The Hidden Legacy

Battle between gods

Thunder boomed as dark clouds marched through the sky, blocking the sun. Strong gusts of wind whipped the sand and trees into frenzy.

A tall, buff man in purple robes walked the perimeter of the island. His blue eyes looked up every other thunder strike.

What could be bothering Father so much? The man thought.

Thunder boomed strong enough to shake the ground. The man stopped.

What in Tartarus? He asked himself. Further ahead, there was a lone figure standing at the edge of the surf of his pillars.

The wind picked up speed as he approached. He started to make out details.

The person was a young woman with black hair braided over her right shoulder armor. She wore a simple breastplate, gauntlets, a blue skirt and knee high boots.

She was completely unbothered by the raging winds, she simply observed his approach with eyes the color of the thunderstorm above.

The man stood a few paces away from her. He noticed the wind died out, at least to them. It was like there was a field around them. The wind continued to uproot trees, and lightning made false daylight, but none of that bothered them. To them, everything was calm and silent.

Now that he was closer, there was something familiar about the teen, but he wasn't sure what.

"Who are you?" He asked. "What is your business here?"

The girl smirked. "What's the matter, Glory of Hera, you don't remember the older sister you exiled?"

The man held his head in pain at the reminder of his Greek side. His robes turned white, his flawless bronze skin became tainted with disfiguring scars. His blue eyes blazed with anger.

"Alexandra of Sparta," the man spat, finally recognizing the girl. "Daughter of Zeus."

"I'm impressed, Heracles," Alexandra admitted, still smirking. "But not quite accurate."

Heracles growled at her mention of his Greek name.

"You got my name right," she said. "But that delusional bastard is not my father." She took a battle stance. "As for my business; I'm here to pay you back for the crimes you committed against my real father!"

Her cry seemed to burst the bubble around them. Thunder boomed like cannon blasts, winds carried off sand, trees and anything else unfortunate enough to get caught in its rampage.

Heracles cursed at the sudden shift. He raised his hands to protect his eyes.

He almost missed Alexandra's attack. Only the scent of ozone warned of danger. The god stepped back as an electrified fist passed where his face used to be. He glared at the girl.

Tendrils of electricity arced around Alexandra's palms.

"You like?" She didn't wait for a response, she extended her palms at Heracles and blasted him away with lightning. "Not anymore I bet." She smiled to herself.

Alexandra placed her hands at her sides and took a deep breath. She looked up at the clouds, lightning danced all around as the winds circled the island, going faster and faster with each passing minute. She raised her arms high and the sky lit up as if trying to blind everyone below.

"Almost there," she said to herself. "This is going to make one Hades of a statement."

She smiled wryly. "But first-" she jumped to the side to avoid a high velocity object that almost took her head off. "First I have to teach my little brother a lesson."

Sparks danced around Alexandra as Heracles stomped towards her. His charred robes exposed his upper body, revealing more hideous scars. His lion skin fluttered and weaved as the winds batted it around. The god had to push it out of his face a few times.

She smiled at that.

"You got lucky, you harlot," Heracles snarled. "It's been awhile since I've met a suicidal demigod. But if you want to die-" he raised his club. "I'm happy to oblige."

They charged at each other and they both struck a solid hit. The beach exploded, sending sand everywhere.

Both fighters skidded across the sand. Alexandra held her left side where her armor had bent on itself while Heracles had a red spot on his chest that was slowly healing.

"I am a god, puny girl," Heracles boasted. "If you wish to survive, you're going to have to do better than that."

He watched in annoyance as her armor fixed itself.

"If that's the best you can do," Alexandra mocked. "Then this is going to a very disappointing performance." She smiled. "Then again, that's something you're used to, isn't it?"

Rage filled Heracles. He charged with a roar. He made powerful swings, determined to turn his worthless older sibling into paste.

Alexandra dodged the swings swiftly. There was a condescending smile on her face as the idiot struggled to land a hit.

