Bird Of The Sea

45 The Trap

Despite the silence, Thomas wasn't alone. He knew this and so every footstep was taken in absolute caution. He glanced around, noting the seemingly empty warehouse, innocent shadows decorated around it. As he reached the door, it creaked open, revealing the young woman tied to the chair, gagged.

Thomas didn't run to her, as much as he wanted to. He knew it was a trap, he wasn't stupid, but she looked so afraid.

"Where are you?" Thomas bellowed, stepping into the warehouse, empty bar one young woman. "I'm here, just like you asked!"

Three figures stepped out from the shadows at the far end of the warehouse.

"So you are..." The man in the middle nodded, his hood still covering his face.

He was flanked by two other men, their identities clear to Thomas.

"Lovett!" Thomas took another step forward, carefully. "How could you do this? To your own daughter?!"

"Father?!" Elizabeth managed to mumble through her gag, trying to turn herself to see him.

Mr Lovett pulled back his hood and gave Thomas a smile.

"So it was you that followed us. Now, do you have the information we require?"

"And if I don't comply? You'll kill your own daughter?"

Elizabeth shrieked in her seat, wriggling about in fear.

"If need be." Mr Lovett sighed, standing behind his daughter, a hand resting on the back of the chair. "So... Tell about the Sage."

Thomas' nails pierced the palms of his hands. He ground his teeth, his anger rising. Could he sell out the Brotherhood, not just here, but the one in the Bahamas? Could he put his friends lives at risk, just to save one girl?

Maybe Lovett was bluffing. Maybe if Thomas didn't tell him anything, he wouldn't kill his daughter. But he couldn't risk it.

"The Sage is the only man who knows the location of the Observatory." He said through gritted teeth.

"Go on."

"His name is Bartholomew Roberts, a Welshman."

"And I'm given to understand that you told the Brotherhood that he was dead."


Lovett smiled.

"Oh, my boy. That's excellent."

He turned to the other two men.

"You see, the Brotherhood believe the Sage is dead and will no longer go after the man. But we know different." Lovett turned back to Thomas.

"Thank you." He said and drew a knife.

Thomas swallowed and took another step but Lovett merely cut the bonds of his daughter. Elizabeth tugged the gag from her mouth and ran to Thomas, tears filling her eyes.

"Thomas!" She cried, wrapping her arms around him.

He held her tight, relief flooding him that he knew she was safe. He stroked her hair, whispering promises that she's fine, she's safe now.

Elizabeth looked up and smiled.

Thomas would have smiled back, but her eyes were no longer tearful, but dark and full of evil and hate. That smile was not one of assurance and love, but of wickedness.

"Elizabeth-" He started, but cried out as he felt a sharp pain in his back.

Elizabeth plunged the drugged dart into his back, grinning as he fell.

Betrayed, Thomas couldn't find the words he wished to say. But that could just have been the drug restricting his movements, his muscles stilling as he tried to shout out, but couldn't. Before the darkness caught up with him, the last thing he saw was Elizabeth, the woman he loved, standing over him, dart in hand, that wicked smile playing on her lips.

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