Bird Of The Sea

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Great Inagua, March 1716

"Morning, Thomas." Mary said, crouching beside the assassin, curled up in the sandy grass.

"Uuh, mornin' Kidd." He groaned.

"Thatch and Jack have taken the galleon to Nassau." She said, stepping back as he rose.

"Aye, I saw. I couldn't sleep for the longest time, only just dropped off really."

"Too bad."

"Where's Kenway?" He yawned, stretching.

"Just over here." She tilted her head towards the figure, dozing soundly nearby.

"Mmm... Ah... Kidd." Kenway grumbled as Mary poked the sleeping pirate.

Thomas kept his distance, wary of the dangers an awoken pirate caused.

"Wake up, Kenway." She said, standing below the slanting tree that he lay on.

She jabbed him with the twig again and he snatched it from her hands, throwing it to the side.

"Is Thatch about?" He asked, groggily jumping down from his sleeping place.

"He left this morning with the galleon." Mary told him. "Has faith we'll discover a good use for this old cove ourselves."

"Aye." Kenway agreed. "We'll make something of it in time." He stepped down to the shore, his arms swinging lazily by his sides as he looked about. "We could keep a fleet here, if we liked. And with a bit of fixing up, it'd be decent. Place to call home. Might even convince my wife to come one day."

"You're married, are ya?" Thomas asked.

"In God's eyes, I am." Kenway turned away. "She left me some time ago."

Thomas bowed his head. He knew what that was like.

"Even so, keep that fact hid away. Most of these pirates don't respect a man with higher commitment than rum and plunder." Kidd remarked.

"Don't I know it." Thomas sighed.

"'Pon my honour." Kenway promised. "Let me know if you find anything."

Mary nodded and jogged away, heading into the jungle.

"You coming, Kenway?" Thomas asked, following her.

"In a bit, lad. Go on, I'll catch you up."

As Kenway remained at the shore, searching around for hidden treasures, Thomas ran after the disguised pirate.

"Kidd, wait up!"

They ran on through the jungle, the soft cry of wildlife surrounding them as they thundered on. Mary led the way, slowing to a jog as she reached a cluster of stone towers.

"Wait." She held up a hand, examining the otherwise inconspicuous looking structures.

Thomas raised an eyebrow. He followed her gaze, blinking to his Eagle Vision. Sure enough, the stone towers were glowing. He gasped, turning back to normal sight, staring Mary straight in the eyes.

"You're an assassin." He said.

"Aye." Mary raised her chin, folding her arms. "You gonna tell anyone?"

"Why not?"

"Because Templar spies are everywhere. Just because you're stupid enough to tell everyone you meet, doesn't mean I have to."

She turned away.

"You're a good liar." He nodded.

Mary turned back with a grin.

"Better than you know."

"So, you're not after the Sage because you want treasure, you want to kill him." Thomas said.

"Aye. We're working for the same aim. But it's best Kenway doesn't know about that just yet. If he knows two assassins are going to try to kill his target, he'll not let us travel with him."

Thomas nodded.

"Agreed. So what's this then?" Thomas asked, peering at the structure.

"Not sure." Mary said.

"I can find out." Thomas offered and stepped towards the ruins.

"Wait," Mary stopped him. "Maybe we should let Kenway look."


"I have a feeling. That's all."

Mary ran off to fetch Kenway, leaving Thomas to wander about the ruins for himself. They seemed ancient, lost in the jungle, unseen by man for years.

"Come on, man!" He heard, and Mary jumped back down the slope, Kenway in her wake.

He eventually caught up with her as she stopped, waiting for him, standing among stone structures.

"Odd looking things, aren't they?" Mary said, looking up at them. "Old and weathered."

"Is this what they call Mayan?" Kenway asked, stepping around them. "Or is it Aztec?"

"Are you good with riddles, Edward? Puzzles and ponderings and the like?"

"No worse than the next man. Why?"

"I think you've a natural gift for it. The way you think and work. The way you understand the world."

"Well I don't know about that. You're talking of riddles now and I don't understand a word."

Mary looked around and faced a shorter stone tower.

"Clamber on this thing here, will you? Help me solve something."

Kenway raised an eyebrow, but did as he was told.

"Concentrate and focus all your senses." Mary said. "Look past shadow and sound, deep into matter, until you see and hear a kind of shimmering."

"A shimmering?"

"You understand?"

"I think so. I've seen its like before. Glowing, like moonlight on the ocean."

Mary turned her head towards Thomas.

"Watch this."

Kenway perched atop the towers and he blinked, transforming his sight.

"Ah! Right, I know this feeling. I have since I was a lad. It's like using every sense at once, isn't it? To see sounds and hear shapes. Quite a combination."

They watched the pirate stare intently at the ground, as if studying a puzzle. When he was finished, he looked to the side, and jumped down, heading for that spot.

By now, Thomas was dumbstruck.

"Every man and woman on this earth has in them a kind of hidden intuition, hidden deep away." Mary said, approaching Kenway as he unsheathed his sword, using it to pull up a rock that covered his prize.

"You are a gifted man, Edward." She nodded as Kenway lifted the Mayan treasure.

"Has a strange look. Is it worth something?"

"Nothing you can spend. But if you find all of 'em, it'll lead to something grand."

"How many?"

"A few dozen, I think." She said as Kenway weighed the treasure in his hand. "This way. I've something else to show you."

Mary led the way, Thomas and Kenway following after her as she ran on through the jungle.

"I found something else just here." She called. "I think you'll take to this secret much faster."

"Now this has the makings of a mystery." He said to Thomas.

"It's good, innit? Only wait 'til you see what lies at the end!" Mary said as she ducked into a tunnel, sprinting along.

They ran through the decrepit tunnel, their footsteps echoing, harmonising with the dripping of water. The tunnel led to something more man-made, brick walls and lamps, cobbled floors and sacks littered about.

"Here we are." Mary said, pointing to their left. "What do you think?"

Beside them was a large rock, above it, chests and crates, their contents determined.

"I think Monsieur du Casse was a man of many secrets." Kenway murmured.

"Aye and look here," Mary stepped forward, "a solid staircase leading God knows where."

"What do you suppose lies at the top?" Thomas asked, following the two up into the unknown.

"From what I knew of Du Casse, wouldn't be surprised to find eclectic instruments of torture and villainy." Kenway said.

"Aye," Thomas agreed. "An iron maiden, or a collection of thumbscrews."

"Or a pear of anguish!" Mary added as they reached the top of the stairs, the room unveiled.

The room took both men by surprise. It was civilised, shrubbery arranged here and there with crates and boxes scattered about. The lighting was pleasant and lacked the certain ominous atmosphere usually required for torture chambers.

Kenway caught sight of a uniform, an assassins uniform on closer inspection, still hanging on the skeletal form of the last man to wear it. It hung behind a locked gate, golden decorative key holes lined down it.

"Not a nice way to kick off." Kenway remarked. "But that is some damn fine gear."

"Try the key you took from Du Casse." Mary suggested.

Kenway stepped forward, twisting the key in one of the locks, watching as the metal bar pulled back.

"That's one. Only four left." He said, turning back to Mary who was studying a large roll of parchment, draped across a desk.

"Aye." She said. "It might be that these four Templars have them. See the names here? They've been sent to kill these four targets."

"Hang me," Kenway exclaimed. "That's the map I sold to Governor Torres in Havana."

"I may do just that." Thomas growled as Mary narrowed her eyes.

"He said it marked the locations of 'Assassin' encampments." Kenway explained.

"You think maybe you owe them a bit of warning then?" Mary said darkly. "If you have any kind of heart beating in that chest?"

"S'pose I could." He said, stepping away from the map. "If it leads me to the other four keys."

"Damn you, Kenway." Thomas muttered and walked away with Mary, the pirate grinning remorselessly.

"A bad excuse is better than none at all." She sighed.

Thomas and Mary left the Templar treasure, Kenway lingering behind.

"That bloody pirate." Thomas muttered.

"Thomas, I know you're mad, so am I, but Kenway is trying to fix this-"

"Only if there's a prize in it for him!" He exclaimed. "Kenway doesn't give two shits if an assassin like us is in danger. If he wasn't paid for it, he'd let us die."

"I don't believe that."

"Kidd, it doesn't take a genius to know that Kenway is a selfish, heartless prick."

"Aye, he's that, but he's our friend. If we were in danger, he'd help us in any way he could."

"I'll believe it when I see it."

The two assassins came out of the tunnel, leaving from the other side. They jogged along the shore, Thomas still seething at the betrayal as Mary constantly looked over her shoulder to see if Kenway was following them.

As they reached the port, Mary boarded a ship, docked beside the Jackdaw.

"You're leaving?" Thomas asked, staying on the docks.

"Aye. Care to join me?"

Thomas shook his head.

"I need to keep an eye on Kenway. Who knows who else he could sell us out to."

"Have a little faith, lad." She sighed. "But it'll probably do him good to have a friend with a good heart like yours."

"Friend? We're not friends."

"Give him time."

Thomas opened his mouth to retort but as they heard the thumping of feet against wood, he turned to see the pirate arrive.

"Leaving already?" Kenway asked, approaching the ship.

"I think this cove suits you best, Edward." Mary said.

"Better than that costume does." Thomas muttered bitterly.

"Oh, come on now..." He sighed. "We're pirates, Thomas, Kidd. We take as we please and become who we like. Self-made men!"

"But that look ain't you. It's not who you are." She told him.

"Who am I then?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Hard to tell some days. All I know is you like dangerous prizes."

"Like the Observatory? I think you know more about that than you let on in Nassau." He accused as the ship pulled away.

"You noticed that, did ya?" She grinned. "Meet me at twenty degrees, three minutes latitude, just off the coast of Yucatan. I'll have something to show you there in a few weeks time. And Thomas?"


The ship drew further and further away, Mary's voice almost got lost in the gentle wind as she called out.

"Take care of Kenway!"

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