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Fly High (Fanfiction) (GirlxGirl)


This is a fanfic about Cara Delevigne. That's it., lol.

Romance / Other
The Moonlight Demon
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Chapter 1

Yasmine’s POV


I hate that sound. Simply hate it. I reached down to the nearest pillow and smacked it at the alarming alarm clock. It stopped ringing. I probably need to buy a new alarm clock, but hey, at least I stopped that annoying sound. ‘YAY’ my mind told me. I was on the verge of dozing off again when suddenly ......


I decided to ignore her and tried to sleep again. This time she banged the door loud enough to wake the whole house.

“YASMINE GET UP OR I’LL ASK THE MAIDS TO THROW ALL OF YOUR USELESS COLLECTION!” my mother warned. Well, that threat is old, and she will never do it. But I knew better to never mess with her. She can be a mean mother if she needs to be one.

I get up and begin to do my morning routine. After brushing teeth, hair and putting Chanel no. 5 all over my body, I start to walk to my vast walk-in closet. All I need to choose is my uniform. Yes, everybody! My job required a suit. I hate it, but then I want this career path on my own.

Oh! Where are my manners? Let me introduce myself.

My name is Yasmine Athilia Christ. I am a 26-year-old lesbian. Yes! I’m out and proud. I have long blonde hair, hazel eyes, light skin, plump lips, average size breast and a perfect supermodel body. I don’t want to brag, but I’m hot. I owe my good looks from my mother side of the family who is half Egyptian and half Italian.

I worked as a pilot for Christ Airlines. Yes, Sherlock, my family owns the airline. You can say my family is well known for it. But I instead go off the radar. But gossip went viral after I came out a lesbian. Not that I mind, but society thinks it’s wrong to like the same gender. And I came from a well-known family, didn’t make it easier. Years after, I managed to be where I am now.

I have an older sister and a little brother. My older sister, Natasha Christ, is the CEO of Christ Airlines after my father decided to retire. She also managed our family side business and investment. My little brother, Lucas Christ, is still studying taking a business degree at UCLA. My parents, Robert and Iris Christ, are well known in the elite world and business world. They accepted who I am, and they both proud to called me their daughter.

Now let’s get back to my morning routine!

I walked down our grand spiral staircase towards the dining hall, where I see my family having their breakfast. I walked to the splendid mahogany dining table. My father, as usual, reading his morning newspaper and drinking his coffee, he looked up and smiled at me. My mother at the kitchen telling the maids to prepared more pancake. Natasha always likes, on her phone, talking about the company. I swear she never gets a day off from work.

I walked towards my brother and smacked his head to wake him up. He jolted and yelled “I’M UP!” I begin to pat his head and said “of course Lulu. Of course” he glared and continued eating his pancake. My sister finally ends the call and look at me.

“Yas, where will you be flying today?” my sister asked. I looked up and said “London. Two days” she nodded and continued to eat her breakfast. Lucas threw a berry at me and said “Yas, bring back some gifts. I love gifts,” I picked the berry and eat it. “Sure lulu. I’ll buy you something,” I smiled and finished my breakfast.

I get up and gather my bags. I kissed my father’s cheek and hug him. “I’m going, daddy. Be back in two days,” I said, and he hugs me back tightly. “Okay, princess. Be safe,” he said. I walked to my mother and kissed her cheek as well. “Be careful Yasmine. I love you,” I hugged her and said “I will tell mommy. I love you too.”

Natasha waved and smile. Lucas walked to me and hugs me. “Remember my gifts,” he whispered. I laughed and walked out of the house towards my pride and joy, the fantastic matte black Lamborghini Huracan Spyder.

I put my bags at the passenger seat. I reached my Gucci sunglasses from the glove compartment and turn on my car stereo system. ‘Work B*tch’ by Britney Spears, blaring loudly from my car speaker.

“Today will be a great day for you, Yasmine,” I said, giving myself a pep talk. Hearing my car roared, I put my feet on the accelerator and drive towards LAX.

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