Bird Of The Sea

40 Plunder And Pain

In the quiet night, the sea gently rocked a fishing boat about, its crew lazily dragging in the nets of the days catch. Around it were several more, and like them, all wanted to be home, warm in bed instead of out in the cold.

Then, from the dark, a lone rowboat drifted towards them. It's occupants features were hidden, but three figures were recognisable in the dark. Some of the sailors stopped their chore to investigate. As the rowboat drifted closer, into the light of the lamps, three young women smiled up at the men.

"Come all you pretty fair maids,

Whoever you may be,

Who love a jolly sailor bold that ploughs the raging sea,

My heart is pierced by Cupid,

I disdain all glittering gold,

There is nothing can console me but my jolly sailor bold."

Their voices hung eerily in the cold night air as all the sailors left their post, drawn to the beautiful young women.

One fishing boat cast out a rope to which one woman caught and tied to the front of the rowboat as the crew hauled them in. The eager sailors reached out for the women, helping them aboard.

"Beautiful lady," one breathed to the dark haired one, still holding her hand as she stood on deck, "tell me your name."

The woman gave a wicked smile and stared at him with her burning eyes.

"It's your worst nightmare."

Jemima pulled out her pistol and pointed it at the sailors cowering face. As she did so, Anne and Mary did the same. They were outnumbered, but they were armed.

"Right ho, lads!" Anne roared. "It looks like we're taking all this plunder now!"

"Oh, yeah?" One sailor scoffed. "You and what army?"

Mary whistled and out of the darkness, a ship burst from the gloom, its crew yelling and shouting as they swung down to the fishing boats.

"Ah, hello, darling." Rackham greeted Anne, kissing her cheek as he wrapped one arm around her, the other armed with a pistol. "Magnificent work you've done here."

"Thank you, Jack." She grinned, kissing him back. "Told you I could do it."

"I had no doubt about it, love." He smiled, before turning on the sailors. "Right, you heard the lady! Hop it!"

When no one moved, Rackham stepped up to a sailor closest to him, pressed his pistol against his forehead and pulled back the trigger. With a rumbling shot, the sound crackles through the air as the sailor collapsed, his eyes wide, a hole in his head.

"Or, do you need to be told twice?"

The sailors, from all directions, leapt into the water, fleeting the boats in fear of the pirates. The crew roared its victory, waving various weapons in the air.

Rackham kicked the body into the water as he pocketed the pistol, waving for the crew to begin salvaging the goods.

"Dammit, Rackham!" Mary growled. "I said no killing!"

"Ooh, my!" He jeered. "For an assassin, your morals seem a bit spun out of joint!"

"How was that justified?!"

"It was proving a point!"

"You could have proved the point in another way, not by killing him!"

"Hey, shut it, you two!" Anne shouted, standing between them. "Bickering solves nothing!"

"He shot him!" Mary yelled back.

"Oi, I don't care who started it, I'm finishing it!"

"Oh, just because he shares a bed with you, don't think you have to stand up for him all the time!"

"Hey, who I sleep with has nothing to do with you, Mary!" Anne snarled, turning red. "Or, might I remind you of a certain fella who's taken a fancy to your bed, hm?"

"Don't you dare-"

"Hang on," Jemima joined in. "Mary, you never mentioned this bed-fellow of yours?"

"It's none of your business." She growled. "Just because you couldn't get Thomas into your bed, you've got no right to-"

"Mary, stop it." Anne snapped, noting Jemima's pained expression.

"Actually, I did." Jemima said, her teeth gritted. "He fucked me before he left forever, happy now?"

"Ah, Jemima, look, I didn't mean to-" Mary started, but Jemima jumped aboard the rowboat and snatched the oars, making her way back to the ship.

"Shit, I didn't know..." Mary shook her head and Anne patted her arm.

"No one did. She kept it pretty secret."

"Aye. Why couldn't that bastard keep it in his pants for one more night? Jemima's hurting bad, isn't she?"

Anne watched the pirate fade into the black of night and bowed her head.

"Oh aye. She is."

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