Bird Of The Sea

50 The Rescue Mission

Port Royal, Jamaica, August 1720

Jemima soon healed, her fighting spirit keeping her on the earth. She constantly claimed it was Thomas' presence that kept her there, pulling her back to health. In no time, she was back to her normal self, good food and a warm bed being a great contrast to the prisons of Jamaica.

In the dead of night, Ah Tabai, Thomas and Jemima watched the outside of the prison from the dense shrubbery that surrounded it. A figure rocked about in a gibbet, attracting the attentions of the guards, unaware of the three forms hiding nearby.

"Hey!" Kenway yelled to the guards below, shaking the metal contraption that he stood in, trapped inside of it. "Open this gibbet!"

"Quiet!" The guards yelled back.

"Now." Ah Tabai ordered and Thomas sprung.

He snatched a soldier that patrolled nearby, slicing his neck open with his wrist blade before hiding him in the bushes. Thomas looked back and seeing that Kenway had caught sight of him, he silently signalled for him to keeping making noise, distracting the guards from the death of their colleagues.

"Oy! Stop that!" One of the guards yelled, facing Kenway again as Jemima plunged her blade through another's back, dragging him by his feet into the shrubbery.

The last two guards turned back around and noted their sudden loneliness. At the sound of a whistle, they turned, just as Ah Tabai dove into them, his wrist blades cutting into both their necks, pinning them to the ground.

"Good morning, Captain Kenway." He said from below, standing up from the corpses. "I have a gift for you."

Ah Tabai tossed up a key to which Kenway caught, swiftly unlocking himself from his prison.

"Do not mistake my purpose here." He told him as Jemima and Thomas approached them. "I have come for Anne and Mary, and you owe me nothing for this. But if you would lend me your aid, I can promise you safe passage from this place." At the promise, Kenway jumped down.

"I'll need weapons."

Ah Tabai passed over a pair of wrist blades that Kenway hurriedly strapped on.

"You are comfortable with these, I am told."

When done, Kenway looked up to see Jemima and Thomas, two people who he did not expect to see. He opened his mouth and raised a hand to question their presence, but Jemima waved him down.

"Not now. We'll tell you everything later, Edward. But now, you need to help Mary and Anne. We'll be out here, clearing the way for you."

"We must hurry." Ah Tabai insisted and Kenway nodded, the two racing away.

Thomas and Jemima scouted the area, taking down any soldiers that patrolled the area, focusing specifically on those that carried rifles, watching from atop scaffolding or a tower. After disarming the alarm bells nearby, the two headed down to the vacant shore and waited.

Two figures soon came into sight, that of Ah Tabai and Anne, her arm around him as she staggered along, face contorted in pain, biting her lip to stop herself from crying out.

"Anne!" Jemima rushed over to her and helped Ah Tabai rest her down in a small rowing boat pulled up on the shore.

"Oh, Jemima!" Anne tried a smile despite the pain to see her friend again. "You're safe!"

"Aye, thanks to Thomas. He rescued me." She waved to the assassin behind her.

"You're a good man, Thomas." She told him. "It does a wonder to my heart to see a woman that I thought to be dead, alive and well."

Jemima knelt beside her as Anne yelled out in pain, screams echoing around them in the darkness.

"I thought you had timed this so they would have their children out of prison?" Thomas asked Ah Tabai would stood on the other side of Anne.

"I thought I did too. Clearly, I made a mistake." He admitted.

"Anne, concentrate on me." Jemima told her, in an attempt to take her mind off the unbearable pain she experienced. "Tell me, how's Mary."

"Still sick." She panted. "She had her baby not too long ago. It was taken."

"A girl or a boy?"

"She wouldn't say. She kept so silent, I feared she was already gone."

"Poor soul."

"Oh, God!" Anne screamed, gripping Jemima's hand.

"You'll be fine, Anne, I know it, just... Just..." Jemima struggled for words. "Thomas! Can you see Kenway yet?"

"That damned man..." Anne chuckled between breaths. "He'll be out in a minute, Mary running beside. Just seeing him will make her better." She smiled, then her face contorted with pain and she screamed aloud again, squeezing Jemima's now pure white hand.

A figure did approach, jogging along, a second form in its arms. Thomas grinned and stepped forwards, finally, they were all out. Now, they just needed to get Mary to a doctor and-

Mary wasn't moving. In Kenway's arms, she lay there, limp.

"Jemima..." Thomas breathed and she stood, passing Anne's hand to Ah Tabai.

Jemima turned and followed Thomas' unblinking gaze at the approaching forms.

"Edward! Mary!" She called, smiling. Then, like Thomas, reality dawned on her.


"What's happened to Mary?" Anne demanded, hearing Jemima's concerned voice as Kenway reached them. "What's wrong?"

"Is she gone?" Ah Tabai spoke, seeing the figure that didn't stir.

Kenway said nothing and rested her down gently in the boat.

"Oh... Oh, no." Jemima buried her head in Thomas' chest and began to sob.

He bowed his head, holding her to him as she shook in grief.

"Oh, no..." Anne repeated, staring at the unmoving form. "Oh, God!" She cried out again with another contraction as Kenway began to pace the shore.

"What will you do now?" Ah Tabai asked.

"Nothing sensible." He replied.

From behind Anne, Ah Tabai picked up a bundle of clothes and stepped up to Kenway, holding it out before him.

"You haven't earned these, but they suit you." He said, passing the assassin uniform over.

Kenway took them, gratefully and gave the Assassin Mentor a smile.

"Good fortune to you, Edward Kenway."

As Ah Tabai pushed the rowboat out, Jemima gave Anne's hand one last squeeze of reassurance before they parted. Thomas put an arm around Jemima for comfort and they watched the boat disappear through the night. They had lost one great friend, her absence like a black hole tearing through their lives.

Thomas bent down, extending his wrist blade. In the sand, he drew the assassin's symbol and below it, Jemima added two names.

"James Kidd, Mary Read." She whispered. "You'll be missed."

They stood and hand in hand, they walked away, the promising sun rising behind them.

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