what's the deal with my puppets? Are they full ghosts now or what?"

"They have survived the explosion, however difficult it was to do so," Clockwork informed. "Now the timeline is split between two events; a battle between Danny and his allies against the clone. The other battle will be Danielle and the Fentons against Plasmius."

"Sounds interesting. Too bad we can't see both."

"Who says we can't?" The elder ghost challenged.

Phantom simply blinked in confusion.

"I am the Master of Time," the host said. "I can ensure that we see both events as they unfold without affecting the passage of Time. The only question is… which event do we see first?"

A fanged smirk crossed Phantom's face. "Which indeed."

Of the many ways Danielle suspected her father would help, blowing up the mansion wasn't one of them.

In hindsight she should have at least considered it as a possibility, even if she wouldn't believe it.

Danielle opened her eyes to a clear, blue sky.

Confused, she hovered out of the small crater she woke up in. Observing her surroundings, Danielle figured she was a few blocks away from the blast site if the pillar of smoke in the distance was any indication.

She looked back at the crater, it was the same size as the barrier she created to protect herself and the Fentons.

Speaking of Fentons...

Danielle descended into the crater as her unofficial aunt and uncle picked themselves up from the ground.

"You guys okay?" She asked when her feet touched the ground.

Maddie looked at Danielle with a guarded expression. "We're fine. A Little sore maybe, but we'll manage."

Danielle exhaled in relief. "Thank goodness. I thought maybe the barrier wasn't strong enough."

Maddie made to say something but her husband barreled towards them.

"What's going on here? Where are we? Why do you look like the ghost boy? Do you have any fudge? I'm starving."

Maddie face palmed at her husband's antics while Danielle covered her mouth, trying to hold her laughter.

"What?" Jack asked confused.

Danielle composed herself before talking. "It's nothing Mr. Fenton. As for where we are, my best guess is we were blown away by a few blocks when the mansion exploded." She pointed to pillar of smoke in the distance.

Jack grabbed the edge of the crater and started to climb.

Maddie continued to observe the ghost girl. She couldn't determine if she was like Phantom or like the rest of the ghosts.

"That still doesn't explain who you are," she said. "Or what you're doing here."

Danielle kept her gaze at the smoke in the sky. She was not bothered by the suspicion and hostility, she expected it after all.

Still, it was better for her if she built a good rapport with her; some basic information should suffice.

She turned and looked at Mrs. Fenton. "My name is Danielle Phantom. I used to be Plasmius' daughter until he tried to force me into doing something that would have killed me. Now I want nothing more than to make him pay of all the pain he's caused me."

Maddie stared at Danielle. Normally she would think that the girl was tricking her for an unknown agenda, just like she used to believe about Phantom's heroics. But the girl's green eyes told her the truth, this girl truly hated Plasmius.

Her musing was interrupted by shoutings on the streets.

"Hold still so I can blast you!"

"Please you couldn't hit the broadside of- gaahh, sugar cookies!"

"Jack/Vlad!" Maddie and Danielle yelled at the same time.

Danielle grabbed Maddie and lifted both of them out of the crater and unto the street. Further ahead, they saw Plasmius shooting down at Jack who ran in a zig-zag manner to avoid the blasts.

"Hold still so I can finally get rid of you!" Vlad's rage had reached its boiling point. All the attempts at subtle elimination had failed. It was time to take matters into his own hands.

Plasmius rained ecto-blasts at the orange buffoon, but he kept dodging.

Maddie narrowed her eyes, she aimed at Plasmius' back and pulled the trigger. Danielle fired an ecto blast as well.

Plasmius was about to fire another blast when something hit his back and made him cry out in pain and roll forward in the air. Straightening his flight, he turned to see his future wife and estranged daughter.

"Attacking from behind Danielle?" He grinned amusingly. "Like father, like daughter I suppose."

Danielle raised her fists. "I am not your daughter." She fired at Plasmius, but he simply batted the blast away. "I gave up on you when you melted me into ectoplasm." Danielle rushed forward with a barrage of ectoplasm. "What kind of father tells his daughter to do something that will destroy them?"

