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Fly High (Fanfiction) (GirlxGirl)

Chapter 2

Cara’s POV

“CARA WAKE UP!!” Gigi shouted over the door. I groaned “I’M UP, GIGI!!” I shouted back and walked towards the bathroom. Gigi can be bossy if she wants to. I began to brush my teeth and went towards the shower. After having a very nice hot steamy shower, I walked to the sink mirror and start to drying my long light brown hair. I proceed to put my makeup on and make myself presentable. It’s been two weeks since we both arrived in Los Angeles for the new Burberry project. I miss London already.

Gigi motioned me to sit down and continued talking to the phone. After a couple of minutes, she hangs up and sits in front of me.

“Cara, today will be our last day of the shoot. We can go home by noon if we managed to finish the shoot early,” Gigi told me. I grinned. “Good. I miss London too much, Gigi,” Gigi smiled. “Well, let’s go then!” Gigi beamed.

I gathered my essentials and bags. Gigi asked the bodyguard to help us carry the bags to the car. While waiting for the perfect moment to walk out of the hotel lobby, I checked my social media. Tweeting and letting them know I’m still alive. I didn’t tweet or post any pictures for God knows how long. Of course, my peeps need to keep tabs on me. I am a model, after all. World-famous supermodel.

After a couple of minutes, the bodyguard motioned us to come out, and I was attacked by the flashing camera. These vultures never get tired of putting misery in my life.

“PHEW! These paparazzi never quit, huh?” Gigi asked me when we finally manage to get inside the car. “You have no idea,” I said and ask the driver to drive away.

Arriving at the site, I was rushed to do hair and makeup. After a couple of hours of shooting, we immediately on our way to the airport. Arriving at LAX, there they are, waiting for me like I’m some kind of prey. These vultures I call paparazzi. “These people never quit!” Gigi exclaimed. I sighed. “It’s what fame did Gigi,” I simply said. I’m too used to it. God, it’s the only thing I hate about modelling. I love my job.

The bodyguards hold the door and lines of paparazzi so that I could walk through the seas of paparazzi. I was practically running towards the door to avoid the paparazzi. I was separated from Gigi. But I know she can take care of herself. Suddenly, I hit something or someone. We both fell.

“Watch where you going!” I heard she yelled. Her voice is mesmerizing. Full of anger but still, mesmerizing. I look up, and I was in awestruck. She’s breathtaking. Long blonde hair that was in an elegant bun, captivating hazel colour eyes, amazing jawline that I want to kiss, plump lips that I would love to kiss every day until it is swollen. I should stop now before I end up drooling over her.

“I’m s-orry Miss. I w-as in a rush,” I can’t believe that I’m stuttering! Me! A world-famous supermodel actually stuttered in front of this goddess woman. She got up and looked at me. The look of shocked filled her face expression when she sees me. “Cara Delevingne?” she asked me. I nodded. She offers me her hand, and I gladly took it. Her hand is soft. Like a baby butt. What? Have you tried to touch baby’s butt skin, it’s smooth and soft!

“I’m sorry for snapping at you. I’m Yasmine Christ. Let me show you the VIP Lounge. It’s at least I could do for snapping at you,” she offers me her help, and she smiled. Oh, my God! Her smile is beautiful. God, how can you make someone so amazing like her? I nodded, showing my approval for her help.

I was walking with her when Gigi showed up. “I THOUGHT YOU WERE KIDNAPPED!” she yelled and hugs me. “Relax Gigi. I was running away from them when I hit her,” I said while pointing at Yasmine. She just smiled and nodded. “Oh, hello, I’m Gigi. Her personal assistant and best friend,” Gigi offer her hand and Yasmine shook it. “I’m Yasmine Christ,” she smiled. “Shall we?” she asked both of us and motioned us to follow her. “Where is she taking us, Cara?” Gigi asked me. “VIP Lounge,” I said and followed Yasmine.

Yasmine stopped at a massive black door and open it for us. She let us walk in first. “Ladies first,” She’s such gentlewomen. The VIP Lounge consist of a black leather couch, 50′ inch TV for entertainment, a bar with barista ready to take orders. It’s a modern design room with a smoking area and a non-smoking area.

A Brunette hair woman with perfect body shape show up and greet Yasmine. “Hello, Miss Christ, how can I help you today?” she said and smiled. “Hi, Kelly. This is Cara and Gigi. Please show them the Queen’s Room. FOC. Please and thank you,” Yasmine said, and Kelly nodded. “Kelly will be taking care of you. I’m sorry, but I have to go to work now,” Yasmine said and putting on her pilot hat. “Hold the phone! You’re a pilot?” Gigi exclaimed, and I saw Yasmine smirked. “I am. The one and only,” she said smiling and walked towards the door. I watched her swaying her hips to the door until she disappeared.

“She’s hot!” Gigi said and looking a bit dazed. “Yes, she is,” Kelly said and smiled at us. “She’s a lesbian.” she spoke directly to me “You must hear of her when she comes out from the closet and tells the world,” she added. “huh?” is all I managed to say. “You never heard of Yasmine Christ?” Kelly asked me. “umm no,” I said. And then Gigi suddenly yelled “OH MY GOD! SHE’S THE YASMINE CHRIST!?” Kelly nodded. “The one and only miss,” Kelly said and smiled. This girl is too friendly. I was about to ask Gigi who is Yasmine when a woman with blonde hair gracefully enters the lounge.

“Wow. Another beautiful woman. But she awfully looks like Yasmine, to be honest,” Gigi said, and I begin to check up the lady. Well, basically I was eye raping her but don’t judge me! Same hair colour, same nose, mouth even jawline. But she looked a little older than Yasmine. Her dress really fills every curve of her body perfectly. “Hello, Miss Christ! How nice to see you again. How can I help you today?” Kelly asked, referring her as Miss Christ.

“Kelly did my sister came here?” that woman asked. “Yes, Miss. She sends these two lovely ladies here,” Kelly said, pointing at us. The blonde woman turned and introduced herself. “My name is Natasha Christ. I am Yasmine older sister,” she said while offering her hand. Flashing that oh so amazing Christ smile. I wonder if every Christ woman has a dashing smile. “I’m Cara Delevingne, this is my friend, Gigi Jones,” I shook her hand. Gigi did the same. Natasha is one sophisticated woman. Poise and never out of character.

“Which one of you who my sister accidentally yells at?” she asked us. Gigi pointed at me, and I smile. “I apologize on behalf of my sister Miss Delevingne. She tends to be blind while walking. For this, I will make sure the paparazzi will never touch you in any way. See it as a little gift for what my sister did,” she said. “She’s not at fault, Miss. I’m the one who hit her first. I was running away from those vultures when I stumbled upon her. She’s kind enough to show me the way to the VIP Lounge,” I said.

Natasha stayed silent for a minute before she called Kelly. “Kelly, ask George to prepare a VVIP treatment to the boarding gates for Miss Delevingne flight,” Natasha said. Kelly nodded and walked away.

*Walking towards the boarding gate*

“Wow. Just like she promised, there are no paparazzi. She must be running this place with an iron fist,” Gigi joked. After waiting for 30 minutes, finally, the gate opens. And I showed them my tickets to the flight attendant who works at the counter.

“Thank you for choosing Christ Airlines. Enjoy your flight,” then it hit me, those sisters f*cking own the d*mn airline.

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