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Life As We Know It


This story is about a teenager named Kylie and her upside down life. She's got so much drama in her life. She has never had a boyfriend and wants to date like her friends. Kylie has a secret, she's a traveler. She travels to different worlds. Her family are travelers as well. All Kylie wants is to be human.

Fantasy / Adventure
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When I was 1,000

Hi I'm Kylie and this is a story about my life.

I was 1,000 years old when my parents moved us to zendakia.

What's that you ask? My home and a planet you humans don't know about. "Sure you say."

Here's the thing, I'm a traveler and no not an alien. There's a difference between us. We're humans just like you but 20,000 years ahead of your time.

Anyways, I was 1,000 years old like I said before when I moved to Zendakia.

Zendakia is a beautiful and exotic world you would never imagine. Way better than those silly movies you think are amazing. Definitely better than the movie Avatar.

You're probably thinking," How do I know about movies?" Just cause I'm a traveler doesn't mean I don't understand your human ways.

Zendakia is 18m miles away from Earth. Seems far when you think about it. Truth be told as a traveler, I just open a door. I love Zendakia but it's already boring for me.

I know its home, but I want more than a travelers life. You're probably thinking "what, why exchange an amazing life for something simple"?

Trust me I know what I want when you know what happens behind the scenes. Being a traveler isn't all cracked up to be. We travel every 2.3sec in a loop hole, to where we want to go.

I know, crazy right? Not! Its hurts like insane. Its take a few months just to get used to it. And the first go is super hard. My first time at the age of ten, I almost died. Not kidding you.

My parents were scared for my life, being a younge age after all. The reason why is because you dont travel until you're 20. That's when you're an adult an fully ready to be hit by a truck load. Ten, not so much.

I was special and very blessed I didn't die. Some travelers call me the "saminaka." Which means, "chosen walker."

Cool right? Only have there been 10 who have been chosen like me.

But that's all for now my dear humans. I'll explain more to you in a hundred years. Or in your time, tomorrow.

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