Plasmius managed to dodge every blast, but just barely. Danielle had a different fighting style from Daniel, which kept Plasmius on the defensive. He dodged three more blasts and prepared for the follow up, but there wasn't any. Danielle simply floated a few feet ahead of him with glowing fists.

"Tired already?" Plasmius mocked.

Danielle smirked. He still declares victory before confirming it. What a fruit loop, she thought.

"Not even close old man. I'm not the only one who wants a shot at you." At the end of the statement, Plasmius was blasted backwards by a large blast.

The hybrid held his chest as he used his healing powers to calm the searing pain. Plasmius looked down at the street where Maddie and Jack aimed at him with their smoking blasters.

"Forgot about us already ghost?" Maddie mocked. "And after all that trouble you went through in capturing us."

Maddie looked up at Danielle, floating further ahead. "Phantom Girl."

Danielle glanced slightly so she could see Maddie and keep Plasmius in sight. "What is it?"

The huntress smiled a little. "You said you wanted to make that creep pay; you don't mind a little help do you?"

Danielle's smile was predatory.

"Like I tell my cousin every time I visit." She cupped her hands and charged a blast the size of a basketball. "Do you want to ask questions..." Thrusting her hands forward, she fired at Plasmius who formed a shield to keep the attack at bay. "Or do you want to kick some butt?"

Maddie and Jack fired at the shield, making it shatter.

Plasmius instantly turned intangible to avoid Danielle's attack. He formed two duplicates and sent them towards the Fentons while he dealt with Danielle.

The two duplicates rushed towards their targets, firing a barrage of ectoblasts.

Maddie expertly dodged every attack. Jack dodged the first few but was eventually blasted into the wall of a building.

The copies stopped, grinning at the buffoon's injury.

Maddie gripped her blaster and glared at the duplicates with hate.

"You're going to pay for that." She fired at them but they separated, making them harder to hit. Copy Number One went straight towards her while Copy Number Two stayed back in the air.

Copy Number One reached Maddie in a heartbeat and threw a series of punches at her. Once again, Maddie dodged the attacks but she couldn't shoot with the Copy so close.

"Come now Maddie, must we really play this game?" The Copy said, halting his attacks.

Big mistake.

Taking advantage of the Copy's pause, Maddie gripped the blaster and swung it like a bat, landing a direct hit with a crack.

The Copy fell on his hands and knees, the last thing the he saw was the barrel of a blaster and Maddie pulling the trigger.

Plasmius Copy Number Two stayed in the air, watching its twin descend towards the woman of their dreams. He was taken out of his musings as he was tied by a multitude of wires, followed by a strong electric shock.

His scream didn't stop until he crashed in the middle of the street. The wires untangled themselves and receded inside the Jack o' Nine Tails held by Jack himself.

The Copy slowly stood on his feet, his body shaking from pain and anger.

"How dare you attack me you imbecile? I'll have your head for this." The Copy launched himself at the orange hunter, but Jack simply stood in place with a grim face.

Just as the Copy was within arm's reach of attacking, Jack lashed out with a right hook.

The Copy stumbled back a few steps, holding his aching jaw. "Sugar Cookies, that hurt," the Copy swore.

Jack narrowed his eyes and lifted his fists.

"Ghost Gloves 2.0," Jack said.

The Copy was still in shock, so much he didn't avoid Jack when the idiot rushed him and grabbed the copy by the collar.

"They packed an even bigger punch," Jack said, his fist ready to strike. "Let me show you."

The gloves did pack a bigger punch. It was easy to tell as soon as Jack's fist made contact with the Copy's face. The beatdown that followed was even worse than the one Jack gave out when Plasmius tried to steal the Fenton Portal.

"Gah!" The Copy yelled as he was slammed to the ground.

He made a mental check of his status. Face? Heavily bruised, a black eye, busted lip, and very likely a fractured jaw as well. Ribs were no doubt broken, definite internal injuries if my breathing was any indication. Cheese Logs, this was not suppose to happen. I was meant for greatness, not this.

Heavy footfalls reached the Copy's ears, interrupting his thoughts. He slowly opened his not swollen eye to see Jack Fenton towering over him.

Jack lifted an armored fist. "Stay away from my family."

