Bird Of The Sea

22 Identities

"So he knows." Mary muttered as Jemima walked beside her, ambling among the market stall by the Kingston beach. It hadn't taken long for her to heal from her injuries, however it was longer then she liked, especially as Thomas, and then Mary, had taken it upon themselves to look after her to avoid the ship's doctor finding out her real identity. After the incident with Prins, Mary had learnt of Jemima's injuries, she had taken over from Thomas, concerned about him taking advantage of her in her weak state. But he never did.

"Aye. But just him." She replied.

"Are you going to go public?"

"Before long, but I haven't worked out how yet."

Mary smiled.

"Then you're going to need a change of clothes."

Still dressed as men, the two women browsed the market, looking around for suitable clothing. Jemima went for a plain option, white shirt and beige trousers and held it up before Mary.


"Aye, maybe. But try this." Mary passed over a corset.

Jemima looked at it, then back to her.

"Really? But won't that look... You know... As if I want guys to come after me?"

"Well, do you?"


"Then tell them that. If they go by what a woman wears instead of what a woman says then you can deal them a punch in the face."

Jemima grinned.

"You're right. Think it suits me?"

They laughed, rather an odd looking pair of pirates looking through women's clothing but they didn't care, flashing grins to confused passers-by.

"Thanks for this." Jemima said as Mary passed over a coin purse for the clothes.

"Not a problem." Mary smiled. "Now go off and try them on."

"You're staying?"

"I've got a job to do." She winked with a mischievous grin.

"Alright. Later then." Jemima waved and jogged off back to the Jackdaw. Most of the crew, if not, all of the crew would be ashore so she should be free to change without interruption.

As she boarded she smiled to herself. For once, she could actually be herself. And it was little freedoms like that that made her happy.

Thomas walked along the shore, alone with his thoughts. That mermaid by the waterfall, wasn't a mermaid at all. In fact, it was pirate who he had called Jack. But knowing that Jack wasn't Jack just played on his mind, he couldn't think straight. Her name was Jemima and for all this time she had been a woman under those clothes. Her body, flashing from that perfect form in the water, to the bloodied figure in the battle, no matter who she was, Jack, a mermaid, Jemima, she couldn't get off his mind.

He heard her voice and although he was sure it was his mind playing tricks on him, Thomas looked up none the less.

Mary was by a stall with Jemima, looking through clothes for her. Well at least he wasn't going completely insane.

As the two laughed, Thomas felt a pang of pain. He wanted to be the one laughing with Jemima, not Kidd. It was the same thing when Kidd told him he was going to take care of Jemima, that she didn't need him anymore.

Wait, was this jealousy?

He had felt it plenty back in England as he noticed other men glancing at Elizabeth, pained more so when she would glance back at them.

Maybe Kidd and Jemima had something between them, but why should that bother him? He didn't care, did he?

Then, Jemima waved goodbye and walked away from Mary and towards Thomas. Catching sight of him, she smiled.

"Hey, Thomas!"

"Hallo, Jemima. Sounds a bit weird saying that out loud." He grinned.

"Aye. But call me Jack around the crew, I haven't worked out how to break the news yet."

"Will do. Whatcha got there?" He pointed to the bundle of clothes in her arms.

"Kidd decided I should start to dress like a woman if I'm to be one."

"Kidd knows? And I wouldn't of thought he would suggest you to wear dresses."

"Aye but it's not dresses. It pretty much the same as I would wear anyway, but I can look like a woman while punching the shite out of someone." She laughed.

"That's the spirit." He chuckled. "Anyway, I'll catch you later, I need to meet up with Kidd."

"Ah, to discuss assassiny things I'm guessing?"

"Aye, so I'll see you later."

"Alright, later then."

She waved to Thomas and jogged back to the Jackdaw.

"Hey, Thomas!"

He turned to Mary who signalled him to follow her.

"Wait up, Kidd!" He called and chased after the assassin who raced from the market and into the town.

Before long, he'd lost her.

"Damn it." He growled and switched to Eagle Vision, scanning the surroundings.

But everywhere he looked, the gold form was no where to be seen.

Then, he heard the cry of an eagle, circling above a windmill nearby. And there she was, sitting atop the windmill, waving to him below. Thomas began to climb and seeing him approach, Mary called down.

"Thomas, I'm sorry about earlier. I got mad, I didn't mean what I said-"

"It's fine." He said, hauling himself up. "I should apologise myself. You should have gone after the Sage and killed him."

"Aye. It's Kenway's greed that's to blame here." She said as Thomas sat beside her, looking over all of Kingston.

"Mine too. We both want riches to take home."

"But not like this. Not with the Brotherhood on the line."

"I know. And you're right, by the way. I should have left earlier when I could. If I reach the Sage, I don't know who's side I'll take, yours or Kenway's."

"So you're going now?"

"Soon. I'll be off after Kenway arrives."

She nodded and scanned her surroundings. Thomas watched her as her eyes blinked into a different form.

"There." Mary pointed to the figure running towards the windmill and scaling the structure.

"Wouldn't you prefer meeting in a pub?" Kenway said, approaching them.

"I came to Kingston chasing a target." Mary replied as he sat down on the other side of her. "Getting pissed ain't a priority."

"We could work together on this, you know." Kenway stated. "It's Laurens Prins you're after and I want his prisoner."

"We're after the Sage as well, Edward." Thomas pointed out.

"Aye." Mary agreed. "Careful who you cross."

"May the best man win." Kenway shrugged.

"There's guards patrolling that property from end to end." Mary nodded, analysing the area. "Looks to me like they use bells to signal trouble. See there?" She pointed to an alarm post below. "We'll want to disable those before pushing too far. With so many men about, we can't rely on stealth alone. So... I'll do what I can to distract them and draw their attention, giving you a chance to cut 'em down."

As she pulled out a knife, Thomas raised an eyebrow. But, even as she cut her own thumb, he thought nothing of it. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her raise her thumb to her lips and pull the bandana out of her hair.


Kenway and Thomas turned to the young woman that sat beside them.

"Your name's not James, is it?" Kenway said.

"Bloody hell, not again." Thomas muttered under his breath.

"Not most days." She chuckled. "Come on. I'll see ya later, Thomas."

"You're not coming?" Kenway asked as the three stood.

"No. Right now, I seriously need a drink." He said, trying to match James Kidd to this woman.

"I'm not surprised. It's not everyday you see a man change into a woman." She said with a knowing look.

"It's been a strange few days, that much is certain." He breathed through his teeth.

Mary grinned and jumped off the windmill, soaring for the hay bale below.

"See you 'round." Kenway patted Thomas on the shoulder and followed Mary.

Left alone, Thomas let out a laugh. Oh, how blind he could be. He was in the company of two women and he didn't know it. And how foolish as well. He felt jealous that Jemima was with Kidd, who was a woman just like her.

Now, he really did need that drink.

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