Bird Of The Sea

13 The Flight Of The Jackdaw

"Your Jackdaw handles nice." Thatch nodded, standing beside Kenway as his ship sailed smoothly through the waves. "Pinched her from the Spanish, was it?"

"Aye, in the midst of a hurricane." Kenway grinned.

"Just before the treasure fleet was smashed against the shore." Adé added.

"Was the haul aboard as rich as men are saying?" Thatch inquired.

"A thousand times that." Kenway said. "I reckon a million pounds worth of Reales were sunk that day."

"Devil love a hurricane!" Thatch remarked. "Might have a dive there one day. See what we can rummage up."

"Diving them wrecks would be a nice change of pace for us." Adé said. "No need for violent actions against merchants and such."

"Well!" Thatch exclaimed. "That's some soft talk coming from a pirate."

Jemima lowered her head, staring at her father darkly through her eyelashes.

"And as it happens... I mostly agree." He admitted. "We'll save the clashing of cutlasses for the military, and them that get in our way."

The Jackdaw crossed the border, entering a restricted area.

"Jack, Thomas, head down to the front. We could use some extra eyes. Yell if you see any ships that have spotted us."

The two left Kenway to find the 'El Arca Del Maestro' and jogged down to the front of the ship, perching on the edge as they peered into the distance, analysing the various ships.

"There, man o' war." Thomas pointed to a ship in the distance.

"I can't see it." Jemima squinted.

"Oh, yeah, forgot." Thomas sighed sarcastically. "Assassin." He said, pointing to himself.

She groaned.

"You've got that weird sight thing, don't you."

"Aye." He grinned.

"Well at least it's come in handy." She turned, facing Kenway. "Man o' war, straight ahead!" She roared. "Watch out, Kenway!"

"Aye, will do!" He called back and changed course, heading around it.

The rain pounded down, assisted by the sea spray, the two were soon drenched.

"I could do with my assassin hood right now." Thomas mumbled, pulling off his bandana, wringing the water out of it and his saturated hair.

"That's where hats come in handy." Jemima tapped her own, pulling it down further over her face.

However, the rain soon passed, the warm midday sun drying their wet hair and clothes.

"Jack, look!" Thomas pointed as a brig, flanked by two gunships came into view, heading for the ship they were tailing.

"Allies?" She asked.

Then, the ship engaged in battle, firing at the brig and the gunships, the three firing back.

"Allies." Thomas confirmed with a grin.

But his grin faded as the gunships and the brig were soon defeated and then he switched back to his Eagle Vision, discovering the targets that swept across the water, aimed for the Jackdaw.

"Mortars, Kenway!" He roared, gripping to the ship as the Jackdaw swung, avoiding the mortar fire.

Jemima and Thomas watched as the captain sent heavy shot slicing through the air but it only seemed to bounce off the galleon. Before the Jackdaw could reach it, eight Spanish gunboats sailed for them, surrounding them to protect the galleon as it fled to safety.

The Jackdaw whipped back around firing heavy shot, mortar fire and its swivel gun at the gunboats, focusing on its weak points. Every hit deemed a cheer from the crew, more so when one succumbed to the writhing depths. As the Jackdaw passed the wreckage, the crew heaved up crates of loot onto the deck, scurrying back and forth from their position on the guns and the retrieval of goods.

The ship slowed as Kenway used his spyglass, peering at the galleon they were following. Jemima and Thomas saw him briefly converse with Thatch before Jemima's father left the captain and approached the two.

"So, what now?" She asked.

"Now, we wait until dark." He sighed. "Kenway's afraid du Casse will recognise the ship, being stolen and all."

"Julien du Casse is on that ship?" Thomas asked, surprised.

"Aye, you know him?"

"Know of him, and I'd very much like to meet him." Thomas replied ominously, his wrist blade springing out.

"Save it for later, lad." Thatch grinned at the young man's hunger for blood, patting his shoulder. "They'll be plenty of time for that soon enough."

Thomas smiled, imagining the downfall of this group of Templars by his hand.

"Aye. I look forward to it."

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