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The Sea ( Slow update)


The chattering sound of teeth could be heard, which was a little annoying. But it was inevitable since I was soaking wet to the bones. In hopes of finding some kind of warmth, he suggested that we head to his place since it was closer. In any other situation, I would have thought twice before accepting it and right now I would say yes to anything just to get out of these swampy clothes. Man, I hate cold, wet things.

Anyway, we were walking by this neighborhood that seemed quiet and posh. Only the rich could afford it. I should know because my parents used to live here. My mind drifted off to memory lane that stretched back 12 years. The first bike ride, the high school, and many many times of sneaking off out at night for frat parties.

I sigh as a familiar path passes by. I vividly remember the first heartbreak I had there. My so-called crush lived here. Such a jerk he was. I don't know why I fell for him. That was the day I started questioning my choices. We are here. We stop in front of an independent house that was at least 30 years old. The red brick exterior and the chipped-out paint were proof of its negligence. Taking a few steps down the old gravel stoned path we stand in front of this door that had intricate details that seemed from the late 80s.

I held onto myself as a sudden air flowed by us reminding me exactly why I am here in the first place. I shiver a little, waiting for, whoever was on the other side of the door, to open it. The sudden shuffle behind the wooden entrance ensured me the awaited warmth ahead. I would so kill for a cup of hot coffee right now.

A few clicks here and there, finally reveal a mid-aged woman. She had her hair up in a clean bun and her clothes screamed soothing and calming. Seeing her my mind became alert. She smiles as her eyes lay on him. Dear, you’re back early. Her voice could lull anyone to sleep.

He gives her a subtle smile before entering. The fluff ball bolts straight making a zig-zag way, like it knew its territory. I stand awkwardly by the door as I contemplate what to do or say. As if on cue he calls out to me. Are you gonna stand there all day? I accept his invitation wasting no time. The woman looks me up and down before making eye contact with the mint head. They exchange looks as if communicating in a language only they understood while I stood there looking all distressed. After a good minute, she turns to me and says, please follow me, and walks inside. I didn’t know what to do so I followed her, didn’t want to keep her waiting and all.

She seemed fine when with him but I guess she doesn’t like me yet. Not that I want her to like me, not like I would see or be acquainted with her in the following days. It’s just for today.

We walked a couple of stairs before halting at the end of the corridor. The room was immaculate. Clean and almost untouched. Or maybe she was that disciplined about every little thing. Her poise was structured and controlled like being in the presence of elegance. I wonder how he turned so...brazen.

The bathroom is inside to the left and there are some spare clothes you can use. I will leave you with it. Call me if you need anything else. She smiles at me in a mannered, almost like a robot way. It simply wouldn’t reach her ears. Yup, she definitely doesn’t like me. And soon she leaves me to it. All alone in this little room but in the most utilized way. Nothing out of the ordinary. Almost too quiet. I can hear my own heartbeat in my ear. I take a deep breath and get with it.

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