Jack brought the fist down and the Copy was no more.

Being Daniel's superior in power and tactics, fighting a failed clone of a daughter should have been an easy task for Vlad Plasmius.

But for some strange reason Danielle has managed to keep him in a stalemate. Every attack he sent her way, Danielle avoided one way or another.

Dodging, Intangibility, Invisibility, even Teleportation.

How did she managed to learn such an advance power in a matter of weeks? She didn't have it when I melted her into ectoplasm, Plasmius thought as he kept firing at Danielle.

An ectoblast sailed past Danielle's head, inches from her face. The fight was going well; not as dominating as she and her father had hoped for, but at least Plasmius did not have the upper hand.

Danielle formed a green sphere in her right hand and pitched it at Plasmius. He brought up a shield to defend himself, but when the sphere made contact, it exploped in a bright falsh.

"Gah!" Plasmius exclaimed. A flashbang? Plasmius thought. How could she manipulate her energy like that?

His thoughts were interrupted by a hammer blow to the back of his head. Danielle pressed her advantage and rushed towards Plasmius as he recovered. Drawing back her ecto-charged fist, she delivered a powerful blow to Plasmius' face.

The older hybrid was getting more and more frustated as the fight continued. His sight and hearing hadn't fully recovered from the flash-bang, and now he was suffering the mother of all headaches plus a broken nose.

Driven by anger and humiliation, Plasmius decided that if he couldn't place the girl in check, he would simply clear the board.

Danielle held back her advance when Plasmius began to spin in place.

What's he up to? She wondered.

The answer came in the form of a magenta tornado forming around Plasmius and the wind picking up speed.

Danielle struggled against the wind as it tried to sweep her away.

How am I supposed to fight this? She wondered. I can't use that attack; not yet. That leaves...

A small smile appeared on her face. "My Ice powers."

With no time to lose, Danielle focused on her shortly trained powers. A blue glow began to form around her, the wind turned colder as it passed her. "I hope this works."

Danielle followed the wind currents. She used every bit of power she could spare into freezing the air around the area.

The effects were swift. Frost and snow formed around the cyclone until it slowed and dissipated.

The sudden winter had broken Plasmius' concentration. The bitter cold reminded him of the Far Frozen. He hoped he didn't getturned into a Vlad-sicle again.

Light snow still fell, the result of the girl's Ice powers having being spread by the winds.

Ice powers, Vlad thought bitterly, she's getting more like Daniel with every visit.

In his opinion, that wasn't really a good thing. Meanwhile, Danielle was nowhere to be seen.

That wasn't a good thing either.

Danielle was glad half-ghosts can't accurately sense each other as she floated above Plasmius with a beach ball size energy blast in her hands, ready to end the battle.

She extended her hands, the blast flew towards its target. The blast sent Plasmius into ground, exploding on contact with the asphalt.

Danielle landed at the edge of the small crater formed by her attack.

"Ghost Girl!"

Danielle looked behind her. Jack and Maddie were running to her side.

"Where's Plasmius?" Maddie demanded. She looked like she wanted to shove her blaster down Plasmius' throat.

Danielle was half tempted to let her.

But I have to show Plasmius how much of a Phantom I really am. Danielle decided.

"Maddie, look!" Jack yelled. Both Maddie and Danielle saw Plasmius stir.

"Fentons, step behind me and cover your ears," Danielle said.

The ghost girl wasn't sure why they actually listened, either due to scientific curiosity or reluctant trust; either way she was glad, because Plasmius floated out of the crater until he was eye level with her.

The fight had obviously taken a toll on Plasmius. His cloak was non existent and his clothes were ripped, singed and covered in ectoplasm.

"Any last tricks?" Plasmius hissed. His voice was pained, the energy gathered in his fists wasn't as threatening as it used to be.

Danielle smiled. She will finally be free. She'll prove herself a Phantom just like her father and brotherly cousin.

"Just one," she answered.

She braced herself and took the biggest breath of her life.

Plamius, Jack and Maddie were shocked when Danielle used the strongest ghost power they've ever seen.

A power possessed by only two other ghosts.

Danielle used the Ghostly Wail.

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