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The Sea ( Slow update)


Hey guys, I know a lot of you saw that The Sea was originally going to be a fanfic of the member Min Yoongi but I have decided to change that and also the storyline. A lot has happened in the past few months personally and I have yet to cope. Cancer and Covid have taken two of my loved ones. Physically and mentally I have been drained so please, bear with me. The storyline of this book was something I had imagined in a certain way but now I feel like I don't know what I want on it anymore. So to start afresh I decided to put it on hold for a while and when I am ready, I hope I can deliver something that will be worth your time. Thank you and stay safe.

Fantasy / Romance
Purple Lights
Age Rating:


The winter breeze flows as the sun blazes above complimenting each other. The whooshing sound of the sea spreads, right and left, claiming its power. Complete desolation surrounds me as no life can be seen around me. I sit alone on the sandy bed, rotting in my own train of thought.

Life has been keeping me busy for the past few years. The sudden silence with no interesting events was deafening. But I guess that’s what you feel after some time. The one drive that keeps everyone going or in my case that someone was taken away from me. Many come and go, some make and break you. For a while, that’s what happened. Until the one came along. But what do you do when the 'one' somehow manages to slip right through your fingers?

I don’t know about you but for me, I poll between two options. One: get over it and move on or two: walk endlessly towards the blue expanse. The latter was enticing. Taking a deep breath I couraged up. I take off my jacket and shoes. It was unnecessary, but I didn’t want to ruin the perfect and might I add expensive items. It just seemed too cruel. Although, I don’t know how it would matter once I am gone.

A bubbly feeling erupts within me as I take a shaky step. Every hesitation brings me to wonder if it was indeed a wise idea. But then again, what could be lost?

This world is full of shit, literally not figuratively. No one cares until it benefits them in any kind of way. In my case, there was no one to care for me. With that thought in mind, I proceed with my plan.

The human mind has its own way of working when it comes to these things. It will give you all the reasons why you should do it but when you cinch it gives you all the more reasons not to. This dilemma isn’t going to get me anywhere. Besides, I probably should resolve it quickly before someone catches me in action. Boy, would that cause a scene?

I leave a long sigh of defeat before taking a step front when suddenly I feel something brush against my right leg. It freaked me out for a second, to be honest, but it quickly went away when I see a brown fluff ball. For a second, I was tempted to graze my fingers over its head but couldn’t afford any distractions. So I walk again and surprisingly so does it. With every step I take it makes a little run, mimicking my every move. Getting a little tired of its shenanigans I reprimand it. Cut it out. Don’t follow me. It tilts its head and licks its nose as if it just understood me but chose to ignore what I said. I click my tongue in frustration when a sudden realization hits me. Wait, if you’re here then-, not too long before I finished my sentences a voice speaks out.

I was wondering when you’d realize that, a voice of a male person. I stayed shooked for a while before carefully turning to face him. I had to pretend like I wasn’t going on a suicide mission a second ago. He looks at me intensely as I fidget in my place. Getting scrutinizing looks from a stranger wasn’t a pleasant feeling at all. Going for a swim are we, now? I know he meant it sarcastically but I didn’t have the will to be amused. I stared at him trying to read him and his motive. Clearly, I was annoyed about the fact that I was interrupted. I had a set of my mind and now he is killing my angsty vibe. I bit my lip upon pondering how to decently excuse him and tell him to leave me be to my own business.

He still hasn’t said anything and he definitely doesn’t look like he would go so I attempt to conversate and eventually give him a hint about leaving. So... is he yours? Bending a little I finally give the attention it so wanted for the longest time. Well, that’s what I assumed as it stuck with me. Scratching its small head, I smile at its action. Hanging the tongue and wagging its tail in pure joy. He crouches down with a small grin looking fondly at his little friend and says, no I stole it. I stare at him as he continues, the guy who owns it is apparently rich and was thinking of asking for a fat ransom. The more he spoke I watch him in bewildered.

What if he doesn’t give you the money? what are you gonna do about it? I know how ridiculous it sounds but I couldn’t help but feel sad about the fate of this adorable thing. How cruel of someone to think about hurting it in any way. Only a psychopath would do it. Oh my god, is he a psychopath? Drowning in the thoughts he speaks, I am not a psychopath if that's what you’re wondering. I would keep it. I shield my arms protectingly over the tiny animal as he smirks.

Chill would you? God, how messed up are you to be this paranoid? he says carelessly. Something in me triggered as the words fell out of him. I defensively say, what do you mean paranoid? you don’t even know me. Out of all the times, people judged me I have never bothered about it. But right now I profusely deny being judged by someone who doesn’t know anything about me let alone by a person so cruel to hurt something so pure.

You’re right but it doesn’t mean I can’t know.

He seemed too smug about himself and that seemed to push my buttons more than I thought it would. Care to elaborate? I demand. Well, for instance, you are quite neurotic. I raise my eyebrow at his comment. You think too much.

Yeah, and how would you know that? I follow his movement as he stands tall, towering over me slightly. Not much but still a little to his advantage.

You actually took off your jacket and shoes before going on a suicidal mission. You care for your things. Which means you know how to value things. At this point, I couldn't deny his ammunition. I roll my eyes at him. To which he says, you just rolled your eyes at me cause you know I am right, right??

Maybe, but that doesn’t prove that you know...me? I know I don’t have any statement to debate so I just turn away from him. He laughs at my childish act. Well, at least you have the courage to admit that you’re a little crazy

What? I scoffed. It’s not like I haven’t heard what he said but I pretended that I didn’t.

Then he gazes at the openness of the endless blue in front of us, not all of us have the courage to do it. For the first time since I met him, which by the way wasn’t for long, I didn’t want to argue with him. Something about his statement left me all sympathetic. I don’t say anything back but just bask in the moment of sereneness. But that didn’t stay for too long because I felt a cold thrash of wetness on me out of nowhere.

As a result, he starts laughing loud and I do the same. The little fluff ball barks out too in joy as it hops around like it was a little game of ours. In all seriousness, I never thought I’d be able to laugh so freely, and that too with a stranger. Life sure had its way of surprising you with its own twisty ways. I don’t know about the future but at least it gives me hope for a day longer.

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