If he were in a calmer mind, he might have hit her a few times already, as it was now however, he had no chance in Hades.

When Heracles overextended on a swing, Alexandra delivered an electric right hook to his face.

Heracles reeled back, before he could recover, he doubled over from a strong blow to his gut. He caught a glimpse of Alexandra pulling her leg back, wind circling around it.

The Hades? He managed to think before the leg struck him and he was sent flying by the gale force winds.

Heracles crashed into the ground like a meteor.

He slowly made his way out, cursing up a storm. "When I get my hands on her, I'm going to break her in half." He grinned. "In more ways than one."

He headed towards the forest, eager to crush his enemy when his cape flipped over his face. He pushed it back with a swear, only for the cape to flip back.

This process repeated for a full minute.

"Damn it all!" Heracles shouted. "What's the deal with all this wind?"

He glared at the sky. All around the island, the wind raged like a top, going at incredibly high speeds. It was only thanks to his divinity that he was still on the ground.

Now if only he could expand it a bit more to his lion skin cape, then he'd be a lot better.

The sky lit up as lightning crashed into the island. Different parts of the forest had already caught fire. His eyes focused on a group of clouds directly above the island. While all the dark clouds lit up when lightning struck, this group was always lit, as if there was a light source on top of it.

"Is it getting bigger?" Heracles wondered.

Suddenly, he tensed. The temperature spiked. Ozone filled the air.

He lunged to the side as a bolt of lightning sailed from the forest, blasting a crater where he stood.

"Nice dodge," Alexandra said as she came out of the forest shooting off sparks.

"You've gotten stronger than last time," Heracles said as he stood. He stretched and grinned as his body strengthened to its full power. "But it won't be enough. Time to end this."

Alexandra scoffed. "Took you long enough. I was wondering when I could take off the kid gloves."

She braced herself and let out a loud yell. A yellow aura flared to life around her. In the sternum of her armor appeared a yellow crown with the Greek word for sky written in red at the base with a stylized M under the three points.

Heracles' eyes widened at her power and emblem. "You're a Cadmus?"

He couldn't believe it. He knew she had sided with that idiot they banished, but he never thought she had been adopted by him.

Rage filled him once more. If this bitch wanted to be part of a no fame family, then she had better be ready to be crushed under his heel.

"I told you that you made crimes against my father," she said. "Now I'm going to remind you why the Cadmus name was so feared before you wiped it from history."

"I don't care how powerful you think you are, bitch!" Heracles charged. "You can't beat me!"

Alexandra charged as lightning gathered in her fists. "Just watch me!"

They clashed and the forest exploded with power.

The entire island tremble under the warriors' overwhelming might.

Heracles' legendary strength sent Alexandra crashing through tress whenever he connected, and tore up the ground whenever he missed.

Alexandra's mastery of the sky shot off lightning that gave Heracles third degree burns when it hit and vaporized everything else when it missed.

The battle took place all over the island, clouds of debris shot into the air, trees were uprooted and the ground fissured with every clash.

The virtual paradise was slowly turning into a wasteland.

Meanwhile in the sky above, the strange light continued to expand with tendrils of lightning dancing all over it, slowly becoming as wide as the island as the wind concentrated around the island like it had a vendetta against it.

Another explosion rocked the island. When the debris cloud dispersed, it revealed the two fighters standing at a distance, both of them exhausted and heavily damaged.

"How," Heracles said, coughing ichor. "How can you be this strong? How can you fight a god in his own domain to a standstill?"

Alexandra grinned at him, which wasn't pretty sight since she was missing a few teeth and the ones she did have were all bloody.

"Years of practice," she said. "You remember those rumors about my father, Lord Cadmus, supposedly traveling to other worlds?"

"What about it?" He didn't really care about some old rumors, he just wanted a few more moments to heal enough to crush her.

