Bird Of The Sea

18 The New Kenway

Adé's voice tore through the air, commanding the crew to ready for battle. But the Jackdaw's resources were limited and the Templar ship was fast, ominously drawing ever nearer.

"Help us!" Thomas cried to the patrolling assassins who had ran over to investigate the commotion, but they took one look at the Templars and fled.

Before the Jackdaw could even fire a shot, the ship was upon them. Soldiers swung aboard, cutting down any crew member that resisted. Adé drew his sword and Thomas extended his hidden blade but before they could make the attack, they were outnumbered, surrounded and defenceless.

"Lower your weapons and you'll be spared!" One of the soldiers called out.

"Do it." Adé growled to the crew, staring down a soldier that had a sword to his neck.

Thomas glared at another, unstrapping his wrist blades. As he threw them to the floor, the soldier swallowed, uncomfortable around the furious assassin.

The Jackdaw's crew were led off the ship and onto the now vacant shore. They passed more Templar soldiers, occupying the island, taking the assassins place.

"They're everywhere." Thomas breathed, looking around.

Templars patrolled the paths, the treetops, anywhere that they could walk upon. Some held rifles, their eyes flicking to every slight movement that took their attention. These same soldiers stared down at the captured crew as they passed below, a smirk on their victorious faces.

The crew was split up and taken various places across the island and closely guarded with other captured assassins.

Thomas grunted as he was shoved to his knees, Adé beside him. Three soldiers stepped around them, their hands on their swords, wary of any bid to escape.

The two waited, kneeling in silence, for any event to take place, either of their salvation or their doom.

Suddenly, a soldier cried out, doubling over in apparent pain before he drew his sword, a look of madness about him as he darted for another guard.

The soldiers barked for him to stop, but the man was delirious, swinging his sword about in an attempt to kill the others. One unlucky soldier was too slow to defend himself and flew back as the madman's foot slammed into his chest. The soldier tried to stand, but a sword pinned him down. The madman went to pull the sword out of the corpse but the third soldier cut him down.

Adé and Thomas stared up at the soldier, standing breathlessly above the two corpses. Suddenly, he gagged, his eyes rolled back, and collapsed.

"Kenway?" Adé and Thomas gasped at the figure that stood over the three bodies.

"Aye, someone's got to rescue you lot." He said, cutting their bonds and helping them up.

"Thanks, Kenway, but it was you that brought them here, remember."

"Aye, don't remind me."

"I don't have to. You just have to look around and you're reminded of what you've done." Thomas said, rubbing his wrists.

"Alright, alright." Kenway sighed. "Just get back to the Jackdaw. I'll meet you there."

"Okay." Thomas nodded. "Fix this, Edward."

"I'll do my best." Kenway said and he raced away to free the others.

Thomas watched the greedy pirate go. Maybe he was being sincere when he said that, maybe he wasn't. But Kenway was changing, that much was clear. Perhaps, the rogue pirate was becoming more honourable, more just. If he truly wished to resolve what he had done, then already he was a different man to the Edward Kenway that Thomas met at Cape Bonavista two years before hand. Maybe the new Kenway would be a man to make the assassins proud.

But only time will tell.

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