Unwanted Blood

Chapter 1

On an island deep within the Grand Line, located far north was a small island which was almost isolated from civilization. There were residences that lived on the island with more than enough resources for both marines and pirates but they were dysfunctional.

For a very intriguing reason.

“Alright men! You know what to do or should I explain this for the seventh time?” A dark-haired male asked as he stood in a large room filled with marine soldiers. He had his cap on along with the rest of the soldiers that stood around the table.

The dark-haired male had the palms of his hands resting on the table in front of him as he pinned down a large map of the current island they docked at. A compass was next to the map along with a pair of binoculars but nothing else.

He had explained the plan of isolating a group of pirates about six times already and the men looked at him even more clueless every time he explained the plan. He was growing frustrated with the bunch of idiots around him and veins were starting to pulse out from his temple.

Who trained these idiots?

The men were all silent in the room and knew better than to say anything that might agitate the male anymore than he already was. He just explained everything so complicated and it was hard to stay on track when he explained it so quickly.

“Maybe you should use smaller words and talk slower. Not everyone can comprehend the fast speech that bubbles out of your mouth” A familiar voice mocked the male from behind and everyone’s eyes shifted towards the voice before widening.

The dark-haired male gritted his teeth and bit down so hard that he almost chipped a tooth before spinning around. He glared at the figure but it was only brief before he blinked in dumbstruck at the person now in front of him.

A smirk came upon the figure’s lips and a chuckle escaped a pair of plush lips when the figure saw their reactions, but no words were spoken. An uncomfortable silence started to linger around in the room but it was quickly broken when the figure felt the tension sneak into her system.

“Alright, let me explain the plan again. Our first three teams need to move towards the harbor and seal off all forms of transportation. No one is allowed in or out of this rock, understood?” The voice made them tremble slightly at the low tone and the men nodded.

“Yes, sir!”

The dark-haired male stared at them in disbelief and his one eyebrow twitched slightly to show his agitation increase. He explained the exact same concept and they couldn’t understand but it someone else explained it they understood?

“Our second teams spread out towards the town and make sure to keep the citizens safe. If anyone’s injured, none of you will be able to walk for a week and I won’t go after your sore asses to serve you food” The men paled slightly and turned slightly blue beneath their eyes.

The Captain knew no bounds.

However, that’s what made their Captain so well known in both training and in the field. The Captain always won when it came to any battle ever faced and no one ever thought of doubting the well known marine even once, despite the brutality.

“Y-Yes, Captain”

A smirk played on the strangely dressed Captain’s lips and a smug facial expression made the dark-haired male growl dangerously. He knew what that facial expression was for and he hated it when he was always outsmarted.

“Your teams, Kane, will be initiating this battle plan and your job is to keep the pirates busy. I prefer it if you wipe out as many as you can but that might be too much to ask for. They don’t have high bounties for nothing” The order was made with an impassive facial expression and the Captain was serious once again.

“Um… What about us Captain? Are we to stay at the ship with the last teams?” A marine asked with his confused companions next to him. They had not been stationed in any part of the mission and silently hoped that they could stay in the ship.

It was a dangerous mission.

However, their hopes were diminished when they saw a large grin form onto a pair of plush lips and a gleam of mischief passed through their Captain’s blue eyes. They swallowed thickly under the intense gaze and felt shivers run down their spines.

“Oh no, you come with me. We have the fun part of this whole operation” The Captain said with the grin widening and zipped up the strange outfit she wore over pitch black clothing. The three males glanced at one another while sweat dropping before looking at their Captain.

“I-Is that why you’re wearing that, Captain?” The one asked and a nod made them sigh mentally at their Captain’s methods. They had no doubt that the outfit was stolen and had a bad feeling that she didn’t steal it from a costume wardrobe.

“Where did you get that?” Kane asked with a deep frown on his features while he crossed his arms over his chest. He was still angry that after explaining the plan six times with no one understanding, the Captain was understood with just a few sentences.

“I’m a woman, Kane. I get everything I want” The Captain winked at the male and he flushed deeply along with the rest of the marines inside the room. They had not expected their Captain to come to another insane conclusion.

“Captain Rosaline! I wish you would refrain from making such statements! You’re a marine!” Kane scolded with his face still deep within the crimson. His fists trembled slightly and he glared at the Captain who blankly stared at him.

Rosaline huffed at him and shifted her shoulders so that she was comfortable within the jumpsuit that covered her more than she wished it would. She pulled on her hood to hide her short spiky red hair and put on a pair of sunglass to cover her bright blue eyes.

“I sometimes wish that too, sweetie.” She stated in a sudden sweet tone before she chuckled at his horror-filled facial expression because of the nickname. She looked back at the rest of the marines and took a deep breath before her face retuned impassive.

“Listen up, everyone! I want you all on high alert and remember who we’re dealing with here! One of the Worst Generation Pirates along with his crew and innocent people’s lives. Stay on guard and come back all alive, am I clear?” Rosaline asked and they all nodded.

