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A Raven's Tale of a Prince!


Raven Pine gets her Hogwarts Letter and starts to follow her mothers footsteps, including falling for a slytherin boy, in this fanfic you will see the truly soft and sweet side of Draco Malfoy.

Romance / Action
Mikhaila Lewin
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Hello! My name is Raven Abi Pine and yes that is my real name and yes I know it is very strange and funny. However a name is not that important in my opinion what is important is that I use my powers to help others. I forgot to mention that I’m a witch, I take after my mother Selena Rose Pine who is also a witch...sadly though I have no idea who my father is or was; if he is even still alive. On a happier note though, Mother has told me that my father was a great and powerful wizard and a prince as well, but they separated before I was born and haven’t had contact since.

I wonder if mother ever told him about me before they separated? Does he even know about me?...I wonder...I wonder a lot. Yet some more good news though, is that mother has promised to tell me about my father each year I complete at Hogwarts! You know like little facts here in there for each year, I hope after my first year she will tell me his name or at least his birthday. Oh and the Hogwarts thing yeah you heard me right, I turned 11 on June 5 and got my Hogwarts letter! This is how my story as a witch unfolds.

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