Bird Of The Sea

10 No Longer Alone

Before long, Kenway returned, his task of recruiting crew members complete. As he stepped away to speak with Hornigold, Jemima watched him, curious.

"So what's Kenway's story?" Jemima asked as the two stepped out of earshot.

"He's got a girl back home but not too popular with her father." Thatch said, taking a swig from his cup. "All this is to make him rich so he can return home a wealthy man and can please her."

"Shouldn't she love him anyway? No matter how much gold he owns?"

"She probably does, but men like Kenway, they don't think that way. He thinks by getting all the Reales under the sun, he can make her happy and appear a decent husband in her father's eyes."

Jemima nodded, glancing up to her father beside her.

"That's what you thought, didn't you? With mother."

Thatch turned away.

"Aye. I found the pull of the sea too strong, adventure and gold became my love but I never forgot her. I wanted to return, to show her all I've done. 'Next month', I'd tell myself, 'next month I'll go back to her' but I never did."

"Not 'til you heard she died."

"Aye. You know the rest of that story, lass." He said, patting her on the back, as he stepped into conversation between Kenway, Hornigold and Kidd.

"Ah, rot!" Thatch muttered, seeing a map that Kenway passed to Kidd as they spoke on the location of the Observatory. "It's fairy stories you prefer to gold, is it?"

"It's worth more than gold, Thatch. Ten thousand times above what we could pull off any Spanish ship." Kenway said.

"Robbing the king to pay his papers is how we earn our keep here, lad." Hornigold reminded him. "That ain't a fortune, it's a fantasy."

Kenway said nothing, but took the map back off Kidd.

"Do you think it really exists?" Jemima asked as Kenway left the tavern.

"Maybe." Kidd said.

"Nah, course not." Thatch scoffed.

"But what if it does exist? Imagine the gold you could get from that!"

"Don't fill your head with wild thoughts." Her father said. "You'll only get disappointed."

"That's what Thomas said." She grumbled.

Thatch smiled.

"You're a bright one, always thinking of the good things. But you have to be realistic. It's not real."

She nodded but didn't believe him. If the Templars, the Assassins and Kenway said it was true, then it had to be.

"Hey, Thomas!"

He turned, hands in pockets at he trudged along the streets of Nassau.

"Hallo, Jack." He said as Jemima jogged up to him.

"You feeling any better?"

"Aye. I've been thinking about what you and Kidd were saying and I've come to a decision."


"I'm going to get rich, show I'm capable of being a good husband and return to England and win her back."

"Good on ye." She grinned, patting his shoulder. "But go back soon. You never know what could happen if you leave it too late."

He nodded.

"Aye. Will do. But I have to follow Kenway and find the Sage before the Templars do. If they reach him, it'll be the end of the Brotherhood."

She frowned.

"You're an assassin?"

His wrist blades sprung out to confirm it.

"And the Sage, he knows where the Observatory is, doesn't he?"

"Aye. You interested?"

"My father doesn't believe it exists, but think of the wonders that it holds! Never mind the gold!" She breathed.

"You should join us." He invited.

"I will. By the way, we're leaving soon, heading for Salt Key. Kenway and Hornigold have already gone."

"Right, let's go then."

The pirate and the assassin made their way back to the docks, a friendship forming between them. As he walked along side her, he smiled. For once in a long time, he no longer felt alone.

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