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Mysterious Blue River


Where a Man was wandering around his backyard, Suddenly he saw a Blue river that can put you into a long Daze minyg__93 ©Inkitt2019

Mystery / Romance
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One mystery was found since 1989,

Blue River of Gionlin

— it was a River that can put you in a long Daze, that when you blink your eyes....the river will just be unseen...again

[10.00 am]

Jane woke up from her slumber, a really deep one,

She noticed that it was already 10 in the morning, remembering that she have a meeting today with her manager

She can't be that late

She hurriedly showered and wear her Uniform

She is barely catching up with the time....

Why now!?! She thought

Before it's even time for the meeting....there was a knock on her door

“Yes, who is — !” She was shock to see who it was

Manager Luan Jing

Why was he here!? I am even on the way! She thought

“Ms. Jane Yuang, I know that you are really late for our meeting, but I came here to say that our meeting will be rescheduled, due to the project that our company has today to attend.”

Said Manage Luan Jing

“huh? So I am free to be on day off today?” Ask Jane

Manager Luan Jing sighed....and nods for answering her question fast

“Well, I have to go. I already need to go to that shitty project.” Said Manager Luan Jing.

Manager Luan Jing left.

Jane Sighed....what a wonderful day

“Wah!!! I can finally have an peaceful and longer sleep!!” said Jane who was still yawning

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