Alexandra shifted her jaw then spit to the side. When she grinned again, her teeth were fixed and pearly white.

"Because they were true," she said. She felt some satisfaction at Heracles' look of surprise. "Not that you cared or thought about it, but all these years we've been gone since your betrayal? We've been travelling the different worlds of Existence; we trained and got stronger so one day we could come back here and get the justice we deserve."

She raised her bloodied right hand, its gauntlet missing. Wind and lightning concentrated in her open palm.

"I trained with the strongest users of lightning, wind and weather," she informed. "Basically everyone and anyone who had any usable knowledge that involved my powers." Her smile reached her ears. "Now I have power equal to a minor god of the sky if not a major one!" She burst out laughing.

"That's impossible!" Heracles said in outrage.

"Well," Alexandra said as she dispersed her power with a clench. "My sword does help in the power department." She enjoyed the god's look of confusion at her statement.

She supposed it was understandable since she hadn't used a sword in the whole fight.

She smirked. "You can't see it because it's in its true form as pure power." She looked up.

Heracles risked it and looked up as well. If it was possible for a god to have a heart attack, then he just had one.

A sphere of pure concentrated lightning was breaking though the storm clouds, a tower of wind carried debris at intense speeds surrounded the edge of the dome, connecting it to the island.

Heracles' ichor turned to ice. He was trapped. There was no way out. The cyclone would rip him to godly shreds if he tried to escape, and that sphere held an almost lethal amount of power. Whether by wind or lightning, he was about to experience pain beyond anything he had ever felt as a god or demigod.

Alexandra raised her arms above her head and clasped her hands together as if she holding a sword.

"Behold the sword that cleaves the heavens!" She said in reference to the sphere and cyclone.

Heracles' stomach dropped. "That's, that's not possible. That thing actually exists? That's the power of the legendary sword?"

"Humanity's greatest sword of legend," Alexandra said, "that was once wielded by the greatest king of knights. The legendary holy sword-" she swung her arms down with the finality of a guillotine as she called the name at the top of her lungs, "Excalibur!"

The sphere exploded towards the island with absolute fury.

Heracles had enough time to bellow, "Damn it all to Tartarus!"

The energy blast tore the mountain like it was paper, turned the remaining forest to ash and filled the area with blinding light as hot as a thousand suns.

It seemed to last forever.

When everything faded and the weather returned to normal, there was no trace of the island.

The holy sword Excalibur... had wiped it off the map.

The only evidence it ever existed was the charred body of the unconscious Heracles floating on the water.

Nearby, supported by wind, Alexandra stood holding a violet cross-shaped sword. She placed it over her back, it seemed to click into place without the use of rope or a sheath.

She took a deep breath, reveling in her victory.

"Now then," she said out loud. "Time for the final statement."

She extended her arms forward. "Duel Monster Ritual Spell: End of the World!"

A massive magic circle appeared above the waves. A great pressure exerted outward as an island the same size as the circle began to appear out of thin air.

Alexandra strained as she summoned it. The winds blew away from the area, sending waves further out in order to accommodate the new creation.

The island formed completely and Alexandra let out a tired but satisfied breath as she wiped the sweat of her brow and surveyed her masterpiece.

Golden sand ringed the perimeter, a beautiful white marble castle stood in the center of the island. It was about ten stories tall and wide with four entrance gates and stone paths connected each gate with the beach. In the space between each path were rows of tall trees with silver leaves.

In the place where the Pillars of Hercules used to be was now a red stone arch with the golden Latin words: Abandon All Hope. At the base of the arch laid the old Latin warning, its letter now gold instead of silver: Nothing Further Beyond.

"Perfect," Alexandra declared.

The new entrance to the Mare Nostrum was complete. More importantly, it was now under Cadmus control.

She glanced at the god that was bobbing in the waves.

"Second target acquired." She knelt by his side, looking for the best way to grab him. "Now to go to the Shattered Palace and get target number three and put this thing where it belongs."