“Crystal, Captain!”

A small smile came upon her lips and she grunted in approval before she moved out, her men by her side as they entered the deck. Her eyes narrowed beneath her tinted glasses and she scanned the forested area in front of them.

Their target was there.

“Captain, what exactly is our task when we’re joining you?” One of the men who were on her team asked and she glanced back. She was briefly silent as she observed the three males in front of her before a smirk formed on her mysterious features.

“We’re going to steal a submarine”

It took her team a few moments to analyze what she had just said while the rest of the teams that overheard her, gaped at her. The other three glanced at each other before they exclaimed out in shock towards the Captain.

“S-S-Steal a submarine?! H-How do you plan on doing that, Captain?!” One of the teammates asked her with all three of their faces slightly pale at her statement. There was no way they would be able to steal a submarine, especially one of the Worst Generation Pirates.

The Captain let out a sigh and crossed her arms over her medium bust while briefly closing her eyes beneath the tinted glasses. “Simple, we take everyone out onboard and steal the submarine. What else did you think we were going to do?” The Captain stated in a nonchalant tone.

“Don’t say it like it’s that easy, Captain! These aren’t pirates to mess with and you want us to go and take them out, on their own ship?!” The three males exclaimed and the Captain grunted making them groan loudly.

They were going to die.

They never understood why their Captain was so ruthless and yet at the same time she was nonchalant about everything. She didn’t care about the dangers that were involved in any of their missions but she still won any fight.

“If you wish not to fight, I understand. However, then I’ll just have to take them all out. How does that sound?” Rosaline asked them but their frowns deepened. Her brows furrowed in confusion and she believed it to be the perfect solution.

“We can’t just let you fight everyone on your own, Captain. That’ll break our pride as men!” One of them exclaimed while the others stood next to him with serious facial expressions. Rosaline sweat dropped at their words before letting out a sigh.

They were truly beyond help. There was no way she could argue with her team right now when they need to set their plan into action. She appreciated their pride but sometimes it was just better when she took control of the situation.

“Let’s go then. I’ll contact you when you can come in. That’ll be after I beat up all the men inside and make sure that no one sees you.” Rosaline stated as they left the ship’s deck and moved towards the forest. Her team glanced at one another before looking back at their Captain.

“Yes, sir!”

The Captain smirked at her men and knew she could trust them. After all, they had been travelling together for a long time and knew the inside and outs from everyone. Despite her identity still being a mystery towards them, they trusted her with their lives.

And she trusted them with her life.

“Let’s go catch ourselves a ‘Death Surgeon!’” Their Captain exclaimed and the men smirked by her side while putting their hands on their weapons. Rosaline’s eyes gleamed beneath the tinted glasses she wore and she could feel her sword within her large jump suit.

Rosaline was going to make sure this mission was going to go well and that her men would escape unscathed if anything went wrong. It was her duty as their Captain and it was her duty as a marine who cared for her fellow comrades.

They were her crew and as long as she stayed away from the lines of being a pirate she was satisfied with being anything. She hated pirates with her entire being and any target that was given to her was the head of a pirate that would end up on the table of Sengoku not long after.

She had a 100% execution rate.

That’s why she was ordered to take down the young rookies who started to become a danger towards the government. Sengoku entrusted her with the mission and her Admiral strictly ordered her to take down Trafalgar Law who was the person closest in confronting.

Despite Kizaru being the person to irritate Rosaline to no end, she was his subordinate and she followed every order he gave her. She was just relieved that he didn’t send a Pacifista along with them because they gave her an unsettling feeling and they were only machines.

Machines created by an insane doctor.

Rosaline felt a foul taste enter her mouth at the thought of the crazed doctor and swallowed thickly. She shook off the dreaded thoughts and fixated her eyes on the scene in front of her. They had reached the area where a yellow submarine was docked and there was but a few men standing outside.

Rosaline crouched down with her team following and narrowed her eyes at the men who seemed to guard the entrance of the submarine. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes while stretching out her senses.

“There are two in the kitchen, two in the mechanical room, and three in the halls. There are seven men inside in total excluding those guarding the entrance.” Rosaline concluded as she opened her eyes and felt a tap on her shoulder.

Her eyes shot towards a quivering male which was next to her and her eyes narrowed beneath her tinted glasses. She saw him point out and followed his direction before seeing a large male walk towards the submarine.

Her eyes narrowed when she saw him wear a suit that matched the outfits of the Heart Pirates. She flexed her hand open before a smirk played on her lips. She could already feel her blood start to boil in excitement and the adrenaline joining in.

“Captain Jambarl… He was one of the slaves that escaped from the Celestial Dragons…” Rosaline chuckled darkly and her teammates swallowed hard. She stood up and flexed her hands once again before walking out.

Her crewmates stared at her in disbelief and wondered if their Captain ever felt anything except excitement. She was unfazed by the statement and merely saw the amusement in the fight. That was who she was after all, a dangerous Marine.

“Wait for the signal”

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