Bird Of The Sea

52 Just Another Chapter

Île À Vache, May 1721

Thomas and Jemima sat at the back of the ship, both blissful in each other's company, surrounded by the sea. Gulls cried above them, their shrill calls caught up in the gentle wind of the bright day.

"Will you stay with us long, Thomas?" Jemima asked perched on the edge, her feet dangling above the water. "Or does your assassin life call you elsewhere?"

"I'll not leave you, Jemima." He promised her. "Not again. Anywhere I go, I want you to be beside me."

He kissed her gently and she smiled.

"I'd like that. But can I follow you everywhere? I'm not an assassin, like you."

"Have you ever thought about becoming one?" He asked. "You're more than capable, you've already got the skill and power to do it."

"I've not considered it. I mean, I've grown up as a farm girl and then a pirate and if my life can take such a turn there, then why not down a more honourable course?" Jemima thought aloud.

"Whatever you decide, I'll be right beside you." Thomas promised.

"Well, if it isn't our two love birds." Anne said, approaching them as Jemima shifted in her seat, kicking her legs back over and standing up.

"Hallo Anne." Jemima grinned, pleased to see her friend back to normal, almost healed from all the hurt. "I see you're getting back into your hollering habits now that you're back aboard a ship."

"Aye." She nodded. "You and Mary both taught me well."

"Quatermaster!" Kenway called and Anne turned. "What's our present course?"

"Due west, Captain." She informed him as he took the wheel. "If it's still Kingston we're sailing for."

"It is indeed, Miss Bonny. Call it out."

"Weigh anchor and let fall the courses, lads!" Anne bellowed. "We're sailing for Jamaica!"

Jemima stood behind her and patted her shoulder before following Thomas down to help the crew.

"Mary would be proud." She smiled and Anne took her hand and nodded in agreement.

As the ship pulled out and glided through the Bahamas sea, Thomas climbed up the rigging and leant out, breathing in the warm, salty air. The wind tussled his hair and the cries of the birds of the sea played in his ears. He remembered how his adventure began, as if it were the same wind that whipped by, the same birds that called above them. That adventure had changed his life forever but he felt that the story was ending, his adventure coming to a close.

"You alright?" Jemima said as she swung up to him, almost lazily hanging from the rigging.

"Aye. Why wouldn't I be?" He smiled, kissing her. "I've got you. I'm more than alright."

"Good." She grinned and tugged at his collar before swinging back down to deck.

Thomas watched the pirate land, boots thumping down heavily before she stood straight. She tilted her head back, her face nearly obscured by her hat and long, black hair, but he could still see that mischievous grin. Then, Jemima walked on, waving for the crew to change to full sail, practically strutting along the deck.

As he watched the woman he loved below, he reconsidered what he first thought. Maybe, just maybe, his adventure, his story wasn't over.

Maybe, it was just another chapter.

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