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Fly High (Fanfiction) (GirlxGirl)

Chapter 3

Yasmine’s POV

Upon arriving at the airport private car park, I gently park my baby to my very own space. I grabbed my bags from the passenger’s seat and walked to the airport entrance. I was greeted by Michael, my co-pilot. He has jet black hair, brown eyes, a perfect muscular body, and an award-winning smile. I must say he’s quite hot.

“Good morning Yas. How’s your morning?” he asks me, smiling. I wonder if his parents fed him rainbows when he’s a little boy. He always looked so happy. “Good morning. And it’s fine. I guess,” I said. Not showing my eagerness. He looked at me up and down.

“Not a morning person?” he asked me. I nodded. “Never was, never will Mickey,” I said. He laughed and said “Well, in this line of work, you have to,” I just looked sceptical at him. “How come you always happy, Mickey?” I asked him. He just smiled. “It’s in my gene Yas,” he said, and I nodded.

We walk past security to our own office. I have a couple of hours before my flight. So I decided to stay in the office. My office is designed with modern luxury décor with white marble office table complete with my Mac Pro.

In the corner, I have my very own Mahogany bookshelf, where my collection of every classic, teen fiction, horror and also romance novel I ever read. Yes! I’m a bookworm. Deal with it! Also, there’s a vintage designed chandelier hanging on the ceiling to make my office look a little sophisticated and blended in with my white painted walls. My office screamed ‘money’.

I heard a knocked on my door and I glanced up to see my sister, Natasha. “Come in,” I said, and she opened the door and sit in front of me. “I need to talk to you,” Natasha said, sounded serious. “About?” I asked, and I stopped with what I’m doing and focusing on my sister.

“Your lifestyle Yas,” Oh no, she’s on mother mode. I love my sister, no doubt, but she can be a pain in the ass. “What about my lifestyle?” I asked Natasha, playing the dumb act. “Don’t play dumb Yasmine! You need to stop partying and start thinking about the future. Find a woman who can manage your life,” Yikes! This is a future pep talk.

“I will Tasha when I found her. I will tell mommy and daddy. But now I just want to have fun,” I said. I earned a glared from Tasha. “You have enough fun for years. Now settle in and marry someone worthy. You’re not 26 forever,” she said before to get up to my side and hugged me. “I love you, Yas. I just want the best for you and Lulu,” she said and kissed my cheek.

“Okay. What about you? You know she’s been gone for 2 years now. It’s time for a new lady in your life as well,” I said, referring to her late wife. Yes, Natasha is bisexual. She preferred woman more, but she still has feelings for guys. Her new wife, Ivy, died from an accident 2 years ago in Rome.

“Nah. I’m not ready to replace my wife yet Yas. It’s your turn to feel what love is. When you found the one, never let her go. Appreciate and love her to death. Okay?” I nodded. She smiled and waved me goodbye. Before she walked out, she said “Safe flight. Call us when you landed,” with that, she walked out and closed the door.

Wow! That’s a first. I continued doing the paperwork. After a while, I looked at the wall clock in my office, I still have an hour for my next flight. I decided to get ready for my trip. I walked towards Michael’s office and didn’t see him there. He’s probably at the cockpit getting prepared.

I was checking my phone when suddenly someone hit me. I fell. We both did.

“Watch where you going!” she didn’t say anything for a second. Then I heard “I’m s-orry miss. I w-as in a rushed,” she said. Oh, a woman. God bless it’s not a man. Wait, is she stuttering? Well, cant blamed her. I am a goddess. Haha

I get up on my own and decided to look at the person who hit me. Wow, I said mentally. I’m sure my face doing that funny shocked face. I recognized this woman. Long light brown hair, blue eyes, and perfect body. She’s Cara Delevingne, the supermodel.

“Cara Delevingne?” I asked. I offered my hand to pull her up. She gripped my hand. “I’m sorry for snapping at you. I’m Yasmine Christ. Let me show you the VIP Lounge. It’s at least I could do for snapping at you,” I said while showing her my fantastic smile. She just nodded, and I gestured her to follow me.

“I THOUGHT YOU WERE KIDNAPPED!” suddenly a woman yelled at Cara. She hugged her, and I heard Cara said “Relax Gigi. I was running away from them when I hit her,” while pointing at me. I smiled and nodded at this Gigi woman. “Oh, hello, I’m Gigi. Her personal assistant and best friend,” Gigi offered her which I gladly shook.

“I’m Yasmine Christ,” she smiled. “Shall we?” I asked both of them. But Gigi hesitated. “Where is she taking us, Cara?” Gigi asked Cara. “VIP Lounge,” Cara said before follow me.

I stopped at the large black door that opens to the VIP Lounge. I, being the gentlewoman, let them walked in first. I held the door “Ladies first,” Cara just smiled and walked in. Kelly, the person who managed the lounge, walked towards me. “Hello, Miss Christ, how can I help you today?” she asked me.

“Hi, Kelly. This is Cara and Gigi. Please show them the Queen’s Room. FOC. Please and thank you,” I said, and Kelly nodded. I turned to Cara and said “Kelly will be taking care of you. I’m sorry, but I have to go to work now,” while putting my pilot hat on.

“Hold the phone! You’re a pilot?” I heard Gigi exclaimed and I smirked. “I am. The one and only,” I said smiling and walked towards the door. I can’t believe my luck. I met Cara Delevingne. It’s not every day a supermodel hits you. I sighed and walked towards the departure gate.

I saw my sister on the way and told her about the accident. She was furious, but then I told her to stay calm and told her she’s at the VIP Lounge. She didn’t say anything but just walked away. I think she’s going to apologize to Cara.

I was checked by security before they let me walked through the gates and meet Michael halfway. “I heard you snapped at a world-famous model,” he asked me and laughed. “How is it everything spread like wildfire nowadays?” I asked him back. He just shrugged. A group of flight attendants greeted me. And I welcomed them back.

Once inside, I programmed the flight plan into a computer much like a GPS, set a few markers or ‘bugs’ on the airspeed indicator denoting speed at which we’ll decide to continue takeoff or stop on the runway if we have an engine failure or fire.

Michael, on the other hand, does the walk-around, looked at the tire pressures and condition, and checked the status of the oxygen bottle for the cockpit. He also inspected the wear on the brakes to see if they’re within tolerances, looks over the engine fan blades for any nicks and eyes the entire aeroplane fuel, oil or hydraulic leaks.

Once inside the cockpit together, we both test our oxygen masks. Michael looked over the other emergency equipment and inspected all the electrical circuit breakers to be sure they’re in place. He also checked the engine fire detection systems to make sure it all ready. After we both done our check-list before takeoff, we waited for the passenger to board the plane.

I looked over Michael and said “Well, let’s do our job well, buddy,” he smiled and nodded.

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