She looked to the sky with unfocused eyes, as if she were looking at something beyond the horizon.

"Soon Father, You will return to this Realm and our family will get the justice and recognition it deserves. The legacy you worked so hard to cultivate will be brought out into fame instead of being hidden in obscurity."

She clenched her fists so hard they bled. "I can't wait to see that bastard Zeus pay for the sin he has committed against the Cadmus Clan, and have his throne will be reduced to rubble."

Alexandra laughed in mad glee at the concept.

Excited chatter filled the pavilion as campers and Hunters prepared for capture the flag.

Despite the excitement however, Leo was not a happy camper as he struggled to put on his armor.

"Here," Jason said. "Let me do it."

Leo looked across the pavilion towards the real reason for his solemn mood. His girlfriend, Calypso was chatting with Rachel and the Hunters as they got ready. The two girls had been asked by Thalia to join their team and show their girl power as a statement that male protection was appreciated but extremely unnecessary.

"Relax man," Jason said. He had finished with the straps. "It's not like she's breaking up with you."

Leo turned with wide eyes. "I know that!" He snapped.

He hadn't meant to do so, but in truth, Jason's comment hit his confidence greatly. It was already at an all-time low when he found out what happened with Calypso while he was unconscious.

"I'm just..." he tried to think of an excuse for yelling. "I'm worried about going against her." That was true enough.

His face then felt hot at what he was about to say. "I don't want to embarrass myself by getting my butt kicked by my girlfriend."

Jason grinned at that. "Don't worry man." He patted his friend on the back. "I'm sure she'll go easy on you. Besides-" he leaned and whispered in Leo's ear. "I heard from Percy that the Hunters have some kind of surprise for the Threatening Nine."

Leo smiled at the name he gave Selene's list. He then shook his head. "I still can't believe I'm one of the Nine. I mean, compare to the rest of you guys I'm basically useless."

Jason looked at Leo intensely. "Hey, you've done plenty of things to be considered dangerous." Leo didn't seem convinced. "Listen, just because your powers aren't as flashy as some people-" he saw Leo smirk, no doubt thinking of Jason as one of the flashy ones. "Or because you aren't good with weapons doesn't mean you're not dangerous. I mean look at Annabeth, she doesn't have powers either and everyone would rather fight me in a thunder storm than make her angry."

Leo grinned at that. It was true. What made Annabeth dangerous was her mind. She could make twenty plans in the blink of an eye.

He started thinking he was the same way with machines. When it came to that, he was unstoppable. Even Annabeth couldn't completely master the Argo II.

Although, he did make it somewhat complicated.

To everyone else.

Leo gave Jason a brief hug. "Thanks man. I'm better now." He pumped his fist. "Now let's go end the Hunters' winning streak."

Jason high-fived his friend as Chiron called for attention.

"The rules are as follow," Chiron said. "The creek is the boundary line. Lady Artemis and I will act as referee and battlefield medic. There is to be no killing or maiming!" He emphasized. He looked to Lady Artemis. "Anything to add, milady?"

The teen goddess looked at the crowd. "I would like to wish the best of luck to the campers as they try to end my girl's winning streak."

The campers frowned a bit while the hunters pumped their fists.

"Obviously," she continued, "I don't want my hunters injured too badly. Even so..." she focused on the campers. "I want you to put everything you got and more into this game. The Hunt will not accept an easy victory nor will we cry over a difficult defeat."

She address the crowd as a whole. "Regardless of the end results, it won't change the fact that you are all heroes. You have protected the world from all that have threatened it, and while there has been disagreement in the past, and no doubt there'll be many more in the future, that won't change the friendships that has been formed between all of you. Hunters, Campers; I want you all to go out there tonight, and give it your best shot!" She roared as she punched the air. "Onward to victory!"

Both teams erupted in cheers as they went their separate ways.

The capture the flag contest between Campers and Hunters had begun.

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