Bird Of The Sea

29 Betrayal

"The captain claims the Princess sails out of Kingston every few months." Kenway told them as Vane, Adé, Jemima and Thomas stood around the captured ship, the crew keeping guard of the surrendered soldiers.

"Alright." Vane nodded. "We'll set a course."

"You made a hash of my soaps and rigging, Jackanapes!" The captain protested as they approached him. "You owe me a share."

Vane sighed and whipped out his pistol, sending a shot into his stomach. The captain cried out out and collapsed, his crew wide eyed and shaking.

"Dammit, Vane!" Kenway cursed.

"Oh, Charles!" Rackham drawled. "What a surly devil you are!"

"Don't fuck with me, Jack." Vane growled.

"Oh, but it's my mandate to fuck with you, Charles. Lads!" He raised his hands and the crew drew their pistols, pointed at Vane, Kenway, Jemima and Thomas. Another sailor shoved Adé to the ground with a cry.

"See..." Rackham sauntered over. "The boys and I had a bit of a council while you were wasting time with this lot, and well, they figured that I'll be a fitter captain than you reckless dogs."

"I'll cut you another cunt, traitor!" Vane roared, wrestling from the sailor that held him back.

"Ooh!" Rackham laughed and turned to Adé. "This one I figure I may sell for a tenner in Kingston." He lifted his head to Jemima and leered. "You could fetch a pretty price at a brothel in town. But with you three grog-blossoms, I can't take any chances."

"You'll regret this day, Rackham." Thomas snarled, glaring at the traitor.

"I regret most of them already." He smiled. "Tie 'em up. Cast 'em off." He called to his crew.

"You bastard!" Jemima yelled, trying to shake off the sailor that began to tie her wrists up.

"Ah, dear lass. I wish I didn't have to kick you out." He trailed a finger along her chin. "I like to have a little fire to warm me in the cold nights." Rackham grinned.

"Fuck off, Rackham." Thomas spat.

"Oh my," he giggled. "Do we have a gentlemen aboard? Here to protect the lady's honour?"

"I'll cut your prick off myself." Jemima bared her teeth. "It's not him you need to worry about."

Rackham tipped his head back and laughed, quite enjoying himself.

"Oh, my dear. I'm not worried about any of you." He said and jumped back aboard the Jackdaw, taking the crew, Adé and Jemima with him and leaving the three on the useless shell of the former ship.

"I'll gut you, Jack Rackham!" Vane continued his onslaught of threats and abuse, the Jackdaw slipping away out of sight. "I'll open you up, I'll tear out your organs and string a bloody lute with 'em!"

"Stop your God damned howling, Vane!" Kenway snapped. "It's no bloody use!"

"Well, well, the fearsome Edward Kenway speaks!" He mocked. "Pray tell us, captain, how to quit this predicament! And tell us what genius you have for sailing a boat with no sails and no rudder!"

"Shut your gob!" Thomas roared. "Jemima's being sold as a prostitute, Adé's being sold as a slave and we're stranded on a sinking tub! Has anyone got any bright ideas right now?!"

"Yeah, Kenway, any bright ideas?" Vane continued his onslaught.

"Fuck off, Vane!" Kenway exclaimed, fists clenched.

They continued arguing, the hot sun beating down on them as rage poured from their mouths, spurting abuse and curses. The ship drifted and when land finally came into sight, the three stopped their fighting and flung themselves into the water, swimming for it.

They soon reached Isla Providencia, a small island where they were forced to live now that the decrepit ship offered no possible habitation.

For the first few hours, the three tried to work together to find food and water. They had no success apart from Kenway finding and skinning a howler monkey but the sun riddled their brains and to avoid heat stroke, they had to give up. Lying in the shade, they looked up hopelessly at the bright sky. Being marooned was not the most thrilling experience.

As Thomas looked out into the horizon from his makeshift hammock, he could only imagine the situation Jemima was in at that moment. She was strong and a whore house wouldn't break her, but it would give a damn good try. His brain conjured up terrible images, his fear getting the better of him as he imagined all manners of men tearing at her clothes, pinning her down, holding her against the wall as they-


"What?" He called down to Kenway who stormed along the beach towards him.

"You bloody well know what!" He snapped, grabbing Thomas' shoulder and pulling him out of his hammock.

"What the hell? I don't know what you're on about!" He insisted, shaking the sand from his clothes as he stood.

"My kill! The howler monkey meat! Where is it?" Kenway raised his wrist blade ominously.

Thomas extended his own and pushed Kenway's away.

"Man, I don't have your damned meat!" He growled.

"Don't lie to me!" Kenway pushed against Thomas' blade and Thomas pushed back, growling.

"I'm not!"

"You fucking are!" Kenway snarled. "Vane told me-"


The two turned to see the pirate cackle behind them, a cloth holding raw meat in hand.

"Oh, you should have seen your face!" He laughed. "'I don't know what you're on about!' Ha! Priceless!"

"Damn you, Vane!" Kenway spun, storming towards him.

Vane continued to cackle as Kenway snatched his kill from his hands. Kenway gave him a dark look before trudging back across the beach, still fuming. Thomas glanced at Vane and it could have been the late evening sunlight, but he could have sworn there was a look of madness in that man's eyes.

The ship pulled up in the Havana docks and Rackham stepped down the gangplank, tugging on a rope that connected to Jemima's wrists. She had tried resisting but every time she did, he yanked on the rope, causing her to stumble. She had been gagged as well, Rackham found aggressive mumbling much better than roaring curses and threats. After sending Adé off to Kingston, it was time to sell the pirate girl and so he lead her through the town, heading for the brothel.

"Never thought you'd take such a career change, eh?" Rackham grinned and Jemima narrowed her eyes. "Nothing to say?"

If looks could kill, Rackham would be dead before he could blink.

They soon arrived at the brothel, the Madame stood waiting outside for them. With hands on her hips, she gave the captive a distasteful look, examining her new employee.

"Not bad." She shrugged. "Could be worse, I suppose."

"She's a fiery one." Rackham nodded and the Madame could see that just by the look of her eyes.

"Experienced?" She asked and Jemima growled behind her gag.

Rackham shook his head.


"Hm. That's surprising. Most of the pirate women out there have slept with every single crew member aboard whatever ship she's on. Sometimes at the same time." She winked and Jemima wrestled in her bonds, desperate to punch that insufferable woman right in the nose.

"Does that change the price?"

The Madame sighed and nodded.

"If that's true, she'd be worth a lot. I tell you, the amount of men who prefer 'purity' to experience is astounding. And with her fiery attitude, she'd be quite the catch. Now, let's have a look at your face."

"Ah, I wouldn't-" Rackham began to protest as the Madame pulled down Jemima's gag.

"You bloody fucking whore!" Jemima roared as soon as she could speak. "Don't you dare think I'll go along with this! And you shitting traitor, Rackham! When I get my hands on you-!"

Rackham pulled up the gag again, cutting her off.

"Told you."

"Oh, dear." The Madame tutted. "What a mouth. Pretty though. But careful now, for I'll have to cut out your tongue." She gave a sickly smile and lifted a dart, jabbing it into Jemima's neck.

"I'll be seeing you later then, shall I?" She heard Rackham cackle before she slipped into the darkness of unconsciousness, fear and dread following her as she thought of what was to come.

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