Bird Of The Sea

5 A Compromised Meeting

"Good morning, Duncan." Rogers greeted the imposter. "Just over here."

Thomas watched the two, hidden behind a wagon. As they moved away, he continued to keep his eyes on them, subtly moving his hiding place, resulting in bumping straight into Bonnet.

"Oh, hello there, Thomas, didn't see you there! Off on another secret mission I see." Bonnet ignored the assassin's signal to be quiet, instead, turning, to see Kenway. "Edward!" He called, waving, again ignoring Thomas's panicked hissing. "Hello, Edward!"

Rogers and Kenway turned, one confused, the other anxious.

"I found a man to purchase my remaining sugar! Quite a coup, I must say!" He laughed, picking up a crate from the wagon Thomas crouched behind.

"He just called you Edward." Thomas heard Rogers say.

"Oh, that's the merchant who sailed me here. Out of caution, I gave him a false name." Kenway said. Maybe he was right, maybe he was a good liar.

"Ah... well done." Rogers smiled, the ugly scar on his left cheek moving as he did so.

"We'll catch up, Bonnet! Later." Kenway told him, a dark look to follow.

"Oh, I wonder what that was all about." Bonnet said to Thomas who was still attempting to move.

"Edward's meeting with someone, I'll tell you about it later." He said, scurrying past him.

"I look forward to it! Bye for now!" He waved cheerfully.

Thomas kept to the shade, watching as Rogers and Kenway grouped with several soldiers, Torres and Julien du Casse.

"Very punctual, Duncan." Torres said. "This way."

The group approached a rough looking man, his hands shackled and his face bloody.

"Here he is," Torres introduced. "A man both Templars and Assassins have sought for over a decade." He then spoke directly to the man. "I am told your surname is Roberts. Is this so?"

He said nothing.

"You recognise this, I think."

Torres placed the clear cube in his shackled hands, held up by the heavily armoured guard that stood beside the Sage.

"According to old tales, the blood of a Sage is required to enter the observatory." Du Casse mused.

"We have the key." Torres gripped the cube. "Now we need only its location. Perhaps mister Roberts will be eager to provide it." He turned to the guard. "Transfer him to my residence." He ordered.

With that, the Templars turned, the Sage dragged to his feet as they continued to walk through the city.

"Such a fuss over one man?" Kenway said, scanning the area for his friend. "Is the Observatory such a grand prize?"

"(Yes, indeed). The Observatory was a tool built by the precursor race. It's worth is without measure."

"Precursor race. I see."

"One of your early letters mentioned a desire to kill the Mayan Mentor, Ah Tabai. Were you able to carry out this contract before coming here?"

"I was not, no. Too many... complications along the way."

"A pity. But the maps you delivered with the blood vial will see that job finished."

"Aye. That's the idea."

Thomas frowned. There were assassins nearby? He had only heard of Brotherhoods formed on mass continents and countries, England, America, France, Italy, but not on an island. If he knew where they were, maybe he could warn them.

"I don't like this route, Torres." Rogers said, following Kenway's gaze. "We're exposed."

"Something is wrong. Stay close, Grand Master." Du Casse added.

"I feel it too. Do not let them get their hands on the Sage! At whatever cost!" Torres ordered.

Thomas looked ahead, curious who they spoke about and gasped as a dozen white figure dropped from the rooftops. He could only watch as the soldiers and the Templars engaged in warfare and it was all he could do from screaming when Kenway joined the fight, cutting down each assassin that still stood.

"Bastard..." Thomas whispered from the shadows, mourning for his fellow assassins. "Kenway, you Templar bastard..."

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