Bird Of The Sea

17 A Dark Horizon

The Jackdaw pulled up alongside the island, out of sight.

"Looks like assassins, Captain." Adé said, noting the white figures that patrolled the shore further on.

"Better keep a low profile then." Kenway said, jumping up the side of the ship.

"Don't you dare kill any of those assassins." Thomas growled. "If you do," he extended his wrist blade, "I will hunt you down and make you pay the price in blood."

Kenway put his hand on his heart.

"I swear I'll not hurt a soul." He smiled, grabbing a rope. "For my sake anyway."

Kenway disappeared, swinging out into the water. Adé and Thomas watched him resurface and clamber up to the rocky shore. As he scaled the wall and hauled himself up, the two lost sight of him.

"So, tell me, Thomas," Adé said, leaning against the side of the ship. "What's it like to be an assassin?"

"It's wild," he said, folding his arms, looking up to the sky as he thought of all the contracts he's carried out. "To your target, you're almost as insignificant as a shadow but at the last second, before you deal that killing blow, you're the most important man in the world. You hold a life in your hands, sometimes the others prefer not to think about it, but can you imagine how powerful you feel? The excitement of the chase, the feel of the wind whipping at your uniform as you run across the rooftops, it's fantastic."

"It sounds it. And compared to the life of a pirate?"

"It's different, that's for sure. If you prefer a solitary life, the Brotherhood in England is the place to be."

"Was that bitterness I heard?" Adé raised an eyebrow.

Thomas sighed.

"Ever since Walpole betrayed us, the Brotherhood has been very cut off from the other Brotherhoods and has disclosed very little information to us assassins. I didn't even know there was a Brotherhood here until not to long ago."

"Maybe the Brotherhood here would be more suited to you?"

"Aye, maybe." Thomas peered over the side of the ship, trying to catch sight of the hooded form of Kenway among the shrubbery and the assassins. "I'd like to meet him, the Master Assassin around here."

"So would I. I'm considering giving up this life in exchange for a more honourable one, where I can follow a creed instead of a half drunken man that can steer a ship."


"Aye. The Brotherhood in England probably wouldn't treat me too kindly with my skin colour. Here, they'd treat me as an equal."

"You have a point." Thomas nodded. "But I have to go back to England at some point."

"Ah, yes. You've got a girl back home."

"Aye, if I leave it too long, she'll have forgotten about me."

"Love doesn't forget, Thomas."

"Her love does." He sighed.

"Are you trying to win her back? Is that it?"

"Well, yes, but she still cares for me-"

"Has she written to you?"

"No, but-"

"Have you received word that she's asking you to return back to England?"

"Well, no, but-"

"Look, lad, I don't know much but it sounds as if you've lost her. By all means, go back to England but don't expect her to be waiting."

"You don't know her, Adé." Thomas clenched his fists. "And I do. She'll be waiting."

Suddenly, Adé stood up straight, rushing to the opposite side of the deck.

"What's up, mate?" Thomas asked, watching him peer over the edge.

"There. Tell me what you see." Adé pointed to the horizon.

In the glare of the sunlight, it was almost impossible to see, but Thomas narrowed his eyes, holding up his hand to block the light.

"It's a ship." He remarked.

"Look closer."

"It's a big ship?" He shrugged. "What am I meant to say?"

Adé answered with a dark look.

"It's a Templar ship, Thomas. And they're headed right